A Complete Balabolka Alternative for Natural Voices 

Unlike Balabolka, Murf’s 120+ AI voices in 20+ languages sound incredibly lifelike. Plus, it serves as your all-in-one solution for crafting natural-sounding voiceovers with features like voice control, media library, team collaboration, video and voice editing, and more.
Top 5 Alternatives to Balabolka TTS in 2024 | Murf AI

Murf vs. Balabolka: A Comparative Analysis

Murf and Balabolka have both carved out niches for themselves, promising seamless conversion of text into speech. Murf's TTS goes beyond the basics offering everything from voice quality and emotion capture to contextual understanding and user experience.
Free trial available
Custom Pronunciation
Alternative spelling and IPA
Alternative spelling
Voice Customization
Speed, pitch, pause, volume, and emphasis
Limited to speed, pitch, pause, and volume
AI Voices Supported
Purely original
Uses Microsoft Speech API 4.x/5.x voices
Voice Changer
Team Collaboration
Media Library
Voice Cloning
Chrome Extension

What is Balabolka Text to Speech?

Balabolka is a reliable text to speech software that uses various versions of Microsoft Speech API to generate quality voiceovers.

Although Balabolka uses Microsoft Anna as the default TTS voice, it supports other voices. Being lightweight and easy to install on Windows PCs, it is ideal for users new to TTS. The software also includes tools for file splitting, batch conversions, and a panel of dictionaries to check meanings and spellings.

Balabolka also allows users to customize the TTS voice by adjusting its pitch, pauses, and other features. The speech output can be saved in multiple formats, such as a MP3, WAV, OGG, MP4 or WMA file. Given its flexibility, numerous configuration options, and multiple file support, Balabolka serves as a valuable free text to speech tool for Windows users. Furthermore, all of the computer voices installed on your systems are accessible to Balabolka.

Why Consider Alternatives to Balabolka?

While Balabolka is a popular text to speech software, it does have some limitations:

Robotic or Computer Voices

Balabolka’s default text to speech voices may not offer the most natural or realistic speech output. Although additional voices can be downloaded, the overall selection might still be limited compared to other TTS solutions that provide a broader range of natural-sounding voices.

Limited Customization Options

Balabolka text to speech also lacks extensive customization features available in today’s advanced TTS solutions. Users may desire greater control over intonation, pacing, and emphasis to achieve a more personalized and expressive speech output.

Compatibility Issues with Certain File Formats

While Balabolka supports commonly used file formats, it has limited support for video or specialized document formats specific to certain industries.

These limitations prompt users to consider more advanced and feature-rich alternatives to Balabolka. The alternatives offer a wider selection of languages, more customization options, and broader file format compatibility. As such, they can better align with your quality needs and content requirements.

Top Balabolka Alternatives

Here are the five best alternatives to Balabolka text to speech software:


Murf is an exceptional text to speech alternative to Balabolka. It caters to personal and business users, offering a range of plans, including a free option. The premium plans are available on monthly or annual subscriptions.

Murf offers several features:

  • Realistic voices in 20+ languages closely resembling human speech patterns.
  • Studio-grade voiceovers for every use casecreative, corporate, or entertainment.
  • API for seamless integration into other products and services. 
  • Advanced voice editing features add depth to your voiceovers by customizing the pitch, pause, emphasis, pronunciation, and more. 
  • With a diverse selection of 120+ AI voices across age, gender, and tonalities, Murf offers unparalleled versatility for users seeking top-notch TTS solutions.

Natural Reader

Natural Reader boasts a user-friendly interface that makes converting on-screen text into high-quality speech a breeze. The AI voice generator offers a limited free version, so you can evaluate voice options and commercial applications before purchasing.

Natural Reader offers:

  • Support multiple file formats like PDF, Word, and web pages.
  • wide selection of natural-sounding AI voices in different languages and accents.
  • Freedom to customize voice speed, pitch, and volume to suit your preferences
  • A convenient browser extension that lets you enjoy voice generation capabilities while browsing the web.
  • OCR technology enables reading from images and scanned documents.

Lovo AI

Lovo is another compelling alternative to Balabolka for TTS requirements. With its user-friendly interface, Lovo AI allows a seamless conversion of written text into high-quality voices. Users can download the generated audio files in popular audio formats.

