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Explore Tamil text to speech voices to make realistic voiceovers for your e-learning videos, product demos & presentations.

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Start Creating Voice Overs

Have a script? That’s all you need to add a voice over to your video content. No recording necessary, no background noise. Choose from 120+ curated natural sounding text to speech voices. Our voices support customization options like pitch, speed variation, and emphasis addition.

Key Features of Murf Text to Speech

Create flawless voiceovers with customisation features like Pitch, Pause, Pronunciation, Speed, Emphasize and Voice Styles. Make the voiceover sound the way you want.

Emphasize with

Add emphasis to specific words and phrases, ensuring your voiceovers are clear, expressive, and impactful.

Pitch-Perfect Narration

Seamlessly adjust the pitch of your voiceovers, adding depth and emotion to your storytelling.

Place Strategic Pauses Where Needed

Easily incorporate varying lengths of pauses to add emphasis, clarity, and a natural cadence to your voiceovers.

Achieve Accurate Pronuncition

Convey the intended meaning accurately by adapting the pronunciation of words to the nuances of each language.

Tailor the Speed of Your Narration

Increase or decrease the speed of your voiceover to match the natural cadence of the particular language, resulting in a more authentic and engaging delivery.

Voice Diversity at Your Fingertips

Convey a range of emotions, adding nuance and expressiveness to your spoken content. Choose from formal, newcast, conversational, friendly tones and more.

Explore Voices in Other Languages

Have a script? That’s all you need to add a voice over to your video content. No recording necessary, no background noise.

Reliable and Secure. Your Data, Our Promise.

Murf is designed to meet your security and compliance requirements. Our systems are built to protect your data and ensure user security.

Become Local, Become Inclusive With Tamil Text to Speech Voices

With Murf, you can easily create videos and audios with natural-sounding Tamil text to speech voices. Murf currently offers two natural sounding voices in Tamil; a male and a female AI voice, namely Chitra and Senthil. You can choose from either of the voices to produce natural, high-quality Tamil expressive voice overs for your projects.

Operating entirely in English can restrict businesses and companies. When you know the importance of using an indigenous or local language for everyone, you will consider it an essential and worthy investment. As the Tamil-speaking population increases, so does the opportunity for you as a business to reach a wider audience.

With Murf, you can copy-paste any text in Tamil or even type in the script, and generate the perfect voiceover by choosing an AI voice from the two existing voices in the Studio. Murf not only offers the ability to convert text to voice fast and intuitively but also helps make your messaging more clear, memorable, and inclusive by enabling you to customize your voice over.

Convert Tamil Text to Speech with Authentic AI Male and Female Voices

Make bland texts more engaging and interesting for your audience by creating a voice over using the two realistic-sounding Tamil AI voices in Murf. You can generate voiceovers in Tamil for your videos, podcasts, presentation, or demo right in your system’s browser by simply logging into Murf’s Studio online. Choose from the male or female AI voices with a native Tamil accent according to the suitability of your content. And finally, render the audio to build the voiceover. You can also modify the script by including customization features such as Emphasis, Pitch, Speed, and Volume.

You can also adjust the Tamil pronunciation in your script using Murf's 'Pronunciation' feature to create natural-sounding tamil voices for your projects. Murf’s Text to speech not only makes your content local-ready but also helps you scale your content across all other Tamil-speaking regions.

Realistic AI Voice Overs in Tamil Language

About 66 million people worldwide speak the Tamil language. Tamil is the official language of Tamil Nadu, a state in the nation of India and UT of Puducherry. Tamil is based on phonics when written and read aloud.

It is also an official language in Sri Lanka and Singapore and is widely spoken in Malaysia, Mauritius, Fiji, and South Africa. In 2004, Tamil was declared a classical language of India, meaning that it meets three criteria: it has ancient origins, it has its tradition, and it has a substantial body of ancient literature.

 Create better engagement through lifelike AI voiceovers in Tamil accent 

Tamil Nadu is India's fastest-growing state and has the 2nd highest GDP contribution. About 50% of the state is urbanized. Tamil-speaking Internet users are one of the most active audiences on the web in India, with over 40% of the Tamil audience engaging with online content. In 2018, Google even launched Tamil support in their advertising products enabling content creators and advertisers to connect with Tamil internet users.

 Every piece of information, every data indicates one thing: the importance of sounding native Tamil! For any content form, engage your Tamil audience with captivating AI voiceovers made using Murf. To top it all, Murf comes with both Male and female voices.

 E-learning Videos: Gain traction from Tamil speaker learners and boost engagement using Murf’s Tamil text to speech.

Advertising with Tamil TTS: Convey your brand message through a voice that vibes with your Tamil customers, including the ones on Spotify.

Explainer Videos: Make explainers even more interesting and relatable by adding a voiceover that sounds native.

Presentations: Make interactive presentations for pitches and more with Tamil TTS.

Audiobooks: Create audiobook voiceovers using the right Tamil accent and gender that suits your script the most.

Product Demos: Create appealing product demos for the Tamil target audience, in minutes.

Youtube Videos: Expand the reach of your subscriber by creating engaging videos in the indigenous language.

Podcasts: It’s one of the most fastest growing mediums of content consumption. Tap into the market of Tamil listeners by creating podcasts in Tamil.

IVR Voices: Provide support in your audience’s mother tongue, and gain their trust and loyalty using Tamil text to speech for Tamil IVR Voices.

Record and change your voice through Tamil text to speech

Murf’s AI voice changer feature allows you to transform your raw recorded voice to a studio quality AI voice in male and female voices. All you just have to do is feed your home recording to Murf Studio. The platform's core technology will transcribe the voice to text. If needed, you make changes to the script. Finally, choose a Tamil TTS voice of your choice from the Studio to narrate the entire script in the targeted voice. Moreover, you can also adjust the tempo, pitch and volume of the voice as needed. And, voila! You have a professional sounding voiceover for your project, all in a matter of minutes.

 Easily edit your voices for every use case through Tamil TTS

Be it a Youtube video, a podcast, or an e-learning video, the voice needs to be in complete sync with the audio. If the audio track is mismatched, the whole plot of the video is lost. It would be unfair to your audience too. But editing an audio track is not an easy job. It takes dedicated hours to find the perfect cut and mix it up to come up with the perfect audio. 

 But Murf is there to help you. It is the best Tamil text to voice generator for a reason. It lets you edit your voices easily for every use case. The Studio's easy-to-use interface saves a lot of memory on your computer as you can convert text to speech online. 

 Just feed the script and select the voice, play with the customization features like pitch, speed, empahsis, and more to fine-tune the audio. The final output withh be a well-tailored Tamil voiceover for your video or presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tamil text to speech work?
Type in your Tamil script or simply copy and paste an existing text into the Murf Sudio. Choose an AI voice of your choice from the existing Tamil voices and render the final voiceover. Murf's TTS technology automatically converts the Tamil text into high quality speech in a matter of minutes.
Can you do text to speech in Tamil?
Yes, with Murf you can easily convert text to speech in Tamil.
Is text to speech available in Tamil accents?
Yes, text to speech is available in various Tamil accents. But, Murf currently only offers AI voices with an Indian Tamil accent.