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Advertising Voiceovers for Video & Audio Ads

Deliver your brand message through a voice that resonates with your customers. AI voices made for Ads on Youtube, Spotify, Instagram & more.
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Choose the right fit from 120+ AI voices. Enable your audience to build a connection and establish trust with your brand.

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Craft attention-grabbing advertisement campaigns and boost engagement rates with ultra-realistic voice overs.

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Save time and money spent on hiring a professional voice actor and renting a studio to create a marketing campaign.

Start creating voice overs

Developing marketing videos or advertisements in-house is a time-consuming and cost-intensive process. With Murf, however, marketing teams can create custom voice overs for everything from audio advertising to website content to tv commercials to product or service videos, and more. As a marketer, all you have to do is choose an apt AI voice for your brand messaging, upload a script, modify and edit the content, build the voice over, and be on your way. It's as easy as pie.

How to create Advertising Voiceovers in 5 simple steps

  1. 1
    Type in your video or audio ad script to Murf’s text editor.
  2. 2
    Choose a voice from Murf’s extensive library of AI voices across different accents and tonalities.
  3. 3
    If you have videos, images, or music that supplements the voice over, upload them to the studio and sync the voice over to the media. 
  4. 4
    Use customization features such as emphasis, pause, and pronunciation to add more personality to your advertising video.
  5. 5
    Click on ‘Build Audio’ to render the Ad for YouTube, Spotify & more.
Click on ‘Build Audio’ to render the Ad for YouTube, Spotify & more.Use customization features such as emphasis, pause, and pronunciation to add more personality to your advertising video.If you have videos, images, or music that supplements the voice over, upload them to the studio and sync the voice over to the media. Choose a voice from Murf’s extensive library of AI voices across different accents and tonalities. Type in your video or audio ad script to Murf’s text editor.

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Voiceovers for Advertising

Voice overs are one of the fastest, easiest, and most affordable ways to connect, engage and convert audience into customers. Furthermore, they enable brands to streamline production and lower costs without sacrificing engagement. Studies show that ads and commercials with voice overs consistently score higher with focus groups and target audience than those with no voice over.

Moreover, voice over helps ads deliver new information, lend credibility, and be more relevant and persuasive. Ads are supremely effective when they both show and tell the message and story they want consumers to take away.

Versatile AI voice actors to the rescue

That being said, most marketers create content for an average of three audience segments. While voice actors can modulate their voices to cater to different age groups, it's not a feasible solution. Rather than creating three separate pieces of content, brands can use one video with three different voice overs to speak to each buyer persona and target market. 

Using videos with voice overs in social media marketing, YouTube audio ads and Spotify audio ads also helps increase website traffic and lead generation. Voice overs even keep brands top-of-mind to foster loyalty among followers. Commercials with voice overs allow the audience to understand what a company stands for while also giving brands a chance to demonstrate their value and showcase their products and services in as much information as possible. From YouTube video ads and audio ads to Instagram ads and Spotify audio ads, Murf offers AI voices that cover all advertising use cases.

Designing the perfect Ad Script

Putting together a voice over script for your project is not as easy as it appears. It has to be catchy but also straightforward and short at the same time. More importantly, the script should convey a direct message.

To produce high-quality voice recordings for your marketing project, it is important that your script makes sense and is simple, cheery, and light instead of rational, monotonous, and boring.

Choosing the perfect Voice for your Ad

Selecting the voice for your commercial goes a long way in establishing brand recall and boosting engagement rates. In fact, according to research, an annoying voice recording with a forceful delivery can cause up to 75 percent of consumers to leave a purchase behind. The right voice will connect with listeners and compel them to pay attention, encouraging them to eventually follow through on the call to action.

Getting the tone right will help businesses maintain consistency across different channels. Other factors that matter when it comes to commercials are age, delivery style, and tone of voice. If you are going for a hard sell, your go-to voice style should be more of an announcer tone. If soft sell is more your style, then a pleasant and friendly tone will do the trick.

Hence, it's important to choose a confident voice that sounds like or appeals to the target audience because it helps solidify a company’s positioning. In fact, an easily recognisable voice tells consumers you “get” them and your brand seems more trustworthy and familiar. They help familiarize your customers with your product or service. The right voice can make all the difference when it comes to reaching out and forming an emotional connection with many consumers.

From fun, light-hearted tones that connect with a younger audience to highly professional, authoritative voices that grab the attention of the mature audience, Murf has AI voices that befit all fields of business. For example, we have calm and authoritative tones that suit well for life insurance commercials as well as empowering and uplifting tones for beauty and self-care product advertisements.

Choice of Voice

When choosing the ‘right’ voice for your ad, there are two factors to keep in mind: longevity and audience. Studies have shown that people respond better to advertisements that use the same voice across multiple ads. Similarly, it is significant to know your audience. Who is this project meant for? 

While there are different opportunities to directly tell the consumer what you want them to hear rather than hoping they understand what you are trying to tell them, make sure that your voiceover doesn’t conflict or cause ‘interference’ with the message you want to convey.

