#1 Uberduck Alternative with Voice Customization Capabilities

With Murf, users can go above and beyond with AI voice customizations to create the desired tone, mood, and style of the audio content. Modify the pronunciation, emphasize specific words, and include pauses to fine-tune the voiceover and ensure the message is communicated clearly and accurately.
Best Alternatives of Uberduck ai Text to speech of 2024 | MURF AI

Murf vs. Uberduck: A Tete-a-Tete 

Murf and Uberduck both feature a robust set of features. However, with Murf, you receive a much-needed edge of professionalism with the simplicity of use that lets you tailor your AI voiceovers without wasting a breath.
Number of Voices Available
5000+ (including community contributions)
Languages Supported
Five (English, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, and Polish)
Voice Cloning
Free Trail
10 minutes of voice generation and transcription, access to all 120 voices for a single user.
Access to 4,000 voices
Voice Changer
Commerical Usage Rights
Ability to Add Background music
Real-Time Collaboration Capabilities

What is Uberduck AI?

Uberduck AI is a fascinating speech synthesis tool. It provides you with a dashboard that has a variety of options to choose from, including:

  • Text to speech conversions
  • Custom voice cloning
  • Creation of Tacotron notebooks
  • Creation of raps or 'AI sing' using synthesized voices

An interesting aspect of the Uberduck tool is that it features celebrity voices in its voice collection. Some of the most notable celebrity voices on the platform are Mickey Mouse, Kanye West, and even Jay-Z. In fact, Uberduck AI is one of the most popular AI voice generators, with an active community on GitHub and Discord, with countless users contributing to its voice bank. That's right! Users can synthesize their own voice using this tool and create new voices to add to the Uberduck voice library for others to use.

While Uberduck AI does have a lot of interesting features and capabilities, some businesses may find it lacking in certain aspects or more time-consuming than necessary. Let's now look at some Uberduck alternatives that you can choose if you feel you need a no-frills, no-bells-and-whistles tool for your TTS needs.

Top Uberduck AI Alternatives of 2024

Make no mistake; Uberduck text to speech is a good tool, but it may be constrictive for some businesses. Listed below are five better alternatives to Uberduck that you can consider instead.

Murf AI

A comprehensive, full-scope text to speech suite, Murf AI can be used by any professional in any industry for their voiceover requirements. Its most notable features include the following:

  • Text to speech
  • Voice cloning
  • Voice changer
  • Voice over video
  • Team collaboration
  • Ability to add images, video, and presentations and sync them with the voiceover


Murf presents you with countless advantages not limited to just TTS conversions:

  • High-quality, human-like voices that are customizable in pitch, speed, emphasis, intonation, and age
  • Lightning-fast TTS conversions
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Additional features like the creation of various content, including eLearning modules, audiobooks, PPTs, and much more


15.ai is a specific AI-based voice generation tool that focuses on voice cloning more than text to speech. Using an artificial intelligence-based sentiment analysis model called Deep Moji, this tool can clone a human voice with extreme emphasis on emotion.


The uniqueness of the voice model that 15.ai flaunts provides several advantages:

  • Human voices can be cloned with highlights on emoting the typed text
  • The voice modulation can be tweaked in terms of pitch, pace, noise reduction, emotion


Since 15.ai allows extreme modulation of human voices, some argue its legality.


FakeYou is another excellent Uberduck alternative in terms of functionality. While you pay $25 each month to use Uberduck for cloning voices and creating models, you can do it on FakeYou completely free. Uberduck's database is also extensive, with over 2,000 voices.


The uniqueness of the voice model that FakeYou flaunts provides several advantages:

  • As opposed to Uberduck, FakeYou only costs $15 for the pro pack, which is more affordable for the same set of functions
  • You can modify all the voices on your database according to your needs


One thing that may create hindrances is the non-availability of voice recording.


Melobytes is a full-suite voice software with a text to speech service. The platform touts itself as the 'AI in service of art,' and very rightly so. Using this software, users can convert text to compose music, analyze lyrics, and a lot more.


Melobytes is a great TTS software because:

  • It allows you to create video clips from various media—voice, subtitles, images, or ASCII art.
  • The TTS features include SSML text-to-song, text-to-phonetics, and 'Become a Speaker' functions.


While there is high functionality for artists, the output voice quality may not be the best for TTS conversions.


Speechify was developed by a professional suffering from dyslexia, which makes this tool TTS-focused, extremely adaptable, and useful. Users get access to over 30 AI voices in 20 languages to boot.


Speechify is a dedicated TTS software with endless advantages:

  • You can convert text to speech from multiple sources—uploading PDF, scanning documents on the app, or copy-pasting text into the field
  • The data input options you receive are greater than Uberduck for text to speech


The software involves scanning as a TTS conversion input, which makes the optical character recognition module malfunction and misidentify from time to time.


TTSReader is a convenient tool that effortlessly reads texts, webpages, PDFs, and ebooks using natural-sounding voices. It eliminates the need for downloads or installations and does not require any sign-in process. With a simple click on the 'play' button, users can enjoy listening to their desired content directly within their browser. Moreover, TTSReader conveniently remembers the text and position, allowing users to pick up right where they left off across multiple sessions.

Key Features

  • It has Chrome extension, and an Android and iOS app.
  • Unlimited downloads in the premium plan.
  • TTSReader offers a commercial usage license.
  • Users can upload their audio to generate text to speech in their voices.


