Murf Voices - now for Windows apps!

Raise your content creation now by integrating natural-sounding Murf voices into a plethora of Windows applications in just a few steps.

Download Murf Voices Installer and use in your favourite applications.

Simple to install. Simpler to use.

Install Murf once to access its voices on all Windows applications compatible with Microsoft SAPI for voices and narrations.

More voice options. More languages.

Find your perfect voice for your content. Choose from 120+ voices in 20+ languages to use in Windows applications.

Customise voices. Create experiences.

Personalize the voice style, pitch, speed and improve the overall audio quality on your Windows applications.

Steps to Install Voices

To get started, download the Murf Voices Installer here

  1. 1

    Download and install the Murf Voices Installer & login to your Murf account

  2. 2

    Choose from a range of voices across different languages

  3. 3

    Personalize the voice by selecting voice style and adjusting the speed/pitch. You can preview once selected

  4. 4

    Found the right voice? Click ‘Install’. This will only take a few seconds

  5. 5

    Once installed, you should either open or restart your Windows applications

Note: Your Murf voices are ready to be used in Windows applications that use Microsoft SAPI (Speech API).

Download Murf Voices Installer

Better voices for every project. For Pro & Enterprise users only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Murf account to download the Windows application?
Yes, you would need to create a Murf account to log onto the desktop platform. As a basic/free user, you will be able to preview the voices, but downloading and installing is limited to enterprise and pro users only. 

Can I duplicate voices on Murf Voices Installer?
Yes, you can duplicate voices. You will need to provide a custom name to avoid any voice overwriting.
Can I customize the voice settings in the Murf Voices Installer?
Yes, you can enter sample text and adjust the voice style, pitch, and speed to preview and select the best option.
How do I install a chosen voice from the Murf Voices Installer?
After finalizing your voice choice, click on the install button, provide a custom name, and then click on ‘Install.’
How long does the voice installation process take?
The installation process is quick and will be completed in just a few seconds.
What should I do if I have an application open during installation?
If you have an application open while installing a Murf voice, you will need to restart the application for the new voice to appear in your list.
 Is the Murf voice installation a one-time process?
Yes, it's a one-time installation, and you can use the voices across various applications on your desktop.
Can I change my voice selection later?
Yes, you can change your voice selection anytime by repeating the customization and installation process.