Some key features of Lovo AI include:

  • Text to speech conversion in over 33 languages.
  • Extensive library of natural voices capable of expressing different emotions. This versatility makes it well-suited for various applications, including eLearning content, games, advertisements, and films.
  • Fine-tuning options enable you to customize the synthesized speech’s speed, emphasis, pronunciation, and pauses according to your preference.

Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly TTS’ advanced deep learning technologies synthesize speech that sounds remarkably human. The voices are streamed in real-time, offering a seamless user experience. The platform's text to speech supports standard formats like MP3 and OGG, making it easy to store and redistribute speech files for offline playback.

Amazon Polly offers features that include: 

  • Unlimited replays of generated speech without additional fees.
  • Voice output customization through lexicons and SSML tags. Alterations can be made to the pronunciation, volume, pitch, and speed rate.
  • Lower conversion costs and pay-as-you-go makes it a cost-effective solution for voicing applications.


Speechify is an online TTS software that can read aloud web pages, documents, PDFs, emails, news articles, and ebooks. The TTS reader benefits individuals with learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, ADHD, or visual impairments.

Speechify provides users with:

  • Abundant customization options to modify the voiceover’s language, accent, and reading speed to suit your preference.
  • Browser extension that automatically activates the application on numerous web pages containing text. This makes reading on the Internet incredibly convenient.
  • A feature that highlights sentences and words as it reads so users can follow along easily.

Why is Murf the Best Balabolka TTS Alternative?

Among the top alternatives, Murf stands out as the best Balabolka alternative, providing an extensive range of features, including 100% natural-sounding AI voice, customizable voice parameters, and support for multiple languages.

To begin with, Murf produces more natural speech with better intonation, prosody, and pronunciation. This results in a pleasant and immersive listening experience.

Users can choose from its extensive library of 120+ male and female text to speech voices available in 20+ languages. These voices span across age, gender, and tonalities. Want a mature professional voice for a corporate training module? Or a vibrant, youthful voice for a fun commercial? Murf has got you covered.

Secondly, Murf offers more flexibility for voice customization than most TTS. You can use its simple editing tool to adjust features like pitch, pronunciation, and emphasis, resulting in flawless and pitch-perfect voiceovers.

And, since Murf is cloud-based, you can generate voices remotely and seamlessly scale as needed. The speech TTS program need not be installed on your system.

Here are some other features of Murf that make it an effective alternative to Balabolka:

With Murf’s voice cloning, you can replicate the vocal characteristics of any voice of your choice and create a clone that can then be used to generate lifelike voiceovers at scale. This is particularly beneficial to businesses that want to make a brand impression. 

Murf’s voice over video, on the other hand, enables users to create professional-grade videos with synchronized voiceovers. Simply input the text and select the desired voice, and Murf will generate high-quality audio that perfectly complements your existing video. 

Furthermore, Murf’s voice changer feature allows users to effortlessly replace their home recordings with professional-grade voiceovers. It also allows you to edit out any unwanted noises, interruptions, or errors from the recording, providing you with a polished voice output.

In a Nutshell

While Balabolka has its merits as a text to speech software, it does come with limitations. These limitations necessitate exploring alternative options that offer more advanced features and superior performance.

With its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities, Murf offers a compelling solution for high-quality text to speech conversions. It is the ‘go-to’ choice for instant professional voiceovers at a fraction of the cost of hiring voice artists.

Explore Murf for free today and unlock its vast potential for transforming your text into lifelike speech.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Balabolka free to use?

Balabolka is a freeware text to speech program that can be downloaded and installed on your system without any cost. You can use its basic functionalities to convert text files into speech and adjust playback settings.

Can I use Balabolka for YouTube videos?

You can use Balabolka to create voiceover content for your YouTube videos. However, if you plan to utilize commercial voices within Balabolka, you may need to purchase the license for commercial use from the voice creators.

Is Balabolka powerful free text to speech?

Balabolka is a powerful free text to speech program that utilizes Microsoft’s native speech API (SAPI) to provide high-quality speech. While Balabolka may have limited customization options and is incompatible with some file formats, it is widely regarded as an efficient and flexible TTS solution.

What is the text limit for Balabolka?

Balabolka uses a temporary WAV file for text-to-speech processing, and the WAV format has a standard size limitation of just under 4 GB. It is best to split large documents into manageable chunks before converting them to speech with Balabolka.

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