Narakeet Alternative with Unlimited Voice Possibilities

Unlike Narakeet, Murf enables you to transform an amateur voice to a high quality professional sounding voice, in minutes. Simply use Murf's AI voice changer and see the power unleash!
The Top Alternatives to Narakeet Text to Speech in 2024

Murf vs. Narakeet: Feature Face-Off

Despite the fact that both Murf and Narakeet are powerful tools that simplify the text to speech process, there are some differences. Here is a breakdown of everything Murf and Narakeet bring to the table in terms of features, functionalities, and more.
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The earliest attempts at creating a physical speech synthesizer date back to the 18th century when Wolfgang von Kempelen made a machine that could replicate how people talk. While Kempelen's invention was impressive for its time, it was far from perfect. The machine produced a robotic and monotonous sound that barely resembled human speech.

Technology has come a long way since then, and we now have access to AI-based speech synthesis systems like Narakeet that can create natural-sounding narration in 90 different languages. With Narakeet, which offers over 600 AI voices, users can easily transform any text into high-quality audio to generate voiceovers for various usecases, saving the time and effort that goes into manually creating them.

Narakeet's 'pay-as-you-go' pricing model allows users to purchase voiceover generation minutes like shopping for candies at a store. The tool's user-friendly interface will have you converting documents and text scripts into audio faster than you can say, "Abracadabra!" Whether you're creating training videos, marketing videos, or voiceover narration for your YouTube videos, Narakeet has got you covered.

What Can You Do with Narakeet?

Narakeet is text to speech video maker that offers users the ability to create narrated videos easily. The TTS solution can turn written notes into spoken words, making it easy to add narration to videos. This saves people lots of time because they don't have to record audio, match images with sound, or write subtitles.

Convert Text into Speech

Narakeet's text to speech feature utilizes deep neural network (DNN) speech translators, which excel in comprehending contextual cues and delivering high-quality content. These advanced translators operate most effectively when provided with complete sentences. By receiving full sentences, the generator can accurately insert appropriate pauses between words, customize reading speed and use different voices for the narration. This capability ensures that the generated audio files maintain a seamless flow and offer an authentic reading experience.

Convert Slides into Video

Narakeet also serves as a video maker offering users the ability to convert presentations into videos. With this feature, users can turn a slideshow into a video lecture by adding a voiceover to the video. They can also edit the existing video, change language or voice, create dialogues with multiple voices, control pauses in narration, and ensure accurate pronunciation of words.

Automate Audio/Video Production

Another noteworthy feature of Narakeet is its ability to automate audio and video production. Developers can use Narakeet's APIs and command-line tools to batch-produce hundreds of small audio files. They can also use Narakeet's voices in their own apps and make new videos for their applications easily. They can also create different versions of a video in different languages using the Narakeet platform.

Markdown to Video

Finally, Narakeet offers a markdown-to-video feature that allows users to create videos from markdown syntax, like "![](narakeet.jpg)" to add an image. With this feature, users can add videos or pictures, choose the language for the voice, change how words are said, and add pauses in the voiceover. They can also use their own voiceover video and change how the voice sounds for a single part of the video or the whole video. Additionally, users can change the video's size, crop and resize images, and add more parts to the final video to make it more engaging.

Best Alternatives to Narakeet

Narakeet has certainly made its mark, but let's face it, no tool is perfect. While it offers a decent selection of voice options, its voices still sound a little robotic and offer limited customization features. Thankfully, there are alternative text to speech tools that excel in these areas while also offering a wide range of natural-sounding synthetic voices. Explore these top options to find the perfect fit for your text to speech needs:


Murf is a robust TTS software that offers accurate and natural voice generation capabilities. With its intuitive user interface, users can effortlessly convert text into audio and customize the voice features. Murf supports various file formats, including DOCX, TXT, SRT, MP3, FLAC, WAV, MP4, and MOV. It also functions as a TTS video maker, enabling businesses to add images, videos, and presentations and sync them with the voiceover to create engaging voice over videos.

Furthermore, Murf's real-time team collaboration feature allows businesses to unify their teams' projects, managing multiple files easily. Murf also offers an API that enables users to integrate speech synthesis capabilities into different applications effortlessly.


Speechify analyzes the digital text as a whole to replicate pitch, tone, and pauses, resulting in audio that is indistinguishable from a human narrator. Speechify Premium offers over 30 AI voices across 20+ languages, while Speechify Limited provides 10 AI voices in English for free. It supports various file formats, including web pages, Microsoft Word, PDFs, and more, and can scan printed documents to convert text to audio.

Additional features include adjustable playback speed, note-taking capabilities, and the ability to export audio in multiple formats. Speechify's versatility makes it useful for people with disabilities, multitaskers, book and podcast lovers, scholars, and businesses looking to add voiceover content to their websites and apps.

