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Murf offers a modern, simple, and blazingly fast way to collaborate with your co-workers and team members to create stunning voiceovers while helping you organize your projects in a more structured manner.
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Murf vs. Elevenlabs: An Overview

While Elevenlabs is gaining popularity for its TTS capabilities, Murf takes your voiceover game to the next level by offering a lot more than just text to audio conversion. This includes a wider range of high-quality AI voices in multiple languages and accents, the ability to add media to voiceovers, and real-time collaboration, giving users greater flexibility and creativity.
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What is ElevenLabs?

An AI-based speech software, ElevenLabs brings the most compelling, rich, and lifelike voices to creators and publishers seeking the ultimate tools for storytelling. The tool can be used to generate top-quality spoken audio in any voice and style of the users' choice. At present, ElevenLabs offers a set of nine premade male and female synthetic voices that can be used to generate realistic voiceovers.

At its core, ElevenLabs leverages deep learning models, which render human intonation and inflections with unprecedented fidelity and adjust delivery based on context. In addition to TTS, ElevenLabs also offers a suite of AI tools for voice cloning and designing synthetic voices, providing users with new creative outlets. All ElevenLabs needs is a minute-long audio sample that needs to be cloned.

A standout feature of ElevenLabs is that it offers users the ability to customize the natural sounding AI voice and make it more expressive and clear by modifying the 'stability’ and 'clarity+similarity’ feature, respectively. Furthermore, the tool can emote emotions based on the context. Users can also include pauses and emphasis to their speech by inserting a line break or two where they want the pause to occur and putting the relevant words/phrases in quotation marks, respectively. 

What Can You Do with ElevenLabs Text to Speech?

ElevenLabs AI voice generator can be used across industries, including customer service, entertainment, and eLearning, among others. With this innovative tool, the possibilities are endless: virtual assistants with personalized speech patterns, audiobooks narrated by a synthesized celebrity voice, or even custom video game characters with distinctive vocal styles. This technology can also be used to improve accessibility for individuals with speech or hearing impairments. 

Here are some key areas ElevenLabs text to speech is beneficial:


ElevenLabs AI voices can add emotional depth to your storytelling experience. Irrespective of whether you are a content creator, a short story writer, or a video game developer, you can use ElevenLabs voices and intonations to create engaging and realistic audio narrations and elevate the experience for your audience.

News Articles

ElevenLabs can save news publishers time and money by automating the process of producing audio versions of their articles, making it easier to reach a wider audience without investing in additional resources. Furthermore, the tool eliminates the need for individuals to read through news articles by enabling them to listen to them while multitasking. This helps them stay informed even when they are busy.

Newsletters and Blogs

ElevenLabs can also be used to transform newsletters and blogs into easily accessible audio formats for the audience, increasing engagement and enhancing accessibility for all. As such, even people with visual impairments and other reading disabilities can now listen to blogs and other online content. 


With ElevenLabs, you can now convert your favorite books into audiobooks with unique voices for each character and create an immersive experience for the listeners. In fact, if you are an author that wants to create an audiobook version of your story with your own voice, ElevenLabs makes that possible too. Simply use their voice lab to clone your own voice or design an entirely new synthetic voice from scratch and use it to convert your book into an audiobook. 

Best Alternatives to ElevenLabs TTS

While ElevenLabs TTS software has gained popularity in recent times for its accuracy and natural-sounding voices, there are several alternatives available on the market which offer unique features and capabilities that may better suit the needs of specific users or industries. In this paragraph, we will explore some of the top alternatives to ElevenLabs.


There are several features and functionalities that make Murf voice generation platform stand out from other text to speech alternatives. Firstly, the tool can create speech from text in a matter of minutes. Secondly, Murf’s voices are as realistic as they can get. The tool also enables users to customize the voiceover further by adjusting the pitch, volume, speed, and emphasis, as well as changing the pronunciation of specific words. Thirdly, from eLearning to advertisements to audiobooks to IVR to video games, Murf has a range of AI generated voice for all usecases. Moreover, the realistic voice generator also enables users to edit their scripts directly on the application as well as modify their existing voice recordings to remove background noise and filler words. 

That's not all. Murf also serves as a video maker, enabling users to create a voice over video from scratch on the platform. The tool's sleek design and user-friendly interface are an added plus and make the tool a must-have solution for text to speech conversions.

An online AI voice generator, allows you to instantly convert text into natural and expressive speech and download it as MP3 and WAV audio files. Users can choose from a growing library of 907 natural-sounding AI voices with humanlike intonation in 142 languages and accents. 

To create a compelling voiceover on, users can either type, paste or import text to the tool’s online text to speech editor and instantly turn it into audio. They can further enhance the audio with speech styles, pronunciations, and SSML tags.

