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Create Content in Over 20+ languages Using Murf AI Translate

Convert your scripts and voiceovers into multiple languages in minutes, simplifying your localization and globalization efforts.

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What Can You Do with Murf AI Translate?

Translate Your Voiceovers into 20+ Languages

With Murf AI Translate, you can convert your projects into 20 different global and regional languages, making them accessible to a broader audience and expanding your reach.

Highly Accurate Translations in Every Language

With Murf AI Translate, you receive results that are not only linguistically accurate but also contextually meaningful. Murf doesn’t just translate words individually; it comprehensively understands the context of the entire sentence or paragraph.

Tailor Your Translations in Multiple Tones

With Murf, translation isn’t just restricted to converting text from one language to another.
You can also choose the appropriate tone you want the translated script in, be it formal, academic, casual, and more.

Retain your Project’s Original Structure

With Murf, your translated project retains the exact arrangement of blocks and sub-blocks as the original project, ensuring seamless navigation and easy comprehension.

Translation Made Easy with Murf AI Translate

Murf Studio makes it extremely easy to translate projects from one language into another. Here is the step-by-step text and speech translation process:

  1. 1

    Log in to Murf Studio. You will notice the Translate AI option on the left sidebar at the bottom. Select it.

  2. 2

    Next, select the language and tonality you desire for the output from the dropdown menu provided.

  3. 3

    Once this is done, click on Next to begin translation.

  4. 4

    When the translation is complete, you can playback the entire project using the Play button on the slider.

Murf AI Translate has countless other use cases where its speed, efficiency, and translation accuracy can be game changers for your business.
Try the feature today to drastically enhance your multilingual operations.

Reliable and Secure. Your Data, Our Promise.

Murf is designed to meet your security and compliance requirements. Our systems are built to protect your data and ensure user security.

Seamlessly Translate Your Content to Any Language

If you have watched movies or TV series in a different language on Netflix, you have experienced the power of AI translations first-hand. AI translation leverages the convenience of natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to readily translate text or spoken words into other languages.

In fact, AI translation tools are so popular today that reports predict they will reach a market value of $4.93 billion by the end of 2024.

AI-powered translation is making its significance known in the business world as well. For example, in meetings where people from different countries contribute their input, these translation tools can eliminate language barriers in real time.

What is AI Translation?

AI translation online is a complex process that leverages deep learning techniques to convert text or speech in one language into another.

It involves:

  • AI translation, which uses artificial neural networks (ANNs) to receive a sequence of words. For example, if you are in a meeting where an individual is speaking in another language, the ANNs in your AI translation engine will use this as an input word sequence. This is called the L1 sequence.
  • This input sequence of words is then forwarded to the recurring neural network (RNN), which encodes it into numbers.
  • In step three, the neural translation model kicks in and translates the sequence of numbers into output numbers.
  • These output numbers then go into the decoder RNN, which produces the translation in the target language. This forms a string of words in the second language called L2.

As an example, consider the Spanish translation of “I have a cat.” This is the L1 sequence of words, which is then converted to its corresponding numerical values, 251, 2134, 953, 4. The neural translation network will output 4356, 7654, 76, and 5325. The decoder RNN will then convert this output number string into its corresponding translation in Spanish: “Tengo un gato.”

Advantages of AI Translation

In addition to making translation extremely simple, text to speech translation software offers several other advantages for businesses and individuals alike. For example, individuals can use their AI translation apps when they travel to a foreign country to communicate with the locals easily and have safer travels.

Some other advantages include:

Higher Translation Efficiency

AI translation software converts one language into another with tremendous efficiency. All the background processing of forming L1 strings and L2 sentences happens within mere seconds and with high accuracy. All the user needs is to provide an input text or spoken words, and the translation is ready within seconds.


AI translation services are highly cost-effective, especially when you require large volumes of text to be translated. It helps you save the expenses and salaries of hiring translators (which can cost $20 an hour). A single application capable of handling high translation workloads at high speeds in a one-off investment is more economical.

Polyglot Capabilities

AI translation tools can work with multiple languages at the same time. For example, if you require a single chunk of text converted into five different languages, AI translation apps can make it happen within a fraction of the time that human translators would otherwise require.

