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In addition to AI voice generation, Murf offers more features for general content creation, such as video editing and background music. Play.ht, on the other hand, is more focused on audio content like podcasts or turning WordPress blogs into audio blogs.
Best 5 Alternatives to Play HT of 2024 | Murf AI

Murf vs. Play.ht: At a Glance

While both Murf and Play.ht are popular, given their ease of use and wide range of features for AI voice generation. The answer to which is better comes down to your team's needs and personal preferences. Here's an overview comparing the two platforms.
Free Trial
Voice Changer
Free Downloads
Commercial Usage Rights
Output Formats Supported
Team Collaboration
Background Music
Chrome Extension
Voice Cloning

What is Play.ht?

Play.ht is a text to speech software that enables users to quickly and accurately generate high-quality voice recordings from any text, making it ideal for applications such as eLearning, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. The software also features a wide range of synthetic voices in different languages, so you can find the perfect one for your project.

Play.ht can integrate seamlessly with multiple platforms, including WordPress, Elementor, Hubspot, Medium, and more, enabling users to easily leverage online text to speech on these platforms. Additionally, the software offers advanced customization options to add humanlike intonation, such as pitch control (to make your recording sound higher or lower), speed control (to adjust how quickly words are spoken), volume adjustment (for louder or softer recordings), and more, giving you complete creative freedom over how your final content sounds when finished!                    

Features and Usecases of Play.ht

A versatile online AI voice generator, Play.ht proves particularly helpful for individuals facing reading difficulties, foreign language learners seeking language practice, students looking to create engaging eLearning courses, and much more.

Play.ht's text to speech voices integrate easily with IVR systems. As such, businesses can reduce their reliance on human support agents and enhance their customer service experience by delivering natural, expressive, and high-quality speech using text to speech. By leveraging AI-powered voiceovers in IVR systems, organizations can streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and provide round-the-clock assistance to their customers without the need for additional human resources.

Developers and programmers can easily incorporate Play.ht's voices into their applications to create voice-enabled applications. 

Play.ht offers over 900 top-notch AI voices in more than 100 languages. The tool also provides features like expressive speech styles, customizable pauses, and the ability to utilize multiple voices within a single file, allowing content creators to fine-tune the audio output to their desired specifications.

The software also offers an audio widget that seamlessly integrates into your website, blog, or publication, giving your audience the freedom to easily listen to the written content at their desired speed and on any device. With extensive customization options, these widgets facilitate content sharing, downloading, and subscribing, offering a versatile listening experience. 

Five Best Alternatives to Play.ht


Murf is an exceptional AI-powered text to speech tool for anyone looking to create compelling audio content without the need for specialized skills or resources. With its user-friendly interface, a vast selection of languages and ultra-realistic voices, and accents, it's the perfect platform to elevate your voice over generation.

The most impressive feature offered by Murf is its ability to adjust the pitch, emphasis, speed, and pronunciation of any given word or phrase. By adjusting these parameters, users can generate speech unique voices that truly reflect the emotions, personalities, and speaking styles of humans.

Murf's voice cloning is another feature that offers an easy solution for users to effortlessly create voice clones with a simple voice recording. Murf eliminates the need for creating high-quality audio files using costly equipment or professional voice actors. This innovative capability unlocks creative possibilities in video games, movies, podcasts, and various other mediums, empowering individuals and brands to express themselves and craft captivating content with ease.


  • Murf offers an online editor to sync your voiceovers with an existing media file.
  • There is no character limit in voice generation.
  • Murf offers unlimited downloads.
  • A collaborative workspace is available for teams.


  • Free version: $0
  • Creator Lite: $29 per user per month*, Plus: $49 per user per month*
  • Business Lite: $99 per user per month* , Plus: $199 per user per month*
  • Enterprise plan: Custom Pricing*

*Check pricing page for the updated pricing information and more details.


Along with text to speech, Synthesia empowers users to create stunning AI-powered videos using simple text inputs. With over 130+ diverse AI avatars available, Synthesia is undoubtedly one of the most versatile video-making platforms out there. Synthesia also offers 60+ video templates making it convenient for new users.

Additionally, Synthesia's features allow users to represent their brand uniquely by creating distinct clones and customizing voices in addition to the usual avatars. This allows users to create video content that resonates with their brand's messaging and values.


  • It has a built-in screen recorder.
  • Offers AI script assistant.
  • Has a collaborative working space.


  • Starter: $30 per month
  • Enterprises: Contact Synthesia's sales team

Google Cloud TTS

Google has developed a dedicated TTS tool tailored for business applications, including call centers and device audio. Notably, it features an 'Audio profile' function that allows users to customize inputs for specific mediums such as phone lines, speakers, or earphones.

