#1 Oddcast Alternative with Better Quality Voices

Murf offers realistic-sounding, high-quality AI voices that deliver human-like emotions in speech. Each voice sounds so natural that it is hard to tell the difference. An added plus is the platform’s voice customization features that take your voiceover experience to the next level.
Oddcast : Lets you Create Virtual Speaking Avatars for your Website

Murf vs. Oddcast TTS At A Glance

Both Murf and Oddcast have distinct benefits that make them ideal for different use cases. While Oddcast provides a wider range of services beyond TTS, Murf’s serves as an all-in-one voice platform that provides everything one needs to create high-quality voiceovers.
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What is Oddcast?

Oddcast is an online marketing company that develops animated speaking characters, web pages, videos, and other content. The Oddcast platform is widely used for its real-time text to speech generation and virtual characters that read the text out loud. Currently, it offers a variety of features for content creation, including characters, voices and audio, sharing and distribution, mini customization, widgets, voice recognition, head tracking and more. Oddcast was designed to focus on new technologies in the character-creation and vocalware fields.

Oddcast’s text to speech program offers more than 185 male and female AI voices in 30+ languages that users can use to convert written text into speech. The TTS feature can also be combined with the software’s character creation tools and integrated into various applications and platforms, such as websites, mobile apps, and IVR systems, among other things.

Oddcast also allows for customizing the speed and pitch of the TTS voice. By using Oddcast TTS API, developers can integrate the read-aloud functionality with e-books, news articles, chatbots, and more.

How to Use Oddcast?

Oddcast is a simple tool with a drag-and-drop interface. It is a versatile tool with animation as well as voice creation capabilities, which can further be easily integrated with various platforms through codes and APIs. Let’s break down the usage of Oddcast:

Design Your Avatar

Oddcast lets you create full-body avatars in 2D and 3D. The best part is that the avatar makes gestures and styles based on the input text. Following are the types of characters users can build using Oddcast’s character creation feature:

  • 3D photo face
  • 2D illustrated characters
  • Premium characters
  • Custom characters

Give A TTS Voice to Your Avatar

After finalizing the avatar, the next most crucial element is the voice. Oddcast has made voice creation so convenient, with multiple options to add audio. You can add audio using the following methods:

  • By calling Oddcast’s toll-free number and updating the characters' speech
  • By recording your voice directly in the tool
  • Using text to speech, where you just have to copy-paste the text to Oddcast’s text editor, and the avatar will read it aloud in the character and language of your choice. Oddcast currently offers text to speech services in 25+ languages.
  • By uploading audio files from your local device
  • By hiring a professional voice artist from Oddcast who will create a voiceover based on your  content requirements

Take Your Avatar Live

Characters that you create can be published across various mediums, including websites, emails, videos, presentations, and mobile apps. Additionally, avatars can also be used in multiple resolutions and video formats.

Make Your Avatar Smart

Now that we have seen various use cases of voice characters, let’s take a case where you want to use avatars for customer support or a website chatbot. This is where the artificial intelligence management center (AIMC) comes to play. To make the avatar responsive to chats, you need to create:

  • Your avatar and include the code on your website
  • A text input area on your page to receive questions from users
  • Your character's spoken response to questions using the client API call "sayAIResponse”
  • You can keep training the AI and edit the responses by signing into SitePal AIMC to enhance your character's reactions

Top Alternatives to Oddcast

Even though Oddcast has great features, it still lacks the quality of the voice. Moreover, their pricing is not transparent, which may also urge users to look for alternatives. If you don't want to compromise on voice quality, many other software offer similar features but at a lower cost and with better voice quality. Each one of these TTS tools has different pricing plans and some stand-alone features as well.


DemoCreator is a powerful software widely used for screen recordings; the tool makes it incredibly simple to capture anything happening on your screen at any given time. The tool is a boon for gamers, Twitch Streamers, and YouTubers who like to share gaming tutorials or other types of content with their fans. 

The tool also supports an incredibly user-friendly video and audio editor that helps add many elements to your video without any expertise in editing. Another great feature of DemoCreator is avatar creation. There are 16 virtual avatars you can use for your lessons, games, product presentations, and other use cases. The avatars lip sync in real-time as you speak into your microphone.


DemoCreator can be used for free with limited features, but to use it for professional purposes, you’ll have to buy one of the paid plans. It offers three paid versions: 

Standard: $36/year

This version only supports windows and offers unlimited recording time and unlimited downloads. Unlike the free version, there is no brand watermark in the content created.

Premium: $52/year

It includes all the features of the standard version plus access to the advanced features in demo mode, recording mode, and editing mode. Additionally, the plan supports live streaming and video conferencing.

Perpetual: $75 one-time fee

Oddcast’s perpetual plan includes access to DemoCreator V6.X for life, access from Windows, and unlimited downloads.


Movio serves as a great tool to create AI-based spokesperson films with excellent lip-syncing. It can be used for various purposes, including corporate training, online learning, explainer videos, commercials, and marketing videos. Movio has 80 avatars in 20+ languages across different styles, ages, and demographic features.

Users initially pick a template from a list of templates that can be easily edited with Movio’s simple, easy drag-and-drop user interface. The appearance and voice of the avatars can also be customized.

Movio has a feature known as ‘TalkingPhoto,’ which is a new way to create explainer videos, promotional videos, and business presentations. With TalkingPhoto, you can bring your images to life and give them a real human voice in over 100 languages and accents, and turn your still images into dynamic ones.


Free version

Offers free credit for one minute. The free text to speech version has a watermark, unlike paid versions. The free trial, along with every paid plan, has access to all 100+ human avatars, 20+ CG avatars, 200+ templates, and 200+ voices in 20+ languages.