For example, teens may relate more to a voice that is youthful and upbeat as opposed to adults who are likely to connect with a mature voice that is naturally deep, rich, relaxed, and resonant. All in all, the voice must identify with your brand image and mirror your target audience’s preferences.

Key features of Murf for Advertising videos

Using Murf, marketing teams can either create a custom AI voice from a human voice that best suits their business or choose from one of the many AI voices that Murf’s text to audio platform offers. For the former, if you have a well-known corporate leader whom you want to be the face (and voice) of your company, you could create an AI voice out of their likeness using Murf.

However, if you want a brand voice but don’t have a specific human voice in mind, you could choose from several natural-sounding AI voices that Murf provides and select the right commercial voice for your business. A real human voice with a personality and confident tone aligned with the brand will make your audience feel spoken to and represented. This not only helps boost brand metrics but also brings long-term benefits like developing consumers’ consideration and purchase intent.


Using Murf studio’s pronunciation functionality, you can highlight different words, particularly ones that define your business, by pronouncing them in a specific way.


Using the ‘Emphasis’ feature in Murf, accentuate specific words in your script to spotlight your company's core values. You can also use emphasis to throw light on the names of luxury products.


Use pauses in your marketing video script and enable your audience to effectively listen to, absorb, and process your messaging.

Multiple voices, multiple languages

Create voice overs for your marketing campaigns and commercials in multiple languages to cater to audiences around the world. Murf offers an extensive range of 120+ AI voices across 20+ languages. You can choose from Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese language, among others. You can also use different accents in your voice over work to add fun, enjoyable elements to your ad copy.

For example, if you have multiple characters in your brand radio, internet, and TV spots marketing jingle, you can choose a different AI voice or accent for each character from Murf's unique range of voices.

Make your commercial stand out

Irrespective of whether you’re a small business owner or a Fortune 500 company, voice overs are the secret sauce your marketing strategy needs to dominate in today’s competitive landscape and beyond. An attention-drawing headline, a catchy jingle, and a good script incorporated with an engaging and professional voice over are the essential ingredients for success in the advertising industry. With Murf’s AI voices, you can strike the perfect chord with the audience you want to reach through marketing videos that produce real results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI voiceover for advertising videos?

AI voiceover for advertising videos involves utilizing text to speech tools like Murf to convert a script into dynamic, human-like voices for ad voiceovers. This innovative approach enhances the engagement and impact of advertisements by enabling every ad agency to create a compelling narration using a range of versatile AI voices.

How to do voice over for advertising?

To excel in advertiement voice overs, start by understanding the brand’s style and target audience. Craft a compelling script that aligns with the product or service, emphasizing the messaging. Utilize a versatile voice, adjusting tone and pace to evoke desired emotions. Consider using a text to speech tool to generate the voiceover for the ad instead of opting for professional voice actors or recording the voiceover on your own.

How does AI voiceover technology work for advertising videos?

AI voiceover technology revolutionizes voiceover creation by employing advanced text to speech algorithms. You can seamlessly convert your ad scripts into natural-sounding voiceovers that complement your ad, enhancing the impact of your marketing message. Voiceovers also make the ad accessible to a wider audience, empowering businesses to reach customers globally.

What are the advantages of using AI voiceovers for advertising videos?

AI voiceovers offer a myriad of advantages when it comes to advertising. Adaptable and cost-effective, AI voiceovers streamline the creation of ad voiceovers, eliminating the need for extensive recording sessions and hiring professional voice actors. The versatility of text to speech technology allows for quick adjustments and multilingual campaigns. AI-generated voiceovers ensure consistent quality, maintaining brand identity across diverse media. Additionally, AI voiceovers reduce production timelines and expenses.

Can I customize the voice and tone of AI-generated voiceovers for my advertising videos?

The ability to customize the voice and tone of an AI voice depends on the text to speech tool you are using to generate the voiceover. Murf, for example, allows you to tailor the voice and tone to match your brand identity. You can choose from 120+ male and female voices across different languages and select tones such as conversational, friendly, formal, newscast, and so on.

Can AI-generated voiceovers be used for advertising videos in different languages?

Yes, AI technology has advanced to the point where it can produce high-quality, natural-sounding voiceovers in multiple languages, allowing businesses to create localized versions of their advertising content efficiently and cost-effectively.

Can AI-generated voiceovers for advertising videos be used for radio commercials or audio-only campaigns?

Yes, text to speech tools can be used to create AI-generated voiceovers for any type of ad, including radio commercials and audio-only campaigns. The variety of voices these software offer enable users to choose the voice that best fits their ad.

How can I choose the right AI platform for generating voiceovers for my advertising videos?

Selecting the ideal AI platform for crafting compelling voiceovers for your ads involves assessing features like naturalness, versatility, and language support. Prioritize platforms that offer nuanced intonations, ensuring authenticity in voiceovers. Look for solutions providing seamless integration and customization options for a tailored experience. Evaluate the platform’s ability to generate diverse voiceovers, enhancing the overall impact of the advertisement. Consider user-friendly interfaces and compatibility with your preferred video editing tools to streamline the production of effective voice over in advertising, optimizing your ad campaigns for maximum engagement.