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Murf supports text to speech voices in over 20 languages and lets you tailor-make your voice overs with various customization features like pitch, speed, pause, emphasis, and more.

Murf vs FakeYou: where utility beats feel-good factor!

FakeYou paved its way to popularity owing to an interesting feature that enables users to use a famous personality or fictional character's voice to convey their message. While FakeYou's fun voice option helps create voiceovers that are captivating, with Murf, users can use AI voices across different languages and accents, genders, and ages to say what they want to convey.
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What is FakeYou?

FakeYou is an online free text to speech platform that makes it easy to create artificial intelligence based deepfakes. It's a free AI voice program that uses machine learning to create realistic voices that anyone can recognize from popular culture. FakeYou offers over 2,000 voice cloning options for imitating anyone from Donald Trump to Elsa to Hulk or any of your favorite characters from movies and TV shows. Furthermore, the tool supports open-source voice models, making it a community-driven project. 

Notable Features of FakeYou

Intuitive interface

FakeYou has an easy-to-use interface. Users can simply type in or copy-paste the text into the dialogue box on FakeYou's website and choose the voice of their choice from the catalog of 2000+ voices and click on 'speak' to hear the text translated into speech.

Create a perfect match of the voice you like

With FakeYou, you can professionally clone any voice, be it your own or your favorite characters, and use it for your music, videos, twitch rewards, API, friends, family, and more. 

The Best Alternatives to FakeYou

Certainly, FakeYou offers many benefits. But there are other alternatives to FakeYou that can transform text into speech online in a more consolidated manner. 


An online text to speech platform, Murf allows users to generate natural-sounding voiceovers for all their projects. Some of the notable aspects of the tool include custom pronunciations, multiple voice options, team collaboration functionality, and multilingual capabilities. Beyond converting text to professional-sounding speech, the software also serves as a full-fledged video editor, enabling users to upload images, videos, and presentations and sync them with the software.


An open-source text to speech application, TextAloud lets you translate online text to speech, making it easy for you to listen to websites, articles, books, or other information that want in an audio format. TextAloud serves as a great proofreading tool, enabling people with learning differences and visual impairments to hear written information out loud and catch grammatical errors easily. The aim of TextAloud is to provide users with a voice-based alternative to reading information. Additionally, many people use TextAloud as a proofreading tool—listening to written information out loud helps individuals to recognize grammatical errors and gaps in the flow of information than when reading.


Speechify is a TTS program that makes it easy to get written information translated into text format in real-time, allowing listeners to take their audio library anywhere they go. A striking feature of Speechify is that when a user uses Speechify, the audio library is synced across their devices, making it simple to transition from listening to an audio file on the computer to listening on their phone or tablet.

Natural Reader

Natural Reader is a desktop software tool for text to speech conversion that can be downloaded and used for personal purposes. It is an easy-to-use software that has several natural-sounding synthetic voice that can read to you any text, such as Microsoft Word files, webpages, PDF files, and E-mails, as well as other text files out loud. It is available as a perpetual license that can be purchased for a one-time fee.

Why choose Murf over FakeYou?

Murf and FakeYou have a lot of similarities, especially when it comes to their user-friendly interface, voice cloning services, and multi-lingual capabilities. In essence, both these text to speech tools eliminate the time-consuming and expensive process of creating voiceovers manually. However, there are a few reasons why  Murf is better than FakeYou. Let's take a detailed look.

Voice cloning

You can easily clone the voice of your favorite actor with Murf's reliable online voice cloning technology. Using Murf, you can create cloned voices that are safe and accessible only to you and your team. It doesn't end there!

With Murf, you can get a complete voice solution. Using Murf, you can create high-quality realistic voiceovers with advanced voice synthesis, editing, and visual timing features. You can also edit by infusing the right pause, placing emphasis, and doing more with Murf. While with FakeYou, you simply get the text converted to speech. Murf gives you the choice of voices along with the power of customization.

Text to Speech

With Murf's text to speech software, you can create and edit voiceovers with lifelike, flawless AI voices. Now, what used to take hours, weeks, or even months only takes minutes. You can also include images, videos, and presentations with your voiceover and sync them together without the use of any third-party tools. 

Voice over video 

Murf functions as a complete voice solution and makes it seamless for users to add voiceovers to video online and background music to their content to create perfectly timed videos in a matter of a few minutes without the need for additional third-party software. FakeYou, on the other hand, doesn't offer the ability to add media and sync them with the voiceover. It's a simple text to speech converter. 

Voice changer

With Murf's voice changer, you can also swap your home recording with a professional-sounding AI voice and create a studio-quality voiceover for your eLearning module, ads, corporate videos, explainers, and more, in minutes. Murf also lets you edit out surrounding noise, interruptions, and any other unwanted sounds before generating the final voiceover. FakeYou, on the other hand, has very limited options for generating cloned voices of popular personalities, its use is limited to pranks or fun things.

While both Murf and FakeYou are easy-to-use applications and give users all the features and access needed to convert text to quality speech, Murf's voices are more natural sounding, the platform offers multiple voice customizations, the ability to collaborate with your teams to create voiceovers in a unified manner, and access to voices in multiple languages and accents. Clearly, Murf comes out on top.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fakeyou free?

Yes, FakeYou is a free deep fake text to speech application.

What are the features of FakeYou?

FakeYou lets you convert your text into the voice of popular personalities and also offers voice cloning services.

What are the top alternatives to FakeYou?

There are multiple alternatives to FakeYou, such as Speechify, TextAloud, and Natural Reader, but Murf comes out as the best alternative to FakeYou. 

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