The feature-rich alternative to WellSaid Labs

Elevate the experience for your audience by adding variety to your content with Murf’s multimedia editor and multi-lingual capabilities.
The #1 WellSaid Labs Alternative is Murf AI

Get Every Feature WellSaid Labs has and more!

In addition to helping you create high-quality natural-sounding voiceovers, Murf has everything you need to go from start to a finished video in a few simple steps.
Free Trial
No credit card required
Only Work email
Unlimited Downloads
Languages Supported
Only English
Custom Pronunciations
Emphasizing Specific Words
Import in Multiple Formats
Voice Changer
Sync Media To Voiceover
Voice Cloning
Convert recorded voice to an AI voice

Why is Murf the best alternative to Well Said Labs?

Murf goes beyond merely converting text to speech to offer a complete voice solution. Here's al list of key features that differentiates Murf text to speech.

Supports multiple languages

Unlike WellSaid Labs, which has voice avatars only in English, Murf offers AI voices in 20+ languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Finnish, Norwegian, Romanian, Turkish, and Indonesian. While WellSaid Labs’ English voice avatars come in a variety of accents and styles, Murf has around 58 English voices across multiple accents supporting a variety of voice styles that users can play with to convert text to speech. This speaks for itself!

Include images, videos, and presentations to your voiceovers

Murf's AI voice generator enables you to design the perfect content by providing the ability to add and sync your natural voiceovers with an image, video, presentation, or even background music. With WellSaid Studio, on the other hand, you can only create voiceovers and will need an additional tool to integrate your images, presentations, or background music with your audio recording and videos.

Clone your favorite voice

Murf’s voice cloning services allow you to generate AI voice clones that match all the prosodies of the original voice. Murf works with you and your choice of actor to create your own voice avatars that are then deployed in the feature-packed Murf Studio with secure, exclusive access to you. You can also customize the AI voice clone to exhibit different emotions.

Change your recorded voice to an AI voice avatar

Don’t like the sound of your recording? No problem. With Murf, you can now convert your raw home recording into a studio-quality voiceover, in a matter of minutes. The voice changer functionality also allows you to edit out background noise, interruptions, and unwanted words before generating the final voiceover.

A simpler sign-up process

WellSaid Labs requires you to have a work email ID in order to sign up. Whereas, with Murf, you can sign up either using your personal email ID or your professional email ID.

A more effective free trial plan

With WellSaid Labs’ free trial, a user can only access four-voice avatars. However, Murf, on the other hand, enables you to try all 130+ AI voices in its studio for free. In addition, users also get 10 mins of voice generation and 10 mins of transcription time as part of the free version.

Murf Vs WellSaid Labs: Feature comparison

Murf and WellSaid Labs have a lot of similarities, especially when it comes to their user-friendly interface, natural-sounding voices, custom pronunciations, multiple voice options, team collaboration functionality, and multilingual capabilities. Both the software are designed to generate speech from text and eliminate the time-consuming process of creating voiceovers manually.

Here is a detailed brief on how the two artificial intelligence-based text to speech tools differ in their features

High-quality voices

While both Murf and WellSaid Labs leverage machine learning and deep learning to offer life-like synthetic voices, Murf's custom voice avatars are a little more natural sounding. From a demo video to tutorial video content to commercials and ads to eLearning modules, and more, Murf has high-quality voices for every need.

Custom pronunciations

Murf Studio as well as WellSaid Labs offer users the ability to customize the pronunciation of specific words. You can either spell out the word or use IPA Phonemes in Murf's AI voice studio to arrive at accurate pronunciations of words. Whereas, on WellSaid Labs' AI generator, you have to spell out the replacement that creates the right sound. However, both these voice technology tools enable you to create custom pronunciations and maintain a central repository that you can share with your team members.

Effective team collaboration

Both these text to speech solutions support team collaboration. Murf's Enterprise plan enables you to bring all your teams’ projects to one place and work in a more consolidated way. Teams can work together on a project, share ideas, and edit the content to generate quality voiceovers.With WellSaid Labs' Teams, users can share projects with their team and manage the level of collaboration by selecting whether to collaborate with an individual member or the whole team.

Commercial usage rights

The Murf text to speech solution offers users commercial rights to use the voiceovers generated for videos on YouTube or any other platform. At the same time, with a paid subscription, WellSaid Labs enables you to use the audio created in the studio for commercial purposes.Without a doubt, both these AI technology tools have their strengths and weaknesses, and it’s up to you to decide which one best meets your requirements.

While there’s no denying that WellSaid Labs offers some of the most handy features, it also has drawbacks—such as higher pricing plan, complex sign up process, and lack of multiple accents—that hold the text to speech platform from being truly the best. Murf stands out because it packs the power of all these salient features into a single, intuitive interface!

And, if you are a content creator, you know how important it is to have a single tool provide you with everything you need to create quality content in one place. With Murf, you get access to a myriad of high-end features, enjoy a sleek user interface, and so much more!

So, what are you waiting for? Let your creative juices flowing, with Murf!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WellSaid Labs free?

WellSaid Labs offers a seven-day free trial.

What is WellSaid Labs used for?

WellSaid Labs is an AI text to speech voice generator that translates written content into realistic voiceovers. It can be used to create voiceovers for different content like videos, audiobooks, podcasts, and more.

How does WellSaid Labs work?

WellSaid Labs makes use of advanced speech synthesis and deep learning to generate voiceovers from written text.

Is there another website like WellSaid Labs?

The best alternative to WellSaid Labs is Murf, which offers users the ability to create voiceovers in 120+ natural-sounding voices across 20+ languages.

What are the top alternatives to WellSaid Labs?

Some of the best alternatives to WellSaid Labs include Murf, Uberduck, Narakeet, and FakeYou.

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