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Transcribe Audio to Text in Murf

While Murf doesn’t support a standalone audio to text feature, using Murf’s voice changer, you can convert your voiceover into text as per the source language. Upload, confirm, and transcribe. It's that easy!

Accurate Audio to Text Transcription in 20+ Languages

Murf ensures precise transcription of your uploaded audio by allowing you to select the relevant language, capturing every word and nuance.

Download your Script in Multiple Formats

Murf doesn’t just convert audio to text but also offers the flexibility to export your transcribed content in multiple file formats, including TXT, DOCX, and more. You can choose to receive the converted text as a single file or split it into manageable blocks.

Beyond Audio to Text Conversion

Murf captures not just the words but also the natural pauses in the audio, accurately replicating them in the transcribed text.

How to Convert Audio to Text in Murf?

  1. 1

    Open Murf Studio. Click on ‘Voice Changer’ to upload your existing audio or video file to Murf.

  2. 2

    You’ll see a pop-up asking you to choose the language used in the audio to start transcription. Choose the target language from the drop-down.

  3. 3

    The audio is automatically and accurately transcribed into text in the source language.

  4. 4

    You can download the transcription as a single file or split it into manageable blocks in the format of your choice by simply clicking on ‘Export.’

Audio to Text Converter

Audio to text conversion can be pivotal for professionals seeking to publish a single idea in multiple forms. It enables them to convert an interview into a blog or create a transcript of a podcast for writing the script for a skit. The use cases and possibilities for audio to text conversions are endless.

Businesses across a variety of industries require transcripts for multiple reasons. For example, an organization training its customer service professionals to handle a call the right way leverages audio/video call transcripts to set the scene.

Other businesses require evidentiary records of conversations between contractual parties for legal purposes. They acquire these through transcribing meetings or calls using software.

Organizations transcribe audio recordings to text to fulfill a variety of needs. Let’s learn more about audio to text and its benefits in the section below.

Applications of Audio to Text Converter

AI transcription tools available today are highly efficient and accurate. Businesses always require data and information handy and in various forms, making the software for transcribing audio files to text a valuable tool around the workplace.

Listed below are three key applications where organizations leverage online audio to text converter software:
Transcription Services
An organization’s recordkeeping operations involve transcribing important interviews, meetings, and other audio-based communications.

This is where free audio to text converters shine. These transcriptions are then used for quality training or to maintain hardcopy records of important conversations as evidence.
Content Creation
Content creators use some of the best audio to text converter software to make their content more understandable. By removing the barrier between audio and text-based content, content creators can assume a free hand with recordings and audio. This helps make their content more reusable and modular.
Accessibility Features
Businesses today focus on accessibility features across all their channels to improve how their audience can access content. It becomes easier for the company to cater to audiences of different languages, for subtitling, and to help the aurally challenged target audience understand brand content.

Benefits of Audio to Text Converter

AI audio to text converters bestow businesses with several key advantages that make tasking more efficient, simple, and consistent:
Time Efficiency
Speech to text conversion tools help save time when there is a need to convert long videos and audio recording into text files. The transcription process can be automated, eliminating the need for any human resource to remain engaged in listening-typing tasks. This is particularly useful for professionals like podcasters, in language localization, and voice search apps.
With manual transcriptions, there is a risk of error. This is because humans tend to get distracted, tired, and bored from work as monotonous as transcription. Using AI voice to text converter tools, it is possible to improve the accuracy of audio transcription drastically.
Multilingual Support
Does your business have international operations? If so, you can benefit from using audio to text converter tools to provide relevant, multilingual support for your international employees and audience. It helps improve the overall experience for your overseas customers.
Improved Documentation
Automated transcription tools are capable of delivering high-quality transcripts consistently. No matter how lengthy or short the audio or video files are, there would be fewer errors compared to manual transcriptions.

Transcribe Audio to Text in Murf

Murf is an extensive suite that provides businesses with every tool and feature required to work with text and speech. While Murf doesn’t have a standalone audio to text converter, this functionality is an inherent part of the tool’s voice changer feature. Let’s see how.
Before Opening Murf Studio
You need to ensure that your files are either in .mp3 or .mp4 audio formats to be able to use them in Murf Studio. Once your files are ready, you can begin.
Convert Audio to Text in Murf
Step 1: Log in to your Murf Studio dashboard and navigate to the left-hand tool panel. You will notice ‘Voice Changer’ as one of the menu items (it can be used only on paid plans). Click on it.

Step 2: In the new dialog box, you will be prompted to upload your audio file in either .mp3 or .mp4 formats. Select your file, and click on ‘upload.’

Step 3: The interface will now prompt you to confirm the language used in the audio file. From the dropdown list, select the speaker’s language and then click on “Yes, Continue.”

Step 4: Once done, the system will begin uploading the audio file to the dashboard for customization. After the file is successfully uploaded, navigate to the script field, where you can see the transcript of the file you uploaded. If required, you can make changes to the transcript here and apply it to the audio in a customized voice of choice.

Step 5: If you wish to download the transcript, select the ellipses menu on the extreme right of the script field and click the ‘download script’ option. You can save the transcribed file to your computer now.


For businesses with intense content creation needs and requiring shorter turnaround times, using the capabilities of audio to text conversion tools can help tremendously.

Converting audio to transcripts using Murf reduces the manual burden on the workforce. It enables speedy transcriptions that can be conveniently saved and shared electronically without involving papers.

Furthermore, with Murf Studio, businesses can download transcripts for audio and modify the audio in that particular file by editing the transcript. Voice changer enables users to work with the voice of the audio file as well, helping them modulate it to suit the brand image better.

Users can quickly achieve simple tasks like removing background noise from the audio file in parallel to generating and downloading the transcript.

If your business needs a robust audio to text solution, consider trying Murf in a free trial to witness its capabilities firsthand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an audio to text converter?

It is a tool that converts spoken dialogue in an audio or video file into text.

Is there any software to convert audio to text?

Yes, there is a plethora of audio to text converter software online. Most are free to use and provide limited tools to work with the free versions.

Which AI tool converts audio to text?

Murf is an industry-leading and highly awarded online suite that helps users in converting audio to text.

How do I transcribe audio to text?

In Murf Studio, you only need to upload the audio file to the interface by clicking on the ‘Voice Changer’ feature and downloading the transcript from the dashboard.

Can you transcribe an MP3 file?

Yes, Murf supports transcription of .mp3 and .mp4 file formats.

How do I transcribe audio to text files?

You can use the ‘Voice Changer’ feature in Murf to generate transcriptions of an audio file.

Which is the best audio to text converter?

Murf has been consistently voted as the leading solution in the niche by G2.