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A great text to speech software, Murf doubles up as a voice over video generator that has every feature you need to create perfectly timed video content in a jiffy. 
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Murf vs. TTS MP3: Features at a glance

Murf offers a ton of features like voice cloning, voice changer, voice over Google Slides, an extensive library of royalty-free music, and custom lexicons, among others, that enable you to deliver the best voiceover experiences.
Character Limit
15000 words/ file
Approximately 375 words/ day
Voice Quality
Natural sounding
Voice Cloning
Unlimited Downloads
Import File in Multiple Formats
Real-Time Collaboration
Chrome Extension
Voice Changer

What is TTS MP3?

TTS MP3 is a free online tool for converting text into professional-sounding speech. It is available as an open command-line interface (CLI) utility that users can use to convert written text to speech in any language and download the final audio file in an mp3 format. TTS MP3 can convert text to speech in over 20 different languages and various accents. Some of the diverse languages supported by the tool include Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish. 

Users can input up to 3000 characters a day to the CLI to convert written text to mp3 voice files. All users have to do is simply copy-paste their text in the text box, choose the language of their choice, click on 'read' to hear the audio in the accent and language of their choice, and then 'download as mp3' to download the file.

What's notable about TTS MP3 is that it also offers users the ability to customize their speech by including pauses, changing the speed and pitch, emphasizing words, and even adding whispers through various SSML tags. In other words, users can use syntax to change the voice and the TTS service is powered by Amazon Polly. Furthermore, the program also lets users create conversations by switching between speakers within the text. 

If you just want to dabble in hearing the content of your e-learning, presentations, and YouTube videos or increase the accessibility of your website, TTS MP3 is a great choice. Its simple interface, fast turnaround, and free service are added benefits. 

Best text to speech alternatives to TTS MP3 

If you are looking for a very basic tool to simply convert your text to speech, TTS MP3 is a good start. However, the voices are more robotic than natural sounding and only support limited accents. Here is a list of TTS MP3 alternatives that provide more realistic voices and multiple different features.


Be it the premium version or the free version, with Murf, you can create natural-sounding voiceovers in minutes using the software's 120+ AI male and female lifelike voices across multiple languages, styles, and genders. The text to speech program lets users choose an AI voice of their choice to read aloud the converted text and customize the voice by changing features such as pause, speed, emphasis, and more.

Murf also lets you sync the generated high-quality voiceover with video, images, or presentations. All of this is at a fraction of the cost it takes to record voiceovers manually. The feature-rich platform provides all the tools you need for voiceover production, eliminating the need for any third-party tools.

Read Aloud

As the name suggests, this text to speech app can 'read aloud' web pages, blogs, documents, and e-books, as well as your own custom content while you carry out other important tasks. Read Aloud can be of great help to students with learning disabilities or visual impairments as it assists them with reading assignments as well as improving their written assignments, promotes comprehension, and enhances their overall literacy skills. Using Read Aloud, users can choose from a variety of text to speech voices, including those provided natively by the browser, as well as Google Wavenet, Amazon Polly, IBM Watson, and Microsoft, to convert their text-filled document into an audio file. 

Natural Reader

Natural Reader is a text to speech software, which, in addition to turning PDFs, web pages, e-books, and even printed material into spoken word, offers premium features that enable users to adjust the speed and volume of the converted speech, save the audio file and transfer it to other devices, such as a mobile phone. This ensures the user has access to the file wherever he or she goes. Natural Reader is also available as a chrome extension, enabling users to add the software to their browser to read aloud web pages, PDFs, and emails.

TTS Reader

In addition to reading web browsers and emails, TTS Reader can also read audiobooks, PDFs, and audiobooks. The read-aloud, text to speech reader translates text to voice quickly and easily and works to change ebooks into audiobooks, web pages into spoken words, online text into audio files.

A notable feature of the voice reader is that the software saves its progress through a text block. Users can hence close the browser, come back later, and pick up where they left off. You don't have to sign up for a subscription or log in to use TTS Reader.

Why choose Murf over TTS MP3?

TTS MP3 has a limitation of using a maximum of 3000 characters (not 3000 words). If you want to make a longer audio file, you'll either have to create more than one, thereby increasing your workload or pay for a membership. Murf, on the other hand, has no limitations on the number of characters one can use per project. However, there is a limit on words per text file, which is 15000 words. You can upload and convert as many text files as you want to audio files in a day.

Editing audio in Murf Studio is simple and straightforward. But with TTS MP3, you will need to input even the most basic commands, making the process a lot more complex. Moreover, TTS MP3 doesn't let you sync your videos with the generated voice, while Murf lets you do it with ease. With TTS MP3, you can export the audio file only in mp3 format, whereas with Murf, you can download the file in multiple formats, including .mp3, .mp4, and more. 

Without a doubt, Murf has revolutionized the way you create and edit voiceovers. It has made the process more simple, quick, and cheaper. 

Some additional features of Murf that make it a better alternative than TTS MP3:

Natural sounding voices

Murf 120+ AI voices in 20 different languages and accents are 100 percent natural sounding. These premium voices are capable of mimicing the natural prosody and nuances of the human voice.

Voice cloning

Unlike TTS MP3, Murf offers the ability for users to clone their favorite voice. The AI clone delivers life-like diction and the full spectrum of human emotion while conveying human nuances.

Voice over video

Murf's intuitive interface enables users to sync videos, images, and presentations with the audio in a jiffy. In other words, Murf Studio serves as a full-fledged ready-to-use video maker.

Voice changer 

Among its exclusive features, Murf offers the ability to transform raw home recordings into professional-quality voiceovers without any noise or disturbance. With Murf's voice changer, users can get studio-quality audio within a matter of minutes without expensive recording equipment, a studio, or a quiet room.

Custom voice

Murf lets you vary the length of pauses in your script, increase or decrease the voice's volume, control the pitch, emphasize certain parts of a sentence, or speed up or slow down the narration, enabling you to customize the voice over. Your narration can be fine-tuned using these features so as to always receive the perfect audio output.

In Summary

While TTS MP3is a good option for someone who simply wants to explore the functionality of a text to speech tool with limited words, it is a no-brainer that Murf is a panacea to all your woes related to creating realistic voiceovers. If you prefer quality and only want the best for your content, then without a doubt, Murf is the better alternative.

While it makes you shell out some extra cash, the premium features, including the ease of use, variety of voice options, and quality of the voices, make it all worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TTSMP3 royalty-free?

Yes, you can use the MP3 files created using the tool in any application or platform without restrictions. Irrespective of whether you have a paid account or use the free version, you can distribute the files you create.

What is the most realistic text to speech tool that we can download voices in mp3 format?

If you want your audio to sound as realistic as possible, then Murf is the unparalleled winner.

What is the best free text to speech online tool?

Arguably the best free TTS tool available today is TTS MP3. It supports multiple languages and accents.

In how many languages is TTSMP3 free?

TTS MP3 is available in over 20 languages and multiple accents, including English, Chinese, Korean, Swedish, Welsh, and Norwegian.

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