#1 Ivona Alternative with Enhanced Voice Quality and Versatile Features

Murf is the better bet when it comes to audio creation since it's a much more full-featured audio generation tool that provides everything users need to produce high-quality voiceovers from scratch.
Best Alternatives of Ivona Text to speech of 2024

Murf vs. Ivona: Critical Differences

Murf and Ivona both have their own strengths as text to speech programs. While Murf offers extensive customizability, multiple project views, and a wide range of voices, Ivona stands out because of its simplicity and ease of use. Here is a detailed breakdown of both tools to help you make the right decision.
Number of Voices Available
Total Number of Languages Supported
Voice Customizations
Free Trial
Voice Cloning
Ability to Add Background Music
Voice Changer
Commercial Usage Rights
Unlimited Character Limit

What is Ivona TTS?

A powerful software, Ivona text to speech enables users to convert text into natural-sounding speech in minutes. Ivona became a part of the Amazon group in 2013, shortly after which it was integrated into the Amazon Polly service and is now available on applications such as Amazon Kindle. 

Ivona text to speech offers AI voices in 15+ languages, including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Polish, and multiple different accents, such as American English, British English, Indian English, and Welsh English, giving users the ability to create audio content for a global audience. Furthermore, the tool has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for anyone to use the software without prior experience or technical know-how. 

Ivona’s pricing plans vary based on the number of voices and languages. For example, a set of five American English Ivona voices is available for $159, three for $119, and a single American English Ivona voice for $59. 

To use Ivona text to speech app, users must download and install the software. Once the installation is done, the software must be launched. This results in a popping window that contains a text box. Type your content in the editor or simply copy-paste any existing text. Then, click the ‘Speak’ option in the toolbar to listen to your text out loud in a human-like Ivona voices.

Top Ivona Text to Speech Alternatives of 2024

Although Ivona offers a range of voices with decent text to speech quality, it has very limited features. While the software can be used as a read-aloud technology, it is not capable of creating voiceovers. There are other text to speech tools with premium voice quality and top-notch features that take the burden of audio content creation off your shoulders. 

Here is a list of the best Ivona alternatives curated based on multiple factors, including the price, usability, features offered for audio creation, and customizability. 

Murf AI

Murf is an all-in-one text to speech software that can take care of the entire voiceover generation process without the need for additional tools or human resources. With Murf, you can create male and female voiceovers in 20+ languages by eliminating the need to find professional voice actors or rent a studio for voice recording.

Key Features

  • Voice Changer in Murf lets users change the voice of any voiceover in minutes.
  • Murf offers an API enabling the tool to be integrated with other applications seamlessly. 
  • Users can fine-tune their audio by either emphasizing any word or phrase in the speech or adding pauses in between using Murf's voice customization features such as 'Emphasis’ and 'Pause.'
  • Businesses and creators can create an exact clone of their targeted voice using Murf's voice cloning.
  • Users get commercial usage rights to their creations on all of Murf's paid plans.


  • Easy to use
  • Natural-sounding custom pronunciations
  • No limit to the number of characters that can be converted from the text to speech software 


  • Free Trial
  • Basic: $29 per user per month*

Unlimited downloads, 60 voices in 10 languages, full access to all voice customization options, and a collaborative workspace.

  • Pro: $39 per user per month*

Unlimited downloads of all 120+ voices in 20+ languages, and users have access to all voice customization options, priority support, a collaborative workspace, and the voice changer feature.

  • Enterprise: $75 per user per month*

It offers every feature of the Pro plan, along with collaboration and access control, a dedicated account representative, access to cloning services, unlimited voiceover generation, unlimited storage, deletion recovery, and much more.

*Check pricing page for the updated pricing information.

Natural Reader

When it comes to text to speech apps, Natural Reader is one of the well-known software which provides high-quality text to speech voices in 20+ languages. It has great accessibility as it offers a Chrome extension to read written words on web pages and can be used on a web application as well as a mobile. 

Natural Readers has a floating toolbar through which it highlights any text being read aloud. The tool also enables users to adjust text to speech using controls for speed, pronunciation, and volume. Natural Reader also lets users scan a picture with text and hear it being read aloud using OCR technology.

Key Features

  • Supports a dyslexia font to help Dyslexic readers with reading and comprehension. 
  • Users can edit the pronunciation of specific words.
  • Users can also bookmark webpages to read aloud afterward without any hassle.
  • Reading speed and volume can be customized. 


  • Human-like voices
  • The tool has both light and dark modes.


  • The free trial has very few voices.
  • Optical character recognition is available only in the Ultimate version.


  • Free Version
  • Personal: $99.50 (users can access only two voices)
  • Professional: $129.50 (users can access up to four voices)
  • Ultimate version: $199.50 (users get access for up to six voices)


A free read aloud text to speech app, TTSReader offers synthetic voices across multiple languages, accents, and genders, enabling users to convert text to audio in minutes. A notable feature of the software is that it remembers the last position in a doc even if the browser is closed, allowing users to resume listening to the website without having to start over. It can also extract text from PDF files and read it out loud, which is helpful for those who want to rest their eyes or listen to the text while multitasking. 

