#1 HeyGen Alternative for Personalized Voiceovers

Murf provides you with advanced features that make the process of creating professional and studio-quality voiceovers a breeze. You can create, edit, share, and even collaborate on your projects—all in one place.
Top 5 HeyGen TTS alternatives in 2024

Murf vs. HeyGen: Similarities and Differences

HeyGen and Murf are both strong players in the AI voiceover space, offering multiple similar capabilities, which makes deciding between them a challenge. Here is a comparison between some of their key text to speech features.
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Top Five HeyGen TTS Alternatives of 2024

In a world where content is king, over 50% of marketers use visuals in approximately 91% of their content, leaving behind a vast audience that relies on auditory experiences. It underscores the importance of making digital information accessible to everyone, including those with visual impairments and others who simply prefer to listen rather than read. This is where text to speech (TTS) technology bridges the gap between the written word and the spoken voice. 

Among the pioneers in this ever-evolving field stands HeyGen, a name that has carved its niche in the AI video generation arena. HeyGen is a dynamic AI video generator platform renowned for its innovative approach to creating videos from text in minutes by harnessing AI and natural language processing. HeyGen eliminates the need to invest in expensive equipment, complex editing tools, and hiring inconsistent actors and third-party teams. Businesses can leverage HeyGen’s AI video generator prowess to automate customer support, offering human-like interactions that enhance user experiences and reduce operational costs.

But the real magic lies in HeyGen’s TTS functionality that can transform written text into lifelike spoken words. HeyGen TTS streamlines voiceover generation by providing 300+ AI voices across 40+ languages, enabling users to create seamless audio experiences for audiences worldwide.

Key Features of HeyGen TTS 

HeyGen TTS offers a host of remarkable features that make the process of creating studio-quality voiceover videos a breeze.

Natural-Sounding Speech 

HeyGen’s AI video generator can generate remarkably natural speech, making it feel as if you’re listening to a real person rather than a machine-generated voice. This is particularly useful when creating marketing, product, training, explainer videos, or other corporate videos, as the natural speech pattern keeps users engaged and creates a stronger connection between the brand and the audience. 

Male and Female Voices 

HeyGen’s AI video generator offers a range of high-quality male and female voices, providing users the flexibility to choose the perfect voice to match their content and audience. HeyGen’s male voices, for example, are suitable for formal content like business presentations, explainer videos, and product demos. Female voices, on the other hand, excel in storytelling and educational content. 

40+ Languages with Diverse Accents

With support for over 40 languages and a wide variety of accents, HeyGen’s AI video generator ensures you can reach a global audience and create content that resonates with people from different linguistic backgrounds without advanced video editing skills. The realistic avatars on the platform can speak languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and many more.

Personalized Voices

HeyGen allows users to generate personalized voiceovers for its AI generated avatars in the video creation process. Users can record their own voice and adjust its volume to seamlessly blend it with the generated text to speech, resulting in a truly customized and authentic audio experience. This feature brings a personal touch to your content, making it more engaging and relatable.

Customization Options

HeyGen also offers an impressive array of features for a tailored text to speech experience. In addition to allowing users to pause or stop speech generation for precise delivery, HeyGen empowers users with further customization options. Users can fine-tune the pitch and speed of the AI voice to match the desired mood and style. This level of control ensures that the content is not only clear and engaging but also perfectly aligned with the intended message without advanced video editing skills. Whether you’re looking for natural intonation, pacing, or an extra touch of personalization, HeyGen has you covered. 

However, it’s important to acknowledge that HeyGen may lack some of the more advanced features that can be found in other TTS tools, such as real-time collaboration, extensive speech customization options like emphasis and pronunciation, and integration with a wider range of applications for creating compelling videos. This is where several HeyGen alternatives emerge as the better contender, offering unique features and advantages that might fit your needs better.

Top Alternatives to HeyGen Text to Speech

We have curated a list of HeyGen alternatives you can consider for building engaging videos and audio content. Each of these options offers unique features and advantages that make the process of converting text to voice easy and straightforward. 


Murf is a leading TTS software that boasts an impressive set of features, making it a solid HeyGen alternative. For example, Murf supports 20+ languages with diverse accents across its 120+ natural-sounding AI voices, serving as a tool for creating global audio content. As such, a podcast or an audiobook creator can use Murf to give different voices to fictional characters in their scripts or stories, making the episode and audio experience more engaging for listeners.

In addition, Murf provides options for speed customization and accessibility, features that are not found in HeyGen. Users can adjust the playback speed, pitch, and volume, add pauses and emphasis, and change the pronunciation in Murf without any video editing skills. 

Murf can also be used as a video maker, where users can create and add realistic voiceovers to match the visuals in an existing video, ensuring a professional and studio-quality outcome without the need for third-party software or professional video editors.

