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Explore Indonesian text to speech voices to make realistic voiceovers for your e-learning videos, product demos & presentations.

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Start Creating Voice Overs

Have a script? That’s all you need to add a voice over to your video content. No recording necessary, no background noise. Choose from 120+ curated natural sounding text to speech voices. Our voices support customization options like pitch, speed variation, and emphasis addition.

Key Features of Murf Text to Speech

Create flawless voiceovers with customisation features like Pitch, Pause, Pronunciation, Speed, Emphasize and Voice Styles. Make the voiceover sound the way you want.

Emphasize with

Add emphasis to specific words and phrases, ensuring your voiceovers are clear, expressive, and impactful.

Pitch-Perfect Narration

Seamlessly adjust the pitch of your voiceovers, adding depth and emotion to your storytelling.

Place Strategic Pauses Where Needed

Easily incorporate varying lengths of pauses to add emphasis, clarity, and a natural cadence to your voiceovers.

Achieve Accurate Pronuncition

Convey the intended meaning accurately by adapting the pronunciation of words to the nuances of each language.

Tailor the Speed of Your Narration

Increase or decrease the speed of your voiceover to match the natural cadence of the particular language, resulting in a more authentic and engaging delivery.

Voice Diversity at Your Fingertips

Convey a range of emotions, adding nuance and expressiveness to your spoken content. Choose from formal, newcast, conversational, friendly tones and more.

Explore Voices in Other Languages

Have a script? That’s all you need to add a voice over to your video content. No recording necessary, no background noise.

Reliable and Secure. Your Data, Our Promise.

Murf is designed to meet your security and compliance requirements. Our systems are built to protect your data and ensure user security.

Create Custom Voiceovers in the Indonesian Language

Woo your Indonesian audience with high-quality Indonesian text to speech using Murf AI. The platform makes it as simple as 1-2-3 to convert any written script into humanlike, natural-sounding speech in the Indonesian language.

Think about the stellar customer experience targeted towards your Indonesian-speaking audience and the improvement in CSAT scores, regardless of your business, niche, or industry.

Murf currently offers a total of four native male and female Indonesian AI voices Indah (Young Adult, Female), Adhiraja (Young Adult, Male), Aulia(Young Adult, Female), and Agung (Young Adult, Male).

Murf also provides you with a comprehensive toolset to customize any voice you select to make it reflect your brand’s image perfectly. From adjusting the pitch and speed to customizing the emotion, emphasis, pause, and diction of the voices, Murf’s robust capabilities help develop high-quality realistic voiceovers. 

Grow & engage your audience with Voiceovers in Indonesian for all purposes

Create Spotify Ads with Natural Sounding Voices in Indonesian

Do you want to convert your English Spotify ads to Bahasa for your Indonesian audience but don't want to spend on hiring a voice-over artist? Or you need to create an ad urgently and don't have time to record it with a voice actor? No worries! You can create pitch-perfect Spotify ads on Murf in minutes. Simply upload the script to Murf, choose an Indonesian AI voice, and Murf will convert the text to speech. You can preview the voiceover before you download the audio file and upload it to Spotify.

Create Podcasts in Indonesian

So, you want to create podcasts for your business and cater to your global audience? Of course, making podcasts in different languages is time-consuming, costly, and practically not feasible. That's where Murf's AI-generated speech service comes to play. Pick any language like Indonesian, enter the script of your podcast, choose a tone that strikes a chord, and convert your text to speech.

Make Product Demos in Minutes

Want to create product demos that talk about your customer pain points and how your product is the best solution in the market? We believe that's the best way to promote your products, but you need to speak in a language that hits hard with your audience right? And so, Murf's AI-powered voices come to your rescue. Increase the impact of your product videos with voices that complement your script and engage users.

Clone & Change Indonesian Text to Speech Voices

Murf allows you to create a clone of any audio as an AI voice in an Indonesian accent. All you need is a custom text recorded by the voice actor. The Murf team will then process the audio content and voice samples on the backend to get a custom cloned voice ready that you can use across your content assets! 

Audiobooks and eBooks

Did you know that the eBooks market in Indonesia is predicted to reach $48.7 million by 2027? Murf’s AI text to speech Indonesia voice generator is the right fit to transform your eBooks, making them experiential and enhancing the reading experience and eBook value for your customers.

