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Both Murf and Listnr are great AI voiceover generators that offer a range of rich features to create realistic text to speech. However, they differ in several ways, making them suitable for different applications. Here is a breakdown of the two tools.
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Murf vs. Listnr: A Comparison Chart

Both Murf and Listnr are great AI voiceover generators that offer a range of rich features to create realistic text to speech. However, they differ in several ways, making them suitable for different applications. Here is a breakdown of the two tools.
Free Trial
10 Minutes of Voice Generation Time
Upto 1000 Word Conversions/Month
Custom Pronunciation
Alternative Spelling, IPA
Alternative Spelling
Commercial Usage
Voice Changer
Collaborative Workspace
Ability to Add Background Music
Voice Cloning
Chrome Extension Listnr
Audio Download Formats

What is Listnr?

Listnr is an innovative software that revolutionizes the way we engage with audio and video content. With its powerful text to speech capabilities, Listnr allows users to effortlessly convert text into natural-sounding speech. Whether you need to create AI voiceovers or amazing audio content, Listnr provides an extensive range of AI voices and voice styles to choose from. By harnessing advanced AI algorithms, Listnr ensures that the converted audio files sound remarkably human-like, captivating listeners with authenticity and clarity. 

Listnr's unique features go beyond just a simple text to speech generator, as it also offers voice-changing capabilities, allowing for further customization and creative expression. With Listnr, producing professional-grade audio content becomes accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. 

Whether you're a content creator, podcaster, or business professional, Listnr empowers you to unlock the potential of natural-sounding speech and elevate your projects in just a few minutes.

What Can You Do with Listnr?

Listnr offers a range of applications and uses cases, revolutionizing audio and video content creation. With its advanced technology, Listnr enables users to generate realistic speech for various scenarios.


Listnr's TTS features provide an efficient and convenient way to transform written material into captivating audiobooks. By simply uploading the text to Listnr, you can generate high-quality audio content with professional voices. Authors and publishers can easily convert their books into immersive audio experiences, enhancing accessibility and enabling users to enjoy listening to the book on the go.


Listnr empowers podcast creators to convert scripts or written content into engaging audio episodes. With Listnr, podcasters can effortlessly generate voiceovers for their episodes, intros and outros, and so on. By simply uploading the podcast script to Listnr's powerful AI voice generator, users can produce professional-quality audio files that can then be integrated with platforms like Spotify or iTunes using third-party software. Listnr's AI voices make podcasts more accessible and captivating for listeners. It's like listening to a human talking.

YouTube Videos and eLearning Content

Listnr's TTS features are also valuable for YouTube creators and eLearning professionals. By converting text into audio, YouTubers and eLearning creators can enhance their videos with narration, explanations, or voice overs. Listnr's natural-sounding voices improve the overall viewing experience for the audience. Whether it's educational content or entertainment, Listnr simplifies the process of adding voice to videos.

Advertising Videos

Listnr's capabilities extend to creating compelling voiceovers and advertisements for marketing purposes. By transforming text into realistic AI voices, marketers can generate impactful promotional videos with minimal effort. Listnr offers a variety of voice styles to suit different advertising needs, allowing businesses to create engaging and persuasive content in a matter of minutes. With Listnr, producing voiceovers for advertising videos becomes seamless and efficient.

Top Alternatives to Listnr Text to speech

While Listnr serves as a great TTS tool, there are other software with advanced features, better voice quality, or a user-friendly interface. Discover the perfect text to speech solution that meets all your requirements by exploring the top alternatives to Listnr!

Murf AI

Murf AI is the ideal choice if you're seeking an AI voice generator that can produce authentic and lifelike high quality voiceovers, accurately resembling human speech rather than artificial computer-generated tones.

The tool's top features include custom pronunciation, voice customizations such as pitch, speed, and emphasis, team collaboration, voice cloning, and voice changer.


Speechify is a powerful text to speech solution that facilitates the oral reading of a wide range of content such as web pages, documents, PDFs, emails, articles, and ebooks. It offers a user-friendly interface where you can conveniently upload your content or even capture images of pages for conversion into high-quality, natural-sounding speech. 

