Best 3 Alternatives to Speechify Text to Speech

Murf's text to speech platform empowers you to do more than simply convert text to speech to create engaging, studio-quality voice over videos for different use cases.
Top 3 Alternatives of Speechify Text to Speech for 2024

Get the same features as Speechify, plus much more!

Murf's intuitive text to speech software has all the features you need to convert your videos from 'good' to 'great' in minutes. Add images? You can. Include background music? Sure. Change pitch? You got it. The best part? You don't need different tools to do this!
Multilingual option
Real-Time Collaboration
Ability to Add Media to Voiceover
Browser Extension
Voice Cloning
Voice Changer
Commercial Usage Rights
Custom Pronunciation
Audio Downloadable Formats
WAV, FLAC, mp3

What is Speechify?

Speechify is a text to speech tool that helps you read aloud web pages, documents, pdfs, emails, articles, ebooks, and more. You can simply drag and drop your content to Speechify's interface or take photos of pages that you want to be read out loud, and Speechify can convert it to natural-sounding speech. The app also offers a browser extension that enables users to read aloud any web pages. This is especially helpful for people with learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADHD or visual impairments.

A notable feature of Speechify is that users can change the language and accent of the voiceover as well as slow down or increase the reading speed easily. The platform currently provides text to speech voices in 30+ languages across different accents.

Speechify is available for both personal and commercial use. While there is no free version, users can create an account and try the tool for free for three days. Once the three-day trial period is over, you can subscribe to the tool by paying $139 per year. Another unique aspect of Speechify is its ability to highlight the sentence and word as it reads, making it easy for users to follow along as they listen.

Best Speechify Alternatives

Finding the best speech app is a task, and, there are many TTS software apps like Speechify out there that do more than simply synthesize AI voices, narrate ebooks or documents, and translate text files into speech in many languages. Here is a detailed list of best alternative to Speechify:


In essence, Murf is a text to speech app that improves the quality of your content with nuanced and natural-sounding AI voices that mimics the subtleties of the human voice. The software is available for both professional and private use. In addition to a free plan, Murf offers three other paid plans that users can subscribe to on an annual or monthly basis.

From individuals to organizations, anyone can use Murf to convert their text to realistic speech and then build use it to build a meaningful voice over videos. Its feature-rich studio enables you to create your own custom contents.

Users can choose an artificial intelligence generated voice of their choice from a selection of 120+ AI voices across Turkish, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, German, and other languages. That said, with Murf, you can add life to your story or content with customization features like pitch, pause, emphasis, and pronunciation, among others. 

Natural Reader

Similar to Speechify, Natural Reader, is a free alternative text to speech app that can read to you any text, such as Microsoft Word files, webpages, PDF files, and E-mails, in natural voices. It serves as a great tool for users to read school notes, office documents, and even e books from their computers or mobile devices. The software also enables users to download their text into mp3 audio files, which can be used universally in videos and other formats. Natural Readers is also available as a chrome extension widget that users can add to their website and let the webpages talk for them.

Amazon Polly

A cloud-based service, Amazon Polly helps convert text into lifelike speech. It makes high-quality voices through speech synthesis accessible and affordable. With Amazon Polly TTS, users can build speech-enabled applications that work in many different countries with multiple premium voices across various languages. If you're looking for a TTS API application that can handle a variety of media, including WAV files, Amazon Polly's text to speech software is your answer.

A deep-dive into why Murf over Speechify?

There are several aspects that provide Murf an edge over Speechify. To begin with, Murf Studio has all the tools one would need to create a complete voice over video for their project from scratch, all in one place. From voice customizations like emphasis, pronunciation, speed, and pitch to supporting natural sounding voices in multiple languages such as Danish, Finnish, and Portuguese, as well as accents like American, African, and British, Murf provides you with everything you need to create the perfect content the way you like it. 

What's more? Murf studio has a gallery of royalty-free music from which users can choose to add music to their videos. You can also import from external sources such as YouTube, Vimeo, and other video websites. That said, there are three distinct factors of Murf that Speechify doesn't support, making it the best text to speech tool out there.

Voice cloning

Want to give your brand a unique identity? Do it with the voice cloning feature. Create content that is distinctive, engaging, and iterable to build your brand's image. Get a voice clone that can simulate many human emotions, such as anger, joy, and sorrow, and give life-like narration for your content.

Voice Over Videos

Murf isn't your regular text to speech tool; it's much more! With Murf, you can add voiceovers to your video files and perfectly time the voiceovers to your video.

Voice Changer

Say goodbye to voice recordings from home; say hello to a professional AI voice! Record your voice wherever you are, upload it to Murf, and swap it with an AI voice with a professional tone. Not just that, you can also edit out any undesirable sounds, interruptions, or errors made during the recording process. Get studio-quality voiceovers done from the comfort of your couch!

In a nutshell

From individuals to small-medium businesses to enterprises, anybody can use Murf to generate 100 percent natural-sounding voice overs for their ads, marketing content, audiobooks, podcasts, eLearning module, training videos, and YouTube content, across different ages, languages, accents, and styles. Besides, the software's easy-to-use interface, sleek design, and intuitive features make it a must-have tool for businesses and creators alike who want to create compelling voiceovers in a matter of minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Speechify without the premium?

Yes, absolutely! However, the free version only offers limited features, such as a fixed reading speed and very few voice options.

What is the difference between Speechify free and premium?

The free version of Speechify limits a user's ability to choose from multiple synthetic voices. The premium plan, on the other hand, has services available in more than 30 voices across 20 languages. Users can also scan and read text with the premium version; this is something that is not available in the free version. Most importantly, the free version excludes the powerful highlighting and note-taking tools.

Is Speechify free on Chrome?

Yes, you can add an extension to your chrome browser to make Speechify work on the pages you want to read out loud.

Who uses Speechify?

Speechify can be used by anyone who is looking to make their reading abilities sharper. It is particularly helpful to people with learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADHD.

How much is Speechify for a year?

Users must pay $139 per year after the initial three-day free trial period to access the premium features.

Is Murf better than Speechify?

Both are different in terms of their offerings; however, both of these apps are solid text to speech tools. Murf provides an all-around voice solution for any kind of voiceover requirements.

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