Ethics First, Second & Always

At Murf AI, we are all about integrating technology with the authenticity of human voices. This isn’t just about AI, it’s about ethical AI. Read on to see how we keep it real and right!


The Murf AI Difference

We’re driven by:
Spot-On Voices

Human-AI Collaboration

Our voice artists bring the soul, while our AI brings the polish. The result? Precision that sounds genuinely human.
Human-AI Collaboration

Spot-On Voices

We team up only with professional voice artists, which means every output is of the highest caliber.

Our Ethical Commitment

We're not just about voices, we're about values. Here's our promise:
People first

People First

Our voice artists aren't just contributors; they're partners. Their craft makes our voiceovers not just sound right, but feel right.

Fair Pay

Prompt payment after each recording is our practice. Artists earn royalties whenever their voice avatar is chosen and royalties grow with the avatar's rising fame.


We value your curiosity about our AI journey. While we maintain certain proprietary aspects, we're dedicated to keeping an open dialogue about our progress and values.

Voice Rights

We never transfer the voices created with our artists to anyone. Every voice clone is exclusive to its creator.

Coverage for Claims

Every Murf voice emerges from active collaboration and explicit consent from its creators. We’re dedicated to supporting our commercial customers against any copyright claims for using our voices.

All Voices Matter

Our commitment to representing diverse voices has led us to include various region-specific voices and non-binary VO artists. It's our way of ensuring everyone finds a voice with Murf.

Addressing Concerns

Your peace of mind, our priority:

You own your data

Any data you provide to us is used only for providing the service. We’re simply custodians of your data and do not use it for training our AI models in any way.

Continuous engagement

Our partnership with voice artists isn't a one-time gig. We're in it together, growing and evolving.

Embracing the future

As we innovate, our commitment remains clear: technology enhances human touch; it doesn't replace it.


Striking the right balance between technology and human genuineness is what we live for. If you have thoughts, questions, or feedback, we're all ears. After all, it's a shared journey, and your insights make it richer.