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Explore Arabic text to speech voices to make realistic voiceovers for your e-learning videos, product demos & presentations.

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Start Creating Voice Overs

Have a script? That’s all you need to add a voice over to your video content. No recording necessary, no background noise. Choose from 120+ curated natural sounding text to speech voices. Our voices support customization options like pitch, speed variation, and emphasis addition.

Key Features of Murf Text to Speech

Create flawless voiceovers with customisation features like Pitch, Pause, Pronunciation, Speed, Emphasize and Voice Styles. Make the voiceover sound the way you want.

Emphasize with

Add emphasis to specific words and phrases, ensuring your voiceovers are clear, expressive, and impactful.

Pitch-Perfect Narration

Seamlessly adjust the pitch of your voiceovers, adding depth and emotion to your storytelling.

Place Strategic Pauses Where Needed

Easily incorporate varying lengths of pauses to add emphasis, clarity, and a natural cadence to your voiceovers.

Achieve Accurate Pronuncition

Convey the intended meaning accurately by adapting the pronunciation of words to the nuances of each language.

Tailor the Speed of Your Narration

Increase or decrease the speed of your voiceover to match the natural cadence of the particular language, resulting in a more authentic and engaging delivery.

Voice Diversity at Your Fingertips

Convey a range of emotions, adding nuance and expressiveness to your spoken content. Choose from formal, newcast, conversational, friendly tones and more.

Explore Voices in Other Languages

Have a script? That’s all you need to add a voice over to your video content. No recording necessary, no background noise.

Reliable and Secure. Your Data, Our Promise.

Murf is designed to meet your security and compliance requirements. Our systems are built to protect your data and ensure user security.

Arabic Text To Speech Converter

Let's say your team has now expanded to one of the Arabic-speaking countries like Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, UAE, or Morocco and you want to create your training modules in Arabic to connect better with your teams. But, you don't know how to create an Arabic voice-over or where to find an Arabic voice-over artist.

How do you create studio-quality Arabic voiceovers without actually renting a studio or buying expensive recording instruments? Murf Studio solves this problem for you. Murf provides an AI-powered text to speech tool that lets you generate realistic, natural-sounding voiceover in Arabic.

Voice Over Generator In Arabic Accents

If you're creating a YouTube video, an e-learning module, or a Spotify ad, it's key to have realistic voiceovers that resonate with your target audience. Murf’s text to speech platform lets you convert text in your documents, training modules, or any text for that matter into natural-sounding voices in Arabic as well as 20 other languages.

Applications of Arabic Text to Speech

Want to build a voice for your brand? Or a voice that will speak to your international audience or one to talk to consumers in their native language? Murf has got you covered. Choose from the five Arabic AI voices across genders to create the perfect Arabic voiceover for your content, whether it's an eLearning module, a podcast, an audiobook, or a YouTube video, and expand the reach of your business across the globe.

Grow Your Audience in the Middle East

Creating content in the local language enhances the consumer experience and expands your brand reach. It gives your business an opportunity to target new consumer groups and get more eyes on your services or products in a respectful, clear tone. With Murf, users can easily create voiceovers in Arabic for any type of content in a matter of minutes.

eLearning Videos

Want to create a corporate training video for your team in the middle east? Or a voiceover presentation for an onboarding session? With Murf, simply copy your script to the Studio, choose an Arabic text to speech voice, and render. In an instant, you can now communicate your business' principles and goals to your employees in the Middle East without having to record voiceovers manually. 

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos have become a significant trend in today's marketing world. They help increase customer engagement, loyalty, and, of course, conversion rates. Explainer videos in Arabic take things a step further and enable companies in the Middle East to pitch and sell their products and services much more efficiently. For customers, on the other hand, consuming content in their own language makes it more enjoyable, makes them feel valued, and they are more likely to share the video with friends and family. This ultimately helps businesses broaden their demographic. 


Are you a podcaster who wants to start creating podcasts in Arabic for your audience in the Middle East but don't know the language? Don't worry. You don't have to hire someone to do it for you. Murf has got your back. Simply translate your script to Arabic using third-party software, upload it to Murf Studio, choose an Arabic voice, and render. Download the final audio and upload it to any podcast streaming platform. It's that simple and easy! 

YouTube Videos

Market research reveals that over 70% of views on YouTube come from outside of the U.S. There is huge potential to grow your YouTube presence if you know how to optimize your content for a global audience. With Murf, creating YouTube videos in multiple languages is a breeze. For example, say you want to create a 'how-to' YouTube video in Arabic but are not adept at the language. Hiring a voice actor to record the voiceover can be expensive and cumbersome. So, what do you do? Use Murf Studio and create the Arabic voiceover for your YouTube video in minutes without going through all the hassles of producing the voiceover manually. 

Expand Your Business in the Middle East

Multinational corporations can benefit from more exposure and credibility when they produce material in the local language. As such, if you want to expand your business to areas that speak Arabic, you have to create content in Arabic. With Murf, it's a breeze. Let's see how.


Creating ads in Arabic with Murf is a simple five-step process. Start by uploading your script to Murf, choose an Arabic AI voice, add voice customizations, include a background score if needed, and render. You can also preview the final audio before downloading the final audio.

Product demos

Often, a company's product demo is the focal point of its marketing strategy. Creating the voiceover for the product demo in the customer's language tends to gain their attention and trust. Using Murf, you can create a product demo for your audience in UAE, Egypt, and other Arabic-speaking countries and broaden the reach of your business without spending thousands of dollars.


Turn your boring presentation into an engaging one with Murf's Arabic voices and customize it by adjusting the pitch, tonality, and volume and adding emphasis on the right words. Listening to a presentation in the native language helps your listeners create strong, distinct, clear, and memorable mental images. 

Generate Text to Speech in Arabic language with Authentic AI Male & Female Voice

Generating text to speech can help you produce audio files in minutes. But they also need to sound authentic and strike a chord with the target audience. Murf's library has different AI male and female voices in Arabic that offer context to your voiceovers. For example, if you need a young and energetic female voice, then pick Aliyah's profile or Faisal's avatar if you need a young male voice.

Clone & change your voice through Arabic text to speech

Did we tell you that you can now clone your favorite voice actor's sound and give your brand a unique brand voice? Murf's voice cloning feature lets you clone any voice! All you need to do is upload a voice sample of your favorite voice artist. Build a clone of the voice in minutes and add a brand voice across your products.

Easily edit your voices for every use case through Arabic TTS

Every use case needs a specific voice, style, and tone to resonate with your target audience. We understand it well, and so Murf has an inbuilt voice editing system that enables you to customize the voice to make it natural-sounding.

Emphasize certain words

Murf’s Emphasis feature lets you add extra emphasis on syllables, words, and phrases to make them more relatable.

Control pitch

Grab the attention of the listener by controlling the pitch of words and phrases to emote different emotions.

Add pause

Add the pause feature to give your listeners some time to absorb important information.

Pricing of Murf Arabic Text to Speech Converter

Murf lets you try out the application before you make an investment. So use Murf's free plan to explore different features the platform has to offer. If you like what you see, you can choose from any of the existing plans. If you plan to use Murf for various projects with your team, consider the Pro Plan which offers unlimited audio file download and 96 hours of voice generation time.

How does Arabic text to speech work?

All you need is the script to get started. Upload it on Murf Studio. Choose an AI-powered Arabic voice of your choice and render!

Can you do text to speech in Arabic?

Yes, in minutes! Murf offers conversion of text in any language to Arabic professional speech in both male and female voices. 

Is text to speech available in Arabic accents?

Yes. There are five different voices currently available on Murf with an Arabic accent.