Natural Language Capabilities

Every person speaks the same language with a different accent. The best AI translators can identify various accents and dialects and attribute them to the correct language translation. This achieves high levels of accuracy with the translated works.

Real-Life Applications of AI Translation Tools

AI-based text to speech translation has quite a few applications in real life:

Business Communications

AI text translation is pivotal for improving business communications, especially for corporations that operate in countries with language barriers. It helps compose official documents in the local language and achieve more accurate translations to share with partner franchises, branches, or agencies based in other countries. For example, two businesses can enter into a clear contract in their native languages using AI translation.

Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism industry can be made even safer and more streamlined using AI translators. AI tools can come in handy for tourists visiting different countries who find it challenging to communicate their needs because of language barriers. It can also help local travel agencies guide international tourists more efficiently.

Education and eLearning

If any industry has benefitted the most from AI translation, it is education and eLearning. This is because digital education has torn down geographical boundaries and allowed universal access to learning for all.

Using AI-based translators, it is possible to remove the last hindrance that stands in the way of learning: language barriers. Educators can provide students with AI translator tools to help them learn better in the language of their choice.

Content Localization

It has become essential for businesses to provide localized content to their audiences, regardless of where they are located. It helps companies to improve customer experience on their digital channels and platforms.

For example, providing multilingual text to speech options using AI translators on a website helps, say, an American business cater to a Japanese audience.

Healthcare and Medical

Healthcare professionals hold key jobs that rely on effective communication between patients, caregivers, and doctors.

AI translators can revolutionize this sector by eliminating the possibility of miscommunication on account of accents or dialects by translating everything in real-time with high-accuracy outputs. It can also help doctors cater to a broader base of patients who do not speak the same language.

Enhancement of Learning Experiences

AI-based translator apps are highly effective in helping students of language. Using helpful translation guides and pronunciation exercises, students can learn a language better through an audio medium instead of engaging in monotonous reading.

AI-based translation apps also help students understand the nuances of any particular language, enhancing learning quality.

Introducing Murf AI Translation

To reinforce your translation operations, Murf has introduced a revolutionary AI translation tool that helps you streamline your multilingual tasks and processes, including translating text and audio, generating multilingual voiceovers, auto-generated captions in different languages, and more.

Murf AI Translate provides four key features that enhance your translation quality and operations drastically:

Wide Range of Languages

All your translation projects can benefit from the wide range of language options available in Murf AI Translate. You will find all the major languages like French, Italian, Japanese, English (Australian, American, British, and Indian accents), and Indonesian among the 20 that Murf provides.

Translation Accuracy

While most translators provide a one-for-one, linguistically accurate translation, Murf Translate also goes one step further by delivering contextually correct high-quality translation. It helps to accurately translate spoken language that incorporates the local, regional, or other contexts into the translation.

Translation Tone

With Murf AI Translate, you can do more while translating from one language to another. The translator allows you to set the tone of the decoded message, enabling better usability for several use cases. You can select academic, casual, corporate, marketing, and more tones.

Non-Invasive High Quality Translations

More often than not, a lot of structural detail of a document gets lost in translation. With Murf, the translation operation retains the original blocks and sub-blocks as they exist in the original document. It helps with navigation and comprehension of the translated document quickly.

Murf AI Translate has countless other use cases where its speed, efficiency, and translation accuracy can be game changers for your business. Try the feature today to drastically enhance your multilingual operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI translation?

AI translation is the method of translating text or audio between two languages using deep learning, machine learning, and neural network systems.

Is there an AI that can translate?

Yes, many AI-based translator software are available online, like Murf.

What are the benefits of AI translation?

AI translation is extremely speedy and accurate as compared to human translations. It also helps reduce translation costs.

Can AI translate in real life?

Yes, you can use AI translation tools to translate spoken language in real-time.

How good is AI translation?

AI translation leverages ANNs, RNNs, and neural translation models to convert between two languages contextually and linguistically accurately.

Which AI translator is better than Google?

Murf AI Translate helps you translate text from one language to another with contextual meaning intact and then generate speech in the new language.