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Explore Spanish text to speech voices to make realistic voiceovers for your videos, product demos & presentations.

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Have a script? That’s all you need to add a voice over to your video content. No recording necessary, no background noise. Choose from 120+ curated natural sounding text to speech voices. Our voices support customization options like pitch, speed variation, and emphasis addition.

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Have a script? That’s all you need to add a voice over to your video content. No recording necessary, no background noise.

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Generate the Perfect Voiceover in Spanish Language

Easily convert your Spanish text into professional speech using the AI voices offered by Murf Studio. Our Spanish TTS voices are perfect for presentations, e-learning, YouTube videos, and increasing the accessibility of your website.

We offer a range of 5 Spanish voices, which comprise three Mexican Spanish and two Spain Spanish language voices. One of the male voices, Raquel, and a Spanish female voice, Rosalyn, are part of the premium voices available in our Pro plan and the rest of the text to speech voices are available in our Basic plan.

How to Generate Text to Speech in Spanish Accent?

  • Step 1: Enter your text directly into the Murf’s text to speech editor or upload an existing file script into Murf's studio.
  • Step 2: Murf offers a variety of Spanish text to speech AI voices to choose from. Select a male or female voice based on your content preference.
  • Step 3: Make adjustments to your voiceover by adjusting the speed, pauses, pitch, emphasis, and pronunciation. You can also add background music, images or other media to your voiceover to make it more engaging.
  • Step 4: The output is automatically rendered. You can preview it once before downloading the Spanish voiceover audio or video file.

Engage your Target Audience with Spanish TTS Voices

Spanish is among the most widely spoken languages globally. So, it would make perfect sense for international businesses and businesses located in areas with a majority of Spanish speakers to make content in a Spanish accent. Irrespective of whether you want to create ads, product demos, or explainer videos, manually creating voiceovers would mean needing a professional voice actor who can speak the language fluently. But what if we said there was an easier way?

With Murf's Spanish text to speech voice generator, you can create voiceovers with a Spanish accent lending a brand of authenticity to the recorded message, whether it's for a tutorial, a radio advertisement, or a voicemail, among other use cases. Murf's natural-sounding Spanish language AI voices enable brands to leave the right impression and connect with the Spanish-speaking audience.

Currently, Murf Studio provides five Spanish language male and female voices, comprising three Mexican Spanish and two Spain Spanish accent voices, spanning gender and age. 

Product Voiceovers in Spanish language

By helping you create product demo videos in a Spanish accent, Murf offers an effective way for businesses to communicate their product's value to potential customers. Customers have developed a sense of trust in what they hear and come to anticipate it when they see any audiovisual piece. Hence, by creating audiovisual product videos in an accent that they can relate to, you are hitting the bull's eye. 

Explainer Video Voice Overs

Finding the right voice for a video is a complex task, especially for an explainer video that needs to get your message across quickly and effectively. With Murf Spanish text to speech, you can create well-timed explainer videos that establish solid connections and resonate with the target audience. 

Voice Over For YouTube Videos in Spanish text to speech

While a picture is often worth a thousand words, the sound accompanying the video is worth a million more. Accurate application of voiceovers on your YouTube videos increases viewers' chances of commenting, liking, and sharing the content and returning to the channel for more. Murf's natural-sounding Spanish accent AI voices deliver proper and natural articulation of Spanish words and sentences, as well as the correct placement of word stress for proper emphasis and variation. This makes any message sound authentic, authoritative, and credible. 

Engaging Voiceovers for Spotify Ads in Spanish Accent

Spotify has the data and the reach organizations and content creators need to target relevant customers. By tapping into Spotify's subscribers worldwide, brands can reach out to local and international markets with a voice over message that encourages listeners to explore more of the business and become brand advocates. Murf's Spanish voice generator enables you to move a step close to achieving this by allowing you to create ads with a Spanish accent in a matter of seconds. 

Unique Murf Characteristics

Murf offers several customizable features to make Spanish voiceovers from scratch and adapt one’s narration to the intent of their script.

AI Changer

Murf’s AI voice changer feature allows users to convert their recorded audio into editable text. One can also enter their own script, remove or add pauses, delete extraneous words, and arrange the sequences just like editing a word document in Murf Studio.