WellSaid Labs 

WellSaid Labs is a forerunner AI TTS company, achieving human-like quality in voice synthesis. It offers creators and brands a diverse selection of voice styles, accents, and languages to enhance their digital experiences. Some of the key features of the tool include immediate playback, four distinct voice styles in 68 voice avatars, a 1,000-character limit for optimal quality, and rapid audio generation.

Natural Reader

Natural Reader's TTS feature stands out for its realistic and human-like voice, making it easy to listen to long texts without getting tired. With OCR technology, Natural Reader can even read scanned documents or images aloud. One of Natural Readers key features includes the ability to save the converted text as an MP3 file, allowing users to listen to the audio on the go or offline. The software also offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use for both personal and professional purposes.

Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is a cloud-based service that offers superior TTS capabilities. With Amazon Polly, developers can create voice applications that improve accessibility and user engagement. The service is available via different AI voices in various languages. This makes it easy to create speech-enabled apps for people all over the world.

Amazon Polly can create speech that sounds like real people using two kinds of technology: neural TTS and standard TTS technology for high pronunciation accuracy. It's also affordable for developers because they only have to pay for what they use.


FakeYou is a community-driven TTS voice generator program that offers over 2000 voices in different languages. These are mostly impressions of famous characters and celebrities. FakeYou's name is derived from "Deepfake," which is a combination of "Deep Learning" and "Fake." It stands out from other tools by offering a variety of voices and an active community that allows users to request the voices they want. Its user-centric interface enhances accessibility, and being web-based, it can be used on any device with an internet connection. The best part is that FakeYou is completely free to use, allowing users to access its powerful TTS capabilities without any cost.


TTSReader is a multilingual software that converts written text into speech for personal and commercial use. With natural-sounding voices, the software can read aloud any text, making it a useful tool for the visually impaired. It can be used to listen to ebooks, create audio for YouTube videos, and more.

TTSReader is capable of handling versatile content, including raw text, webpages, text files, PDFs, and even ebooks. Additionally, it also remembers where the user last stopped reading to allow for easy continuation. The tool is available as a free browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and supports speech synthesis.


LOVO AI provides over 400 voices across various styles, making it possible to produce engaging audio content for any use case. LOVO's AI voices sound so realistic that it's hard to believe they're not real human voices. The program has a library of voices and supports 100+ languages. With LOVO's pricing, you can save thousands of dollars and accelerate your workflow ten times with its rapid production engine. Genny, their full-featured UI, includes everything you need to create video content from scratch. 

Why Murf is the Best Alternative to Narakeet Text to Speech?

Looking for the ultimate TTS software that will elevate your business or personal projects to the next level? Look no further than Murf! In today's fast-paced digital landscape, Murf is the game-changing AI voice generator that surpasses all the other options available. In fact, Murf outshines the competition in every aspect, making it the ideal alternative to Narakeet TTS.

One of the biggest advantages of Murf is its exceptional voice quality and variety. Murf offers a vast selection of 120+ AI voices in multiple languages and multiple accents. Unlike Narakeet's voices, Murf's voices can mimic the subtleties and styles of human voices, making them highly realistic.

Another standout feature of Murf TTS is its voice customization options. The software enables users to edit the pitch, pause, emphasis, and speed of the audio file. It also has smart pronunciation with IPA. Plus, users can add background music and switch between male and female voices. While Narakeet offers similar features, the level of customization provided by Murf is much more extensive.

Murf offers voice cloning and changer tools that make AI-generated voices sound more human. This helps businesses establish a consistent brand voice across different platforms. The voice changer feature also allows users to switch between their own recorded voice and an AI-generated voice for a more professional result. Narakeet doesn't offer this level of voice manipulation. 

Murf's user-friendly interface is another big plus. With its simple-to-use AI voice generator, users can easily create voiceovers and high-quality videos quickly. This feature is particularly useful for those who may find Narakeet's markdown syntax difficult to follow. This feature is not available in Narakeet.

While both tools offer TTS services, with cutting-edge technology, an incredibly user-friendly interface, and advanced features, Murf is the clear choice for creating top-notch voiceovers that will leave your audience amazed. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Choose Murf and take your voiceovers to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Narakeet do?

Narakeet is an online tool designed to assist users in creating narrated videos using TTS technology.

Is Narakeet free to use?

Yes, a free plan is available. But the free plan is limited; users can get an idea of the tool's capabilities and gain an understanding of how it operates.

What are some top alternatives to Narakeet?

Some of the top alternatives of Narakeet are Murf, WellSaid Labs, and FakeYou.

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