$30/month for 10 minutes credit. Movio comes with dynamic pricing; users can pay $30 extra for every 10 minutes credit. This plan includes automation, unlimited hosting, priority video processing, and a branding kit. 


$225-$600/month for 90-240 minutes of video credits. This plan has all the features included in the Essential plan, with added  API access.


Customized plan, includes everything in the Pro plan, beneficial for larger video volume, and offers dedicated team support. Users can book a meeting to discuss the pricing and features.


Voki is an online web tool that allows teachers to create 3D avatars that can be used in various ways in the classroom. It has a library of 250+ interactive and customizable speaking avatars for instructors and students that improves lesson comprehension, class participation, and overall learning in the classroom. For instance, teachers can create avatars of themselves and use them to tell stories to students, which can be very effective in getting students to pay more attention. Apart from avatar creation, Voki also offers features like student registration, assignment tracker, and more to manage the classroom.

Voki supports text to speech in 25 languages, which makes it a tool for students to learn languages. Students can use a talking character to express themselves. They can record their own voices and listen to them spoken by their Voki, or they can use text to speech to learn pronunciation. 


Free plan:  30 students, one teacher, one class.

Level 1: $4.99/month for 30 students, one teacher, and one class.

Level 2: $7.99/month for 60 students, one teacher, and two classes.

Level 3: $9.99/month for 90 students, one teacher, and six classes.


CrazyTalk is a facial animation software that animates facial images realistically using voice and text.  Additionally, users can customize faces, appearances, backgrounds, motions, and more to create the desired avatar. It has a unique “Animated Comics" feature, which lets you create realistic characters from your sketches and still photographs for any comic story.


Crazy talk has three perpetual pricing models: 

Standard: $49, comes with basic timeline editing but doesn't include a photo to 3D head creation. 

Pro: $149, full timeline editing 

Pipeline: $199, includes an additional feature to export avatars to iclone6.


Synthesia is a web application that allows you to create amazing AI videos from just text. It supports 70+ diverse AI avatars that are digital copies of real characters. Besides, the tools are not just limited to default avatars. Users can create exclusive clones and voices personalized to represent their brand.

Synthesia has over 55 customizable video templates for easy drag-and-drop video creation. The tool currently supports text to speech voiceover in 120+ languages and accents.  


Personal: $30/month

Corporate: Book a demo to know the pricing

People Builder

People Builder is an application for Mac and PC devices to create characters for Doodly videos. There is enormous customization available in terms of age, skin tone, clothing, facial expressions, and much more. People Builder also offers a 30-day money-back policy, although it doesn't offer any free trials.


One-time fee of $47


Elai.io is another software that lets you create videos from the text. All you have to do is write the text, choose the avatar from a library of 25+ avatars, and Elai will create the voice over video.  Not just that, with the software’s voice cloning capabilities, users can create their own voice. Apart from default avatars, Elai features four distinct types of paid avatars: selfie avatars, animated avatars, studio avatars, and photo avatars. A selfie avatar costs $259 yearly without a voice clone and $659 with a voice clone.


Free plan: One-minute video credit

Basic: $29/month

15 mins of video generation time per month, access to 23 avatars, and single user.

Advanced plan: $99/month

50 mins of video generation time per month, access to 23 avatars, and can have up to five users. Unlike the basic plan, with Elai’s advanced plan, users can create 4K ultra HD videos, make custom music and custom fonts, and use premium voices.

Corporate Plan: A completely customized plan with unlimited users and video credits. To get a quote, contact and book a meeting with Elai.

The Main Drawbacks of Oddcast 

Oddcast is a great software that allows you to create avatars and spokespersons for websites or videos, but it has one major problem: the voices are emotionless, robotic, and sound like a computer-generated voice. It's no secret that natural-sounding text to speech software is better than robotic voices for content creation as it connects with the listeners. 

When making an audio file, you want the voice to sound natural, but Oddcast voices often sound; like they are trying to read a script. That's unfortunate because Oddcast is one of the most popular online tools for adding avatars and 3D characters. 

Why is Murf A Better Alternative to Oddcast?

While tools with robotic voices may appear as a cheaper choice, if you are looking for a platform that is versatile, easy to use, and has voices of superior quality, Murf is the best option. Murf adds personality to the voiceover, and its audio effects and voice customizations take your voiceover experience a notch higher by making the voiceover sound as human as possible. Let’s see how:

  • With Murf’s pause feature, you can add pauses of variable length between any sentence or any words to create a significant impact on the listener. 
  • Using the ‘pitch’ and ‘speed,’ you can increase or decrease the pitch and speed of the voiceover depending on the context
  • Users can even alter the pronunciation of words using Murf’s custom pronunciation function
  • Want to emphasize a word in your script? Murf takes care of that as well. Simply click on the emphasis button, and add a node next to the word you want to stress.

To Wrap Things Up

Murf has a growing library of 120+ male and female AI voices in 20+ languages across different age groups and accents. You don't need a professional setup to record your voice or hire a professional voice artist to record your script. All you need is a script, and Murf takes care of the rest. 

That said, Murf is feature-rich and easy to use, so you won't have to worry about getting lost while navigating the studio. And it's affordable, which means you can get started right away without breaking the bank! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an alternative to Oddcast text to speech?

Yes, Murf is an Oddcast alternative with much better voice quality. Murf can create voiceovers in 120+ voices in 20+ languages which can be customized as per the use case and target audience. Users can create avatars of their voice in Murf for easy text to speech conversion.

How many voices does Oddcast have?

Oddcast has 185+ voices in more than 30 languages.

Can I create my own avatar in Oddcast?

Yes, you can create your own avatar in Oddcast. You can upload your image and create an animated avatar in minutes.

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