Murf Integrations

Bring life to your content creation with the effortless integration of Murf AI's studio-quality voices into your favorite tools including Articulate 360, WordPress, Adobe Captivate, and more.


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Integrate Murf voices into your favorite tools.
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Save Time, Effort &  Needless Downloads

Save time by automatically embedding your content media on Murf. Say goodbye to unnecessary uploading and downloading content and maximise your workflow.

Automate, Optimise & Enhance workflow

Streamline content creation & avoid repetitive tasks using Murf. Augment workflow and make content creation simpler with your preferred tools.

Customise, Integrate & Personalise content

Add audio or video to your website or app easily with Murf's embed code. Just copy and paste the code and also adjust the player size to your preference.

Request for an integration

Can't find an integration you are looking for? We are always looking to add more integrations based on user requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools can I integrate with Murf?

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There are various tools that you can integrate with Murf including Canva, Wix, Google Slides, Wordpress, Powerpoint, Webflow, Notion, Wordpress and more.

What are integrations?

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You can now integrate Murf's voices into several tools to optimize your content creation. For ex. You can now use Murf voices when creating a promotional video on Canva.

I need an integration which is currenly not supported by Murf. How can I create my own?

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At Murf, we are always excited to integrate with new tools! You can request an integration above and our team will get in touch with you.

Are integrations free to use?

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At Murf, we do not charge anything to use integrations. However, our partners may charge a fee when you use their platform/service.

How can I integrate Murf voices?

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Explore all the integations that Murf currently supports and you will find a step-by-step guide on 'How to Integrate' Murf voices into that particular tool.