Natural Reader

A professional TTS program, Natural Readers helps convert any written text into spoken words, including PDF, Google Docs, eBooks, and emails. The AI voice platform is also available as a mobile application and a Chrome extension, which means users can use it anywhere and at any time, to listen to any text out loud, even webpages and news articles. Natural Reader supports a number of voice styles, such as friendly, sad, cheerful,  angry, and hopeful, enabling users to create compelling audio content that captures the audience's attention.

The tool serves as a great eLearning assistive tool given the fact that it supports a dyslexia font, offers flexible reading speeds, and highlights text while reading out loud, making learning more accessible to students and people with learning and other disabilities and promoting independence.

Amazon Polly

Leveraging deep learning technologies, Amazon Polly synthesizes natural-sounding speech, enabling creators and businesses alike to convert articles to audio. The tool offers dozens of lifelike synthetic voices across a broad set of languages, making it easy for users to build speech-activated applications seamlessly. With the help of SSML tags, users can change the phrasing, adjust the emphasis, and modify the intonation of the speech output. Amazon Polly currently supports an AI voice actor library of 47 male and female text to speech voices across 24 different languages. The tool also provides an API that enables businesses to quickly integrate speech synthesis into their applications.

Google Text to Speech

Google text to speech offers an API to convert text into natural-sounding speech, enabling users to create speech-enabled applications easily and quickly. Users can choose from a wide variety of 380+ voices across 50+ languages and variants, including Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic TTS, and more. The tool also enables you to personalize the pitch of your selected voice, adjust the speaking rate, as well as customize your speech with SSML tags to add pauses, numbers, date and time formatting, and other pronunciation instructions.


A read-aloud, text to speech tool, TTS Reader can be used to read out any text document, be it PDFs, ebooks, web pages, or anything other text. The online reader can be used to change web pages into spoken words, ebooks into audiobooks, online text into audio files, and more. The tool is a boon for individuals that learn better by listening than by reading. Furthermore, the tool can be used offline and supports a multitude of languages. TTS Reader also offers a Chrome extension, providing a more accessible, convenient, and efficient way of consuming online content, enabling users to listen to pages without leaving the page.


Leveraging AI algorithms, Speechify helps users create natural voiceovers in multiple languages and dialects.

Speechify distinguishes itself with advanced features, notably granular editing capabilities. This empowers users to meticulously refine aspects such as pronunciation, pitch, and modulations, achieving a level of precision that ensures the output is nothing short of pitch-perfect.

The app caters to a diverse audience by providing over 200 lifelike voices and supporting various multilingual dialects. 

What sets Speechify apart is its innovative voice cloning feature, which enables users to replicate voices with just a few minutes of the original audio as a reference. Whether it’s creating authentic voiceovers or simplifying versatile speech synthesis through voice cloning, Speechify stands as a comprehensive and user-friendly voice generation tool. is one of the leading ElevenLabs alternatives that helps in creating top-notch, real-time lifelike speech using advanced AI features. This popular artificial intelligence tool enables impersonating celebrities with character voices such as My Little Pony, Team Fortress 2, and SpongeBob SquarePants. It uses deep machine learning and natural language processing interactive programs to generate entirely new synthetic voices. 

Resemble AI

Resemble AI is a cloud-based AI voice generator that helps create perfect voice mimics. It has an extensive TTS library that has various collections of natural-sounding voices in more than 60 languages and dialects, like English, Hindi, Korean, Arabic, Japanese, and a lot more, helping users find the best voice for their content.

It offers incredible features like the ability to clone voices, neural audio editing, and language dubbing.

This TTS generator facilitates multiple audio file formats, like WAV, and offers compatibility with other software and platforms. This ensures the integration of seamless voice generation into different APIs. Such third-party integration helps with effortless voice creation on platforms like Discord or Twitch.

WellSaid Labs

WellSaid Labs uses deep learning and AI to produce natural-sounding voices from written content. 

Setting itself apart, the platform boasts a user-friendly API interface equipped with well-defined instructions and user guides. This seamless integration allows users to effortlessly incorporate the advanced text to AI voice generator technology into their existing systems.

WellSaid Labs not only excels in producing lifelike voices but also ensures a straightforward and intuitive experience for its users through its accessible and well-designed interface.

Why is Murf the Best Alternative to ElevenLabs?

While ElevenLabs is a great TTS tool known for its quality AI voices, simplicity, and minimalism, Murf has an edge over the software, given it offers everything ElevenLabs does and more versatility. Murf is a multi-purpose tool that not only allows users to convert text to natural-sounding audio but also change the gender of the voiceover, clone voices, and create voice over videos from scratch, all while enabling collaboration. Here is a detailed look at some of the reasons why Murf is a better TTS tool.

Total Number of Languages and Voices Supported

Unlike ElevenLabs, which only has a total of nine premade voices across eight different languages, Murf supports 120+ realistic synthetic voices in over 20+ languages, including Portuguese, Arabic, Indonesian, and multiple accents such as Australian English, Brazilian Portuguese, Scottish, and Cantonese Chinese. All AI voices sound similar to human speech.