What sets Speechify apart is its remarkable ability to customize the voiceover by adjusting language, accent, and reading speed according to individual preferences. Users have the flexibility to slow down or speed up the speech as desired, enhancing the overall user experience.

WellSaid Labs

WellSaid Labs offers a powerful text to speech solution that allows users to generate lifelike AI voiceovers. In addition, users have the flexibility to personalize voice avatars, tailor tones to their preferences, and seamlessly integrate the WellSaid Labs API into their existing services. 

WellSaid Studios also allows customers to create customized AI voice avatars that capture the unique speaking style of their brand.

Natural Readers

Natural Readers is a no-cost tool that transforms written content into realistic AI voices through its text to speech voice generator. It incorporates OCR technology, allowing effortless text extraction from images and scanned PDFs. The platform offers a user-friendly Chrome extension, enhancing the overall experience. 

Key features of NaturalReader include an online editor, human-like voices, multi-language support, and seamless integration with the Chrome browser.

Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly's TTS software employs deep learning and artificial intelligence to produce remarkably natural-sounding voices from written text. This platform presents an efficient solution for converting text into speech that closely resembles human speech, allowing users to stream audio or save files in popular formats such as MP3, raw PCM, and Vorbis.

Additionally, Amazon Polly provides an API service that seamlessly integrates speech synthesis into applications, enabling developers to build voice-enabled applications. The API also offers neural text to speech (NTTS) functionality, ensuring superior speech quality. Furthermore, it provides the option to create a custom voice in collaboration with the Amazon Polly team, enabling organizations to have a distinct and personalized voice.


FakeYou is a user-friendly online platform that offers free text to speech functionality, allowing users to generate artificial intelligence-powered deep fakes. This platform stands out for its intuitive interface and remarkable capability to closely replicate desired voices with a high degree of accuracy.


TTSReader is a handy tool that converts text into speech, allowing users to listen to various types of documents such as web pages, PDFs, and ebooks. It boasts an intuitive user interface, eliminating the need for downloads, logins, or passwords. Additionally, TTSReader offers multilingual support, adjustable configurations, and personalized settings to cater to individual preferences.


LOVO AI is a versatile TTS software that specializes in voice generation for a wide range of applications. It is specifically designed to cater to industries such as animation, eLearning, audiobooks, gaming, and more.

By harnessing the power of AI, LOVO AI enables businesses to leverage voice AI for various purposes, including marketing, customer service, and beyond. With LOVO's advanced technology, users can create personalized and customized voices that can effectively narrate any script, making it a valuable tool for branding purposes.

Why Murf is the Best Alternative to Listnr Text to Speech?

Murf offers an array of cutting-edge features and unparalleled quality, making it the ultimate choice for all your voice generation needs! Compared to Listnr, Murf boasts a superior level of realism and naturalness in its AI-generated voices. Its voice cloning feature allows users to recreate their voices or mimic others with remarkable accuracy, opening up endless possibilities for personalization and creativity.

But the advantages don't end there. Murf goes above and beyond with additional features that truly set it apart.

High-Quality AI Voices

Murf's commitment to excellence is evident in its extensive range of high-quality voices available in multiple languages. From different speech styles to varying emotions, Murf ensures that every voice suits your specific needs and captures the essence of your content.

Voice Over Video

With voice over video, users can seamlessly synchronize AI-generated voiceovers with their videos, enhancing content creation and making it more engaging.

Voice Changer

The voice changer feature takes it a step further, enabling users to transform their voices into various styles, accents, or even gender, adding a touch of fun and versatility to any project.

With its user-friendly interface, affordable pricing options, and unmatched features, Murf is the top choice for anyone seeking the best AI voice-generation experience. Visit Murf Studio today to discover the future of realistic and dynamic voice generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Listnr free to use?

Listnr provides a two-month trial, enabling users to try the tool and see if it fits right. Afterward, you can switch to one of the three plans: Individual, Solo, or Startup.

What are the features of Listnr?

The top features include an easy-to-use interface and over 600 voices in 75+ languages and dialects, including Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin.

What are the top alternatives to Listnr?

Top alternatives to Listnr include Murf.ai, Speechify, WellSaid Labs, NaturalReaders, Amazon Polly, FakeYou, TTSReader, and Lovo AI.

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