  • Unlimited text to speech in the free version.
  • The text being read is highlighted for convenience.


  • The app is only suitable for reading; it has limited features for voice generation.
  • The quality of the voice is not as realistic sounding as other tools.

Lovo AI

Lovo has an extensive library of AI voices in over 100 languages, making it a great choice for voice generation. To enhance the quality of your content, Lovo offers a producer mode that grants users greater control over the intricate nuances of each phoneme's pronunciation. Lovo empowers users to emphasize specific words and adjust the speed and pauses at both word and sentence levels, thereby tailoring the speech output to their unique preferences. The tool also has high-quality beta voices that are indistinguishable from human voices.

Key Features

  • It seamlessly integrates with other applications through API. 
  • Users can export videos.
  • Offers commercial usage license.
  • Unlimited downloads.


  • Offers good priority support in most of the plans
  • It has natural-sounding Beta voices.


  • Only three voices with emotions
  • Only Beta voices sound natural, and they come in expensive plans.
  • No collaborative workspace.

Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly uses the power of deep-learning technologies to deliver exceptional speech synthesis in multiple languages. Whether you're a developer, publisher, or content creator, Amazon Polly provides an easy and efficient way to generate high-quality audio output from written text. While the service may come with a price tag and some customization complexity, its remarkable quality and versatility make Amazon Polly a powerful choice for those seeking top-notch text to speech conversion.

Key Features

  • Adjustable speaking style, speed, pitch, and loudness.
  • Amazon Polly text to speech provides two types of voices: Standard and Neural. While Standard voices are the default option and have limited use cases due to their robotic sound, Neural voices are more expensive but offer a more natural-sounding voice that is better suited for long-form content such as audiobooks and podcasts.


  • Natural-sounding neural voices for authentic speech synthesis.
  • API integration enables text to speech functionality across various applications.
  • A wide range of language options is available.
  • Customizable speaking characteristics for personalized voiceovers.


  • Higher cost for neural voices compared to standard voices
  • Voice customizations may require a learning curve
  • Some users find that the voice quality does not always justify the price
  • Limited ability to scan and convert text directly from PDF and other documents

Why Murf is the best Uberduck Text to Speech Alternative

Murf is one of the most comprehensive, targeted, and quick Uberduck alternatives on the market. The platform's TTS-focused features enhance the usage and conversion experience and produce output that is almost indiscernible from human voices. Additionally, you get access to other tools that let you do so much more with AI voices:

The most notable features that pitch Murf head-to-head with Uberduck are voice cloning, voice editing, voice over video, and voice changer. Let's see why.

Voice Cloning

Murf's voice cloning feature adds immense value to your TTS requirements. The platform helps you convert a single artificial intelligence voice into clones that simulate emotions like anger, sadness, joy, and more. The best part is that you can clone an AI voice once and keep using it for an infinite number of voiceovers with Murf. The cloned voice can also be customized with pitch, tone, and speed adjustments. All of this, and you only need to record the target voice once.

Voice Over Video

If you are searching for a platform that lets you add voiceovers to videos accurately, Murf is your answer. With 120+ AI voices in over 20 different languages, creating AI voiceovers for your videos is as easy as a breeze. All you need to accomplish this is a script.

You can customize the diction for pauses, emphasis, pitch, and pronunciation to make the voiceover work for your brand. Murf also allows you to create a separate audio for each scene of the video to time the voiceover perfectly.

Voice Changer

While most tools require you to add a script to generate voiceovers, you can do it with freestyle speech in Murf. The voice changer feature allows you to record your own voice and treat that as the 'script' for AI voice generation.

This enables you to create voiceovers on the fly, in freestyle. The Murf voice changer modules are trained to eliminate the background noise from the recording, so you don't need to worry about where you are recording from.

Voice Editing

Murf gives you a freehand in voice editing by allowing you to tweak the following:

  • The pitch of the AI voice
  • The intonation
  • The emphasis on specific words
  • The speed of reading
  • Introduction of pauses in reading

This allows you to be highly creative while generating the right voiceover for your business purposes and goals, making Murf a great alternative to Uberduck AI TTS.

Wrapping Up

As far as text to speech is concerned, it is evident that businesses need more customizability and professionalism from their tools. On those fronts, Murf is the better choice with its voice bank and customization tools. You can easily identify the type of voice you wish to use by narrowing down the search based on the business industry, voice style, and more, as the tool facilitates. This isn't possible with Uberduck. While they have a wide selection of voices, finding the one that's the right fit becomes challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Uberduck free to use?

Uberduck does have a free plan that lets you access about 4,000 voices and save five audio files. Beyond that, you can start with the $8/month for the Creator plan. It jumps to $40/month for the Clone plan in the next slab.

Is Uberduck AI Discord safe?

Yes, Uberduck Discord is safe to use. It is a legitimate software that does not steal your personal information or scam you out of your money. You can still maintain anonymity by creating alternative email IDs while signing up for this platform.

Does Uberduck's AI voices sound human-like?

Yes, the text to speech outputs from Uberduck are almost lifelike, but not to the extent that Murf's AI voices are. This is because of the high-quality voice library and community contributions of natural-sounding voices. However, you may find this platform a bit costlier than others, like Murf, for the same quality voices.

Can we use Uberduck commercially?

Yes, you can use Uberduck commercially. It has a library of over 5,000 voices that you can access with the premium packs. With the free version, you can use about 4,000 of those voices. You can also pick from the contributors' library.

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