So, if you’re looking for a HeyGen alternative that combines natural-sounding speech, versatile voices, multilingual support, and precise playback control for professional videos, Murf is a strong contender. It can be used to create anything from training, marketing, or product videos to audiobooks, podcasts, documentaries, ads, and more. 


Speechify is another noteworthy alternative to HeyGen, offering a unique blend of features. One of its standout functionality is its speed and accessibility feature. Users can adjust the voiceover pace to listen to the content at a speed that suits them, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer to consume information at a particular pace. For example, an ed-tech platform can implement Speechify in the AI video generation process to let students control the speed of lectures, accommodating different learning preferences. 

Speechify also provides a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with various applications, ensuring a smooth TTS experience. For instance, it can be integrated with a productivity app to allow users to have emails and documents read aloud while multitasking. Users can also create videos without video editing skills with realistic avatars, making the video generation process seamless. 

Natural Reader 

Natural Reader is a versatile TTS tool known for its ease of use and compatibility. Like HeyGen, it offers natural-sounding speech that enhances the quality of your audio content. One of the key advantages of Natural Reader is its robust language support, covering a wide range of languages and accents. For instance, an international corporation can use Natural Reader to create multilingual training materials, ensuring consistency in communication across different regions. 

What sets Natural Reader apart is its extensive library of voices, ensuring that you have a plethora of options to choose from. This diversity can be particularly valuable when creating video content for specific audiences. 

Amazon Polly 

Amazon Polly is a cloud-based text to video conversion service that offers a compelling alternative to HeyGen. What makes Amazon Polly stand out is its robust integration capabilities. If you rely on cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Polly seamlessly fits into your ecosystem, making it a convenient choice for businesses and developers. For instance, a software development company can use Amazon Polly to integrate TTS capabilities into their customer support chatbots, improving user interactions. 

Amazon Polly’s text to speech capabilities offer versatile choices for multiple languages and voices. For example, Amazon Polly’s lifelike voices can be used as a virtual assistant in a smart home device for natural and engaging interactions with users. However, the platform may require a bit more technical know-how for setup compared to user-friendly alternatives like Murf and HeyGen. 


Play.ht is an AI voiceover solution that offers a user-friendly platform with impressive TTS capabilities. Like HeyGen, it provides natural-sounding speech and a range of voices to choose from. Play.ht’s strength lies in its simplicity, making it an excellent choice for content creators and businesses seeking an intuitive TTS solution. For instance, a content creator can use Play.ht to convert blog posts into video/audio content, making it more accessible to audiences on the go. 

A notable feature of Play.ht is its ease of integration with various applications, websites, and platforms. For example, an e-commerce website can integrate Play.ht to read product descriptions aloud, making it convenient for visually impaired shoppers. However, it may not have the same extensive language support as Murf or HeyGen. 

Why Murf is the Best Alternative TTS to HeyGen? 

When it comes to finding the best alternative to HeyGen for your AI audio generation needs, Murf emerges as a standout choice. Murf offers an array of features that not only match HeyGen’s capabilities for video/audio content but also introduce unique advantages that set it apart as the superior option.

Let’s compare the key features of Murf and HeyGen:

 Murf offers more than just text to speech; it provides several other features:

Voice Cloning: Murf’s voice cloning feature allows businesses to replicate their favorite celebrity or person’s voice. This feature is especially beneficial for content creators, as it enhances the personal touch of their audio content and adds a layer of authenticity to their videos.

Voice Changer: Murf’s voice changer feature enables users to achieve a studio-like recording experience even with a home recording. This can add consistency to content, making it engaging for a wider audience. 

AI Translation: Murf provides accurate and efficient translation services. This not only simplifies the process of translating content but also makes it more accessible to a global audience, ensuring that the message is understood by all. 

API: The API integration offered by Murf opens up a world of possibilities for developers and businesses. It allows for the creation of unique product demos, marketing videos, training videos, and various other creative styles.

Summing Up

With its natural-sounding speech, diverse voice choices, multilingual support, and ability to customize voice elements, Murf emerges as a formidable choice. Its user-friendliness and integration options further solidify its position as a superior HeyGen alternative. So, whether you’re a content creator, video editor, business professional, or developer, Murf empowers you to deliver engaging, accessible, and customizable audio content that stands out for your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HeyGen free to use?
HeyGen offers both free and premium plans. The free plan has limitations, while the premium plan provides more customization options.
Is Murf better than HeyGen?
Yes. Murf stands on much stronger ground against HeyGen by offering unique options for voice customization and robust accessibility options, making it a strong alternative to HeyGen.
What is the best alternative to HeyGen text to speech?
The best alternative to HeyGen for text to speech is Murf, which offers a balance of customization options and user-friendliness.
What is the difference between HeyGen free and premium?
HeyGen premium offers additional options like more usage, priority support, and commercial rights, while the free version has usage restrictions.
Who uses HeyGen?
HeyGen is used by various individuals and businesses across industries, including content creators, educators, and developers seeking high-quality TTS for different audio and video projects.

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