Top 10 Alternatives to Fakeyou Text to Speech

Murf supports text to speech voices in over 20 languages and lets you tailor-make your voice overs with various customization features like pitch, speed, pause, emphasis, and more.
The Best 10 Fakeyou Text to Speech Alternatives | Murf

Murf vs FakeYou: Where Utility Beats Feel-Good Factor!

FakeYou paved its way to popularity owing to an interesting feature that enables users to use a famous personality or fictional character's voice to convey their message. While FakeYou's fun voice option helps create voiceovers that are captivating, with Murf, users can use AI voices across different languages and accents, genders, and ages to say what they want to convey.
Free Trial
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20+ Languages
Only 5 (German, Portuguese, Italian,Spanish, and French)
Custom Pronunciations
Control how every word sounds
Emphasizing Specific Words
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Voice Changer
Sync Media To Voiceover
Voice Cloning
Text to Speech API

What is FakeYou?

FakeYou is an online free text to speech platform that makes it easy to create artificial intelligence based deepfakes. It's a free AI voice program that uses machine learning to create realistic voices that anyone can recognize from popular culture. FakeYou offers over 2,000 voice cloning options for imitating anyone from Donald Trump to Elsa to Hulk or any of your favorite characters from movies and TV shows. Furthermore, the tool supports open-source voice models, making it a community-driven project. 

Notable Features of FakeYou

Intuitive interface

FakeYou has an easy-to-use interface. Users can simply type in or copy-paste the text into the dialogue box on FakeYou's website and choose the voice of their choice from the catalog of 2000+ voices and click on 'speak' to hear the text translated into speech.

Create a perfect match of the voice you like

With FakeYou, you can professionally clone any voice, be it your own or your favorite characters, and use it for your music, videos, twitch rewards, API, friends, family, and more. 

Why Go For FakeYou Alternatives?

There are five primary reasons why FakeYou might not be the best AI voice tool available. We're listing out some of the main drawbacks of FakeYou to give you an overview. 

1. It Is Not Free.

The basic 'Plus' plan starts at $7 a month. This gives you only a minute of lip-syncing video to audio and four minutes of voice cloning. The text to speech option is for up to 30-second audio files with unlimited generation. 

2. No Option To Record.

You cannot record audio on the cloud; you can only use its Text to Speech (TTS) service.

3. Processing Speeds Dependent On The Internet Connection.

The project's processing time might increase if your internet connection is unstable or high-speed.

4. Lack Of Customization Options.

The AI tool does not give users enough leeway to customize their projects. For example, there aren't ways to manage speech online, viz., the tone, the quality of audio, or to add emphasis on specific words or pauses.

5. AI Voice Options That Sound Unrealistic.

While it offers the option to clone your favorite characters and people, these are not realistic voices and can be easily distinguished as AI.

Now let's look at some FakeYou alternatives.

Top FakeYou Alternatives in 2024

As new synthetic voice AI tools keep entering the market, a few better deepfake text to speech options than FakeYou have also been made available. We have picked a few other alternatives for you to consider.

1. WellSaid Labs

Companies like Intel and Boeing trust Seattle-based Wellsaid Labs for their text-to-speech needs. It is known for its high-quality audio and lifelike, realistic voiceovers. It is also user-friendly and has an extensive range of voices to choose from. 

Key features

  • Supports only English text-to-speech.
  • Offers custom pronunciations.
  • It provides the option to emphasize specific words.
  • Has an API option, too, for developers.
  • It is cheaper than hiring voiceover artists, decreasing resource utilization.
  • It also offers collaboration capabilities making it workspace-centric.

2. Amazon Polly

Boasting five million+ characters for free per month for the first year, it is a speech wonderland. You can use Amazon Polly text to speech to create simple API operations that generate lifelike speech. It is preferred by The Washington Post and the USA Today Network. 

Key features

  • Among the stock voices, it also provides one bilingual voice that can speak in English + one more language in the same sentence.
  • It is ideal for developers to build speech-enabled applications.
  • Apart from the free tier, it offers a pay-as-you-go model.
  • You can generate speech in multiple languages.
  • You can also adjust pitch, style, speech rate, and loudness.

3. TTS Reader

Along with offering the option to record the generated speech, the TTSreader is a web-based AI tool that will instantly let you convert text to speech without a sign-in. It also works offline, making it ideal for use on the go. It cannot be used to clone voices.

Key features

  • It supports multiple languages.
  • It has apps for all platforms and a Google Chrome extension for ease of use.
  • It is a simple, no-frills text-to-speech service with multiple use cases like turning ebooks into audiobooks, proofreading, listening to web pages, and more. 

4. Lovo AI

LOVO AI is a technology for all, whether they are content creators, businesses, educators, entrepreneurs, etc. It offers real-sounding human voices through AI and claims to have the world's most extensive voice library. 

Key features

  • It has an intuitive, feature-packed UI, allowing you to create videos too from scratch.
  • It has a community of 500,000+ creators for support.
  • You can create content in 100+ languages using Lovo AI.

5. Murf AI

An advanced text to voice tool, Murf effortlessly converts written text into lifelike audio. With the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning algorithms, it is perfect for anyone who wants to add an extra oomph to their audio content.

Key Features

  • 100% realistic AI voices in over 20 languages
  • Flexibility in voice configurations
  • Customizable speed, pitch, pause, pronunciation, and emphasis
  • API

6. ElevenLabs

A robust AI text to speech solution, ElevenLabs comes with a convenient interface and versatile language support. Elevenlabs capabilities cater to various applications, from educational to commercial.