Voice Assistants

Voice assistants make daily life and professional tasks simpler by allowing users to get things done using voice commands. Businesses frequently utilize these for issuing automation commands or generating output from a process.

Murf’s voice cloning feature can be used to create a consistent brand voice for any business. The AI voice can then be used endlessly across all the channels of the enterprise and also in voice assistants.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVRs are excellent ways to provide your customers with self-help options. Take one step further by offering your customers IVR responses in Bahasa to elevate their experience with your brand.

Murf AI’s Indonesia text to speech can be conveniently customized by simply editing the IVR script to the Indonesian language, generating the speech, and integrating it into your IVR systems.

Accessibility Tools

Murf's extensive voice modulation capabilities provide you with the right AI voice for creating branded, clear, and natural-sounding voices for accessibility tools tailored to your local audience. Providing language preferences to your audiences dramatically enhances the customer journey.

You can give branded voices to screen readers, voice assistants, and many more tools that help your digital channels comply with accessibility guidelines.


eLearning has helped democratize education and knowledge for the masses. Improve the proliferation of your learning content manifold using Murf’s high-quality AI text to speech Indonesia voices.

Providing learning content to the population in the native language significantly enhances the accessibility, comprehensibility, and usability of the educational content.

Compelling Advantages of Text to Audio in Indonesian

Indonesian text to speech makes the content on your web or digital channels easily understandable for native speakers. Users can benefit from several tangible and intangible advantages by deploying Murf's human-sounding AI voices to their digital and web channels:


If you are targeting an Indonesian audience or people who speak Indonesian, it is important to make the content of your web channels accessible. With Murf, you can access hundreds of natural-sounding, humanlike voices generated by AI that speak Bahasa.

It is an excellent way to enhance the accessibility of the content on your web channels, regardless of the device it is accessed on. People with disabilities, too, will be able to access the website content without any challenges.

Language Learning

Indonesian text to speech is a brilliant way for tutoring learners in language. Each language has its own unique consonants, pronunciation, and diction.

Using text to speech in Bahasa, you can provide learners with a demonstration of native-like speech, enabling them to learn the nuances of the language easily. It also helps improve comprehension and fluency.

Linguistic Diversity

Global businesses can solidify their stance on diversity and inclusion by leveraging Murf’s AI voice over Indonesia. Make your content friendlier for the audiences in Indonesia to promote linguistic diversity of your web or digital channels.

In parallel, you would also achieve high customer satisfaction and craft preferential customer journeys on your channels.

Time and Efficiency

With Murf’s Indonesian AI voices, you can save a significant amount of time and effort that is otherwise spent on hiring voice actors. Consider the entire process of setting up a studio, hiring audio engineers, hiring and training voice actors, and taking time for retakes and error correction.

Using Murf’s Indonesian AI voices, the entire process comes down to a few steps and minutes.

Customize Your Text to Voice Indonesia using Murf

Discover the uncanny realism of Murf’s AI voice over Indonesia in a variety of voices, accents, and customizations. Our platform caters to businesses of all kinds, providing free text to speech in Indonesian for immediate use. 

Variety of Use Cases

Murf provides dedicated Indonesian voices for a variety of use cases like marketing, advertisements, creatives, and corporate. For example, Aulia, Murf's Indonesian female voice is highly suitable for children’s eBooks since it has a softer and gentler tone.

Endless Customization

Murf provides several customization options that allow you to modulate the perfect voice suited to your brand. You can adjust aspects like voice pitch, read speed, emphasis, pauses, emotion, and even accents for every voice you select.

For example, advertisements require faster reading since there are airing time constraints. The reading speed can be adjusted on Murf Studio easily for all Indonesian voices by simply adjusting the speed slider between -50% to +50%.

Indonesia Text to Speech Made Easy

Murf simplifies the Indonesian text to speech process down to five simple steps:

Step 1: Input your Text

Murf provides two ways to input your script into the system you can either type it into the field or copy-paste it for input.

Step 2: Choose your Voice

Choose a Bahasa AI voice from the four unique selections. 