With Google Cloud TTS users can convert text to speech in over 200+ voices in 40+ languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese, among others. Google Cloud TTS provides an API that allows developers to access its features programmatically so they don't have to worry about manually setting up any configurations before using it in their projects. This makes integration easy for those who want to use this powerful tool without having deep technical knowledge about how exactly it works under the hood. 


  • MP3, Linear16, OGG Opus, wav audio files, and a variety of other download formats are available for the output file.
  • Brands can create a unique brand voice to ensure brand consistency.
  •  Users can adjust speech loudness from 16 GB to -96 dB.


  • Free Trial: 300 credits.
  • Uses a 'Pay-as-you-go' pricing plan.

WellSaid Labs 

WellSaid Labs is an English text to speech tool powered by machine learning. You can choose from male or female voices as well as adjust the speed, pitch, and volume settings to generate realistic text to speech. WellSaid Labs also supports team collaborations so multiple people can edit and work on the same files without any hassle! 

However, there's a limit of 5000 characters per clip, so if you need longer recordings, then this might not be suitable for your needs, but otherwise, it should suffice nicely! 


  • API
  • Commercial usage license at no extra cost
  • Multiple file-formats including MP3, OGG & WAV files
  • Background music options
  • Custom pronunciation


  • Free Trial
  • Maker: $4 per month
  • Creative: $99 per month
  • Producer: $199 per month
  • Custom 


Speechify offers text to speech in 30+ voices across 20+ languages. A great feature offered by Speechify is its floating widgets which allow readers easy accessibility from wherever they're located on the web page—be it near the top or bottom—making navigation much easier than ever before!  

However, Speechify has some limitations when it comes to large-scale voiceover generation. While it is convenient for quick reading sessions, it may not be the most suitable option for extensive voiceover projects due to the lack of certain features like voice cloning, team environment, and more. These features are essential for more advanced voiceover needs, and their absence may restrict the service's versatility for certain users or use cases.


  • The text being read is also highlighted as it's spoken so users can easily follow along while listening at accelerated speeds. 
  • It enables users to place bookmarks on their webpage or articles so they can come back later on if needed for further review or reference purposes. 
  • Speechify has iOS and Android applications for mobile devices, along with a Chrome extension. 
  • It has API support.


  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan: $139 per year

Play.ht Online AI Voice Generator Limitations

Play.ht is an excellent tool for those who want to create e-Learning content, podcasts, videos, or other content without having to record themselves speaking. However, there are some limitations to the tool's text to speech feature that should be taken into consideration when deciding whether it's the right choice for your project.

One is its limited conversions per month in its plans. For example, the Professional plan allows for 50,000 words of conversions per month. This may not seem like much compared with other programs that offer unlimited conversions and more features at a lesser cost.

Therefore, if you need large amounts of conversion power, you will have to buy the most expensive paid plan, which may not be very economical for single creators and small businesses as far as price goes.

Another issue with using Play.ht lies in its lack of support for multiple users, except on their enterprise plan, which may prove expensive and impractical depending on your needs and budget constraints.

That said, access to Play.ht's ultra-realistic, natural-sounding voices are restricted to the higher-tier plans, and to use these voices, users will need to pay more for a subscription.

Why Choose Murf Over Play.ht for TTS?

In addition to some of the best synthetic voices, a wide variety of languages and accents, and a user-friendly interface, voice cloning capability, there are other factors that give Murf an upper hand over Play.ht. These include:

Voice Changer:  By simply uploading an existing audio file or voiceover to Murf and selecting a new voice, users can seamlessly transform their recordings into entirely new audio content with a different voice.

Background music: Murf enables you to add background music or scores to your voiceover, enhancing the listening experience. Murf offers a royalty-free library of over 8000 soundtracks.

API: With Murf's API, you can add high-quality voices to your apps, website, and other services at scale.

Final Thoughts

It is evident that both Murf and Play.ht have distinct advantages. Murf stands out for its affordability, making it a cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses with budget constraints. Additionally, Murf offers a diverse set of features that enhance the user experience, such as superior voice quality, extensive support, and customizable options. On the other hand, Play.ht may provide different strengths in terms of specific features or functionality that align with certain user requirements. It is recommended to carefully evaluate these factors and consider a trial of both options before making a final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Play.ht offer free speech synthesis?

Yes, Play.ht offers a free version of its TTS services, allowing users to try the software before purchasing a plan.

What is the most realistic TTS voice?

Murf stands out as the best text to speech software choice when looking to instantly convert text into natural sounding speech.

Is there a Play.ht WordPress plugin?

Yes, Play.ht has a WordPress plugin that allows you to convert your WordPress posts and pages into audio files. You can then embed the files in your website or blog posts, or you can download them to listen to offline. 

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