Key Features

  • Offers a Chrome extension
  • Highlights the text currently being read, making it easier for the listener to follow along. 
  • Paid plans come with a commercial usage license.


  • Users can copy-paste website links and can hear the content of the webpage directly from the application.
  • Easy to use.
  • Offers unlimited TTS conversions, even in the free version.


  • Lack of an attractive user interface.
  • The free version contains ads.
  • Users can not download audio files in the free plan.


  • Free Plan
  • While the pricing is not transparent, it ranges from $0 - $49 for a one-time payment. 

Acapela TTS 

Acapela Group creates personalized TTS voices for various use cases across industries like automotive, education, transport, and more. Users can also create a synthetic clone of their voice to create audio content quickly and easily. Acapela offers an extensive portfolio of high-quality voices that add exceptional value to a wide range of services, applications, and devices requiring natural speech capabilities.

Key Features

  • Over 200 synthetic voices are available in 30 languages.
  •  API integration capabilities.
  • Chrome extension.


  • New languages can be added for creating synthetic clones.
  • Offers varied voice expressions such as laughter, sneezing, and more to breathe even more life into your message. 


  • Use of tags to leverage voice customizations like speed, pause, and more, which can seem a little complex. For example, to reduce the speed of audio by 60%, users must use the command "\rspd=60\." 


  • Regular Voices: $40 each. 
  • Regular Voice plus its emotional variations: $50 for both
  • Children's voices: $50 each


Speechify lets you read webpages, emails, documents, news articles, and other text content aloud using an artificial intelligence voice in the language of your choice. The TTS platform offers a library of 30+ voices in 15 different languages. It's a great tool for students because it helps them listen to any text content or website content out loud whenever, wherever, and on the device of their choice two to three times faster than it takes to read it manually.

Moreover, Speechify also has a floating widget that follows users down the page as it reads and enables them to play, pause, and change the reading voice or speed. 

Key Features

  • Offers note-making capabilities.
  • Natural-sounding voices.
  • Users can scan and listen to printed texts as well.


  • Limited features to create voiceovers from written text for videos or podcasts.
  • Provides only yearly plans.


  • Free plan: Offers 10 voice samples for users to try text to speech conversions.
  • Premium: $139 per year

Why is Murf the Best Alternative to Ivona Text to Speech?

Now that we've thoroughly explored all the available text to speech tools, we arrive at the ultimate question: which one stands out as the best among them? There is a critical factor that defines the quality of any text to speech app: how convincingly it transforms artificial voices into human-like ones. This is precisely where Murf emerges as the undisputed champion, renowned for its industry-leading voice quality.

Let's delve into how Murf achieves such remarkable realism and discover the additional features that make your content creation journey a breeze:

Voice Options: Invona and Murf both offer multiple voices, but with Invona, you can only get limited voices and languages in one plan. With Murf, you gain access to over 120 male and female voices spanning several languages. This means you can effortlessly cater to diverse audiences across various countries and regions using just one powerful program.

Voice Modulation: One of the secrets behind a truly lifelike AI voice lies in the subtle variations akin to human speech: pauses, emphasis, speed, and pitch fluctuations. Murf simplifies this process to just a few clicks. For instance, to insert a pause between two words, simply position your cursor between them, click the "Add a Pause" button, and select the desired length of the pause. There's no need to write scripts or delve into complex coding like some other tools out there.

Pronunciation Editor: Murf empowers users to effortlessly edit word pronunciations, ensuring personalized and audience-specific content. It's worth noting that this feature is unique to Murf, as no other software provides this level of customization.

Voice Changer: Imagine a scenario where you've created a voiceover but find yourself needing a different voice due to a shift in the target audience. While other software would require you to start from scratch, Murf simplifies the process with its voice-changing feature. Just upload your voice using Murf's voice changer feature and select a new voice in the gender, language, and accent of your choice, and your job is done!

Voice Cloning: Murf enables users to generate personalized and secure voice clones using a simple voice sample. These clones can then be used for text to speech conversions, ensuring a consistent brand voice and enabling rapid content creation without the need to record the entire script.

As a content creator, a versatile software that offers a unified platform for producing top-quality content efficiently is a boon. Murf goes above and beyond by providing a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge features designed to streamline your voiceover creation process. It guarantees a smooth and seamless user experience, ensuring that even novice creators can harness the tool's full potential. So, what are you waiting for? Try Murf Studio today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ivona free?

Ivona has a free version but with very limited features. For creating content, you will need its paid plans.

How much does Ivona's text speech cost?

Ivona’s pricing options vary based on the number of Ivona voices and the languages preferred.

What is Ivona TTS on Kindle?

Ivona was in Kindle when it was a part of Amazon in 2013. But it has been replaced by Amazon Polly now.

Is Ivona text to speech good?

Yes, Ivona is a good text to speech software, although there are better alternatives. It has a wide range of premium voices available in both male and female variants, which makes it suitable for many different types of projects or applications where you need human-like voices without having real people speak them out loud.

How do I use text to speech Ivona?

Download and install the Ivona software. When you launch the software, you will see a pop-up window that contains a text box. Input the text in the box and click 'Speak' in the toolbar. The written text will be converted into spoken word by Ivona voices.

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