Step 3: Voice Customizations

Apply deep customizations to the selected voices by controlling the reading speed, adding pauses between sentences or words, adjusting the pitch of the voice (for emoting), adding emphasis (for realism and drama), and changing the pronunciation (with alternate spellings or IPA).

These customizations help you achieve the final output fine-tuned to your preferences or brand image.

Step 4: Enhance with Background Music

With Murf Studio, you can add background music to the voiceovers to make them more engaging.

Step 5: Preview and Export

Murf Studio auto-renders the final output. If required, you can preview it before sharing. You can download the file in multiple major formats, like MP3, WAV, FLAC, and more.

Pricing of Murf Indonesian Text to Speech Converter

Murf offers a free trial with 10 minutes of voice generation for users to explore and try out the Studio.  If you like what you see, you can choose from any of the various pricing plans. You can download unlimited audio files and get 96 hours of voice generation time with Pro Plan. With the enterprise plan, you can add multiple users, download unlimited audio files, and get unlimited voice generation time.

Easily Edit your Voices for Every Use Case through Indonesian TTS

Whether you’re creating an audiobook or corporate presentation, every use case requires a different voice tone and modulation. Murf’s editor has different voice styles and customization options to help you create voiceovers that strike the right chord with your target audience. Some of the features include Emphasis, Pitch, Pause, and Volume.

Emphasize Certain Words

To put that extra force on syllables, words, or phrases, use Murf’s Emphasis features.

Control Pitch

Use the ‘Pitch’ functionality to draw listeners’ attention to words or phrases expressing different emotions.

Add Pause

Murf’s pause feature helps elevate the level of your narration by allowing the listener to stay focused on what is being said.

Indonesian Text to Speech On Your Terms

Text to audio has become pivotal for enhancing customer or learner experience across web-based channels, applications, or other digital platforms. As businesses strive to provide better content accessibility and readiness to their audiences, native language becomes a key point to address.

With Murf’s high-quality, humanlike Indonesian voices, you can cater to your Bahasa-speaking audience with ease. Murf’s AI voice generator is available for a free trial, no holds barred, and all features are testable.

Empower your organization today with the immense potential that AI text to speech Indonesia brings to your Bahasa cohorts. Our platform allows you to give your brand a voice.The voice you envisioned for it, in the language you require for regional audiences. Try Murf’s free text to speech Indonesia today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which formats can I export my text to speech Indonesian files to?

Users can export their audio files in Muf across various file formats, including MP3, WAV, FLAC, and others.

Can I use the generated audio files for my YouTube videos?

Absolutely, yes! You have the option to use the audio files produced by Murf's text to speech software for your YouTube videos. You should be able to monetize the content as long as your text content is original and has no copyright conflict.

What other languages can I create text to speech voices?

Murf enables users to create voice overs in 20+ languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Danish, French, Russian, and Portuguese.

How do you convert English text to Indonesian voice?

You can use text to speech platforms online to convert text in English to Indonesian voice overs within minutes.

How do you convert Indonesian text to speech using Murf?

You can do that in five simple steps: input your script, select your voice, apply customizations, apply background music (optional), and export the file in the chosen format.

Can I choose different accents or voices for Indonesian languages?

Murf provides four realistic, professional Indonesian voices— two male and two female voices to choose from.

Can I adjust the speed and tone of the TTS voice for Indonesian in the studio?

Yes, you can adjust the voice speed to 2x the average reading speed. You can leverage the pitch and emphasis adjustments to achieve the right tone.

Is Murf TTS service suitable for professional voiceover in Indonesian?

Yes, Murf Studio has four professional-quality voices in Indonesian that are suitable for all kinds of voice use cases.

Can I use Murf TTS Indonesian language service for creative projects, such as audio content creation?

Yes, Murf Studio allows for the creation of a variety of projects like videos, voiceovers, ad clips, recorded scripts for eBooks, and more.

Can I use TTS in Indonesian for business or commercial purposes, such as voice overs for advertisements?

Yes, Murf Studio provides options for Indonesian text to speech that can be embedded in commercial channels, like online shopping assistants or voices for advertisements.

What languages are supported by Murf Studio apart from Indonesian TTS?

Murf AI provides high-quality AI voices in over 20 major languages spoken around the world, like Hindi, English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, Spanish, and many more.