The Ultimate Natural Sounding Alternative to eSpeak

While eSpeak boasts a wide range of voices and supported languages, Murf excels where it matters the most: voice quality. Murf’s AI voices are remarkably human-like, blurring the line between artificial and natural speech.
Best Alternatives to eSpeak in 2024

Murf vs. eSpeak: TTS Comparative Analysis

While both Murf and eSpeak are used for AI voiceover generation, their intended uses are slightly different. Here’s a quick overview of each tool’s need-to-know details for you to compare side-by-side.
Voice Quality
Languages Supported
Audio Output Formats
mp3, wav, FLAC, a-LAW & μ-LAW file formats
wav file only
Free Software
Offers a free trial
Collaborative Workspace
Voice Customizations
Speed, pitch, pause, emphasis and pronunciation using alternative spellings and IPA
Speed, pitch, volume, and pause using SSML tags
Voice Cloning
Add Media to Voiceover
Voice Changer
Import Text File

What is eSpeak Text to Speech?

eSpeak text to speech is an open-source solution that uses formant speech synthesis markup language to breathe life into text, changing it into speech that can be heard across a multitude of languages. 

Whether you’re an Afrikaans aficionado or a Greek geek, eSpeak has got you covered. But wait, there’s more! Its next-gen version, eSpeak NG, supports more languages and brings improved speech quality to the table. From a command-line program for terminal lovers to shared libraries for app developers, eSpeak and eSpeak NG are versatile text to speech options for various applications. So, if you’re looking to give your words a voice, eSpeak should be your ‘go-to.’

Features and Limitations of eSpeak Speech Synthesis Engine

Here are some of the best features of eSpeak and the limitations associated with the tool:

The Good Stuff

  • Language Support: eSpeak is like the polyglot you met at a party who speaks 100+ languages. It supports over 40 languages, such as Latin, Turkish, and Swahili, making it a great TTS tool for global projects.
  • Lightweight and Efficient: eSpeak is incredibly efficient and light on system resources, making it ideal for systems with limited capabilities.
  • Open Source: The beauty of eSpeak lies in its open-source nature. Do you have coding chops? You can tweak the code to your heart’s content for more functionality.


  • Robotic Tone: Imagine a robot reciting Shakespeare it’s precise but lacks soul. The voice output of eSpeak is accurate but misses the extreme emotional nuances.
  • Quality of Different Voices: The voice quality of eSpeak voices leans more ‘mechanical’ than ‘melodious.’
  • Limited Customization: While you can tweak the code, the out-of-the-box customization options for voice elements like pitch and speed are somewhat limited, especially compared to competitors.

Top Alternatives to eSpeak Text to Speech

So now, we know the ins and outs of eSpeak NG project, but if you’re itching for something more—you’re in luck! Here are some top-notch alternatives that offer more benefits than eSpeak online for good:


If eSpeak is the basic vanilla ice cream, Murf is the sundae with all the toppings. Want to sound like a professional narrating your PowerPoint? Or maybe you’re aiming for a Siri-like conversational voice for your app’s tutorial? Murf has got you covered with its wide range of voices across different languages and tonalities. You can even create your own custom voice or mimic native speakers to near perfection.


Consider Speechify as your personal audiobook narrator. Perfect for students who need to go through tons of reading material or professionals who want to catch up on industry articles while commuting. With a variety of voices in many languages, you’re never stuck with a robotic monotone.

Resemble AI

Think of Resemble AI as the Photoshop of voice cloning. Need a voice for your animated character that sounds eerily similar to a celebrity? Resemble AI allows you to create synthetic voices that are almost indistinguishable from human ones.

Natural Reader

Natural Reader is the jack-of-all-trades of the TTS world. Whether you’re a student who needs to convert PDFs to audio or a marketer who wants to turn blog posts into podcasts, Natural Reader has a solution for that. It offers both a free version with basic features and a paid version with advanced functionalities like OCR.

TTS Reader

TTS Reader is the no-frills, straightforward alternative to eSpeak. Perfect for seniors who find technology overwhelming or kids who are just learning to read. If you’re someone who wants to get straight to the point without navigating through a maze of complexity, TTS Reader is your match.

So there you have it! Five stellar alternatives offer a range of features, from voice cloning to multi-language support. Each has its own unique selling points that make them worth considering over eSpeak text to speech engine.

Why Murf is the Best Alternative to eSpeak?

Picture eSpeak as the reliable old bicycle you’ve had for years. It gets you from point A to B with no fuss. Now, imagine Murf as the electric bike that’s just rolled into the market it still offers the basics but with an extra oomph.

Murf Studio takes the text to speech experience to a whole new level, perfectly mimicking native speakers. With a plethora of natural-sounding voices available in 20+ languages and accents like British, Dutch, and Arabic, it’s almost like having a personal narrator for your unique projects. But here’s where it gets more interesting: Murf also offers different voice styles and tonalities tailored for various applications. Need a cheerful, upbeat voice for your e-learning module? Try Julie’s voice. How about a serious, authoritative tone for your corporate presentation? Consider it handled; Ken’s on the job.

You can fine-tune voice elements such as speed, pitch, and even add a sprinkle of dramatic pauses or emphasis if you want to produce speech output that is of high quality. Want to set the mood? Add some background tunes. Got a video that’s begging for a voiceover? Murf’s got you covered. And finally the cherry on top, custom voice creation Enables you to craft a voice that aligns perfectly with your brand’s identity.

Wrapping Up

eSpeak has carved out its niche as a reliable and open-source option in the arena of TTS solutions. However, as we’ve seen, there are several alternatives like Murf that offer advanced features, natural voices, and greater customization. Whether you’re a content creator, an educator, or someone who just loves to experiment with voice technology, there’s a text to speech solution out there that fits your unique needs. Try exploring these alternatives and take your AI voiceover game to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is eSpeak free to use?

Absolutely, eSpeak engine is open-source software, which means it’s free to use and modify.

What is the best alternative to eSpeak text to speech?

The best alternative to eSpeak engine is Murf. Murf offers a wide range of natural-sounding voices and advanced features like custom voice creation. It provides a more modern and versatile TTS experience compared to eSpeak.

Which is the best text to speech software for natural voices?

For voices that sound like a human narration, Murf takes the cake. With its wide array of lifelike voices, it’s the closest you can get to hiring a professional narrator without actually doing so.

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