Ability to Add Music, Images, and Background Score

Murf enables users to add images, videos, and background music or scores to their voiceovers and sync them all together by simply adjusting the voiceover timeline and the media timeline on Murf's text editor. Murf also offers a library of 8000+ royalty-free music and an image library with stock photos that users can add to their voiceovers to create engaging audiovisual content for different usecases like audiobooks, podcasts, or presentations.

Voice Changer and Voice Over Video

A strong feature of Murf is its ability to change a raw voice recording into a professional-sounding voiceover by simply swapping the existing voice in the recording with an AI voice from Murf. Users can choose a voice in the language and gender of their choice to give a new and upgraded listening experience to the audience. Furthermore, the feature can also be used to change the gender of an existing voice in a recording. For example, say your commercial aimed at children has a male voiceover that doesn't really fit the context. To change this would mean hiring a female voice artist, recording the script for the ad all over again, and synching the audio and video content again, and more. But Murf eliminates this tedious and time-consuming process by enabling you to simply upload your voiceover video to Murf; the audio is automatically transcribed, and you can choose a female voice of your choice and ta-da! In minutes, you have a completely different commercial. 

Team Collaboration

Murf enables users to create a workspace where they can create, organize, share, and collaborate with team members on a project, bringing ideas to life and working together to achieve goals. Each user/member of Murf Workspace will have a role assigned depending on the plan workspace is on and what the admins and editors with permissions choose to assign. 

To sum things up, while ElevenLabs has its strengths, it falls short when compared to the superior naturalness, voice selection, collaboration, and scalability, among other factors offered by Murf TTS. Considering these factors, Murf emerges as the preferred choice for those seeking high-quality, realistic text to speech synthesis for a wide range of applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ElevenLabs free?

While ElevenLabs is not completely free, it offers a free plan that enables users to try out the tools’ advanced speech synthesis technology. ElevenLabs free plan supports long-form speech synthesis with no commercial license, access to convert 10,000 characters per month to speech in English, German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Hindi, and create up to three custom voices, as well as API access.

What are some top alternatives of ElevenLabs TTS?

Some of the best alternatives to ElevenLabs TTS include Murf, Natural Reader, TTSReader, Google TTS, and Amazon Polly TTS.

What is ElevenLabs text to speech, and how does it work?

ElevenLabs is one of the best AI voice generator platforms that uses premium quality and lifelike voices to create AI voiceovers. It offers innovative synthetic voices tailored to the needs of businesses, video creators, and e-learning developers.

What are the subscription charges for ElevenLabs TTS?

The subscription charges are as follows: Free ($0)
Starter: $1/month (originally $5, but the first month is 80% off)
Creator: $11/month (originally $22, but first month 50% off)
Independent Publisher: $99/month
Growing Business: $330/month

What is the character limit of ElevenLabs text to speech?

The character limit of the ElevenLabs AI voice generator is as follows: Free: 10,000 characters/ month
Starter: 30,000 characters/ month
Creator: 100,000 characters per month
Independent Publisher: 500,000 characters per month
Growing Business: 2,000,000 characters per month

What are the key features of ElevenLabs text to speech software?

The key features of ElevenLabs include: Voice cloning
Ability to customize voice parameters
Multilingual support
Real-time voice creation
API-integrated interface
Greater accessibility
Cloud-based software
Emotion and accent modulators

There are several innovative features that make ElevenLabs one of the best AI voice generator tools. Some of its unique features include voice cloning, multilingual support, and a customized voice parameter option.

Moreover, it operates on API-integrated cloud-based software and offers great accessibility.

Who can use ElevenLabs text to speech?

The platform offers AI-generated, natural-sounding, human-like voices. It can be used by:
Content creators
Independent publishers

How do you use ElevenLabs text to speech?

ElevenLabs speech synthesis can be used to convert the written script into audio in multiple file formats. Users can generate voiceovers in 29 languages.

What language and voice styles does ElevenLabs text to speech offer?

ElevenLabs supports multilingual speech synthesis that can generate natural-sounding voices in 29 languages. It offers varied emotional inflection features in voiceovers to resemble the tone and theme of the text.

Why should I explore alternatives to ElevenLabs text to speech in 2024?

ElevenLabs TTS is available in both free and paid versions. While the free version comes with limited features and a character limit (per month), the paid versions are expensive and might not be affordable for many users.

Businesses with a low budget can choose several other platforms that are comparatively less pricey with similar features or have free voiceover options.

Is Murf Better than ElevenLabs text to speech?

Both Murf AI and ElevenLabs AI voice generators offer natural-sounding voiceovers. However, Murf emerges as the superior choice due to its extensive feature set, surpassing the offerings of ElevenLabs.

Additionally, Murf AI presents a more cost-effective subscription model, making it a more favorable option for users seeking a comprehensive and budget-friendly solution for text to speech applications.

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