Mix multiple voices

Does your script need multiple voices but you don’t have the equipment to make it happen? With Murf, this is possible. Assign different AI voices for each part of your script from the five Spanish TTS voices available in Murf Studio.

Use the multi-voice feature to create conversation-like voiceovers using the five different authentic Spanish TTS voices offered by Murf for each sentence in the same audio file.

Pitch, Speed, and Emphasis

After choosing a Spanish AI voice from Murf Studio for your project, you may still want to change its pitch, speed of narration for certain parts, or for all of your voiceover. You can do this using the Pitch and Speed features in the Studio.

The Speed button can be utilized to either increase or decrease the speech rate of the voiceover.

Similarly, using the emphasis feature, you can add intonations to certain words or a particular phrase in your script and enhance the pronunciation of your narration.

Easily edit your voices for every use-case through Spanish Accent Generator

Without voiceover editing, even the best voices in the bunch can end up producing subpar content. Murf Studio offers users the opportunity to edit and fine-tune their Spanish voiceover audio files by changing the volume, adding pauses, including emphasis, and more. 

Edit Scripts

For example, say you recorded an hour-long training video or podcast and forgot to mention an important detail or wish you had worded a sentence differently. Instead of re-recording the entire script, Murf Spanish text to speech accent generator enables you to find the correct sentence in your script, delete the sentence or the word you wish to remove, and type in any additional information you'd like to add. 

Add Music and Background Sounds

A prominent feature of Murf Spanish voice generator is the ability for users to add background music to their videos. Murf has a library of copyright-free music that you can add to your Youtube videos, ads, and more to create captivating content. 

Change the Gender of your Voiceover

Want to change the voiceover of your care products that is aimed towards young men in their prime from a female voiceover to a male voiceover? Murf's voice changer can help you create updated Spanish voiceovers in a matter of minutes. Simply upload your existing recording to Murf, choose a strong male AI voice that might be more suitable for your content, and render. It's that easy! 

Making Podcasts with Murf

With Murf Studio, you can rework a video with a voiceover into a podcast by simply separating the audio and video tracks once you upload your file. The only condition is the video must be in the mp4 format. With Murf, you can also import an audio track alone from videos online too.

All you have to do is click on the ‘Import audio’ button under the Audio and Music tab. The next step is to transcribe the audio. This can be done by simply clicking on the audio track and then the ‘transcribe audio’ option under the Voices tab. You can also edit the transcription as you desire to fit your production.

Once you are satisfied with the script, go ahead and select a Spanish voiceover of your choice. You can further refine it by adjusting the pitch, speed, and volume of the file.

Finally, click on ‘Build Audio’ to render your voiceover. You can listen to your production by simply playing the video before rendering the voiceover.

Not Just a Text to Speech Tool

Murf provides users with customizable features to make voiceovers from scratch and adapt their narration to the intent of their script. The Studio also functions as a multimedia editor so that users can build voiceover video , presentations, and more without ever recording voices. The software makes it simple for users to match the timing of voices over with visuals.

In other words, use our TTS voices to create interesting lessons in different languages, convert Word documents into audio files, or Google slides into videos with a Spanish language voiceover.

Is Murf free?

We offer a free trial that gives users access to 10 mins of voice generation time in the Studio to try out the voices with your script and check if it works for you. You get a choice of 25 voices in the free plan.

If you are happy with the quality of the voiceover, you can download the final audio file by upgrading to a paid subscription or buying a one time pack.

So, go ahead and create your own podcast with stunning Spanish voiceovers and help visually impaired people or educate children by creating an audio version of your written content.

Adding Voiceover to Google Slides

In Murf Studio, with a simple add-on, you can now write and edit your voiceover script while creating your presentations on a google slide. All you have to do is install the Murf add-on to add audio files to your Google Slides presentation.

You can use Murf voiceover Google Slides to automatically sync the narration to your presentation. As you add a script for your voiceover for each slide, your slides will appear during the presentation as per the time of the voiceover attributed to that slide.


Which formats can I export my Spanish text to speech voices to?

You can export Spanish text to speech voiceover in MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, FLAC, WMA, and more.

Can I use the generated audio files for my YouTube videos?

Yes, you can use the Spanish accent audio files generated from Murf for your YouTube videos. You should be able to monetize the content as long as your text content is original and has no copyright conflict.