Key Features

  • Interactive text analysis component
  • Seamless integration with online platforms
  • Speed and audio quality customization
  • Compatibility with various file formats

7. Speechify

Have you ever struggled to read through a large volume of written content? If so, Speechify can help. With natural voices and an intuitive interface, this text to speech reader offers a focused listening experience. 

Moreover, with a suite of features tailored for individuals with reading difficulties, it provides efficient audio content delivery.

Key Features

  • Voice modulation and intonation control
  • Real-time translation capabilities
  • Adaptive reading speed adjustment
  • Cross-platform compatibility

8. Nuance

It is a comprehensive text to audio converter that harnesses the power of neural networks to produce lifelike speech. Tailored for omni-channel customer engagement, it offers over 119 AI voices in 50 languages.

Key Features

  • Voice and IVR integration
  • Dynamic content adaptation
  • Advanced algorithms for humanlike speech synthesis
  • Ideal for global operations integration
  • Enables customization using lexicons

9. NaturalReader

Natural Reader is a text to voice generator that converts text and PDFs into natural-sounding audio. With AI voices in different languages, it provides a personalized listening experience. 

Plus, it makes content more accessible and easy to understand for people with learning difficulties like dyslexia.

Key Features

  • Supports over 20 formats
  • Audio bookmarking and annotation
  • Offline access to synthesized audio
  • Assistive technology for dyslexic users

10. ReadSpeaker

ReadSpeaker is a pioneer in voice technology, offering access to 200+ voices in 50 languages via SaaS solutions. Businesses can enhance user experience and save costs with its multilingual and adaptive TTS technology.

Key Features

  • Audio file export options
  • Seamless API integration
  • Interactive text highlighting during read aloud
  • Adaptive playback speed control

Why choose Murf over FakeYou?

Murf and FakeYou have a lot of similarities, especially when it comes to their user-friendly interface, voice cloning services, and multi-lingual capabilities. In essence, both these text to speech tools eliminate the time-consuming and expensive process of creating voiceovers manually. However, there are a few reasons why  Murf is better than FakeYou. Let's take a detailed look.

Voice cloning

You can easily clone the voice of your favorite actor with Murf's reliable online voice cloning technology. Using Murf, you can create cloned voices that are safe and accessible only to you and your team. It doesn't end there!

With Murf, you can get a complete voice solution. Using Murf, you can create high-quality realistic voiceovers with advanced voice synthesis, editing, and visual timing features. You can also edit by infusing the right pause, placing emphasis, and doing more with Murf. While with FakeYou, you simply get the text converted to speech. Murf gives you the choice of voices along with the power of customization.

Text to Speech

With Murf's text to speech software, you can create and edit voiceovers with lifelike, flawless AI voices. Now, what used to take hours, weeks, or even months only takes minutes. You can also include images, videos, and presentations with your voiceover and sync them together without the use of any third-party tools. 

Voice over video 

Murf functions as a complete voice solution and makes it seamless for users to add voiceovers to video online and background music to their content to create perfectly timed videos in a matter of a few minutes without the need for additional third-party software. FakeYou, on the other hand, doesn't offer the ability to add media and sync them with the voiceover. It's a simple text to speech converter. 

Voice changer

With Murf's voice changer, you can also swap your home recording with a professional-sounding AI voice and create a studio-quality voiceover for your eLearning module, ads, corporate videos, explainers, and more, in minutes. Murf also lets you edit out surrounding noise, interruptions, and any other unwanted sounds before generating the final voiceover. FakeYou, on the other hand, has very limited options for generating cloned voices of popular personalities, its use is limited to pranks or fun things.

While both Murf and FakeYou are easy-to-use applications and give users all the features and access needed to convert text to quality speech, Murf's voices are more natural sounding, the platform offers multiple voice customizations, the ability to collaborate with your teams to create voiceovers in a unified manner, and access to voices in multiple languages and accents. Clearly, Murf comes out on top.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fakeyou free?

Yes, FakeYou is a free deep fake text to speech application.

What are the features of FakeYou?

FakeYou lets you convert your text into the voice of popular personalities and also offers voice cloning services.

What are the top alternatives to FakeYou?

There are multiple alternatives to FakeYou, such as Speechify, TextAloud, and Natural Reader, but Murf comes out as the best alternative to FakeYou.

Is FakeYou text to speech suitable for commercial use?

FakeYou is mainly designed for personal use and entertainment purposes. It uses deep fake technology, which could raise legal and ethical concerns in commercial settings.

Are there any limitations or drawbacks to using FakeYou text to speech?

Yes, there are some limitations of FakeYou text to speech, such as:
Limited multilingual support (only 5 languages)
Lack of customization options
Users cannot record audio on the cloud
Dependence on deep fake technology, leading to authenticity concerns

Is FakeYou text to speech compatible with mobile devices and applications?

It is a web-based text to speech tool which users can access through mobile devices with internet connectivity.

Can FakeYou text to speech be used for creating audiobooks or podcasts?

Yes! Users can use this tool to create audiobooks and podcasts. It offers an efficient platform for text conversion to audio content.

What feedback or reviews are available from users who have used FakeYou text to speech?

FakeYou has a 2.8 Trustpilot rating. Users like its ease of use and features but want more language support and advanced voice modulation.

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