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Murf enables you and your teams to work in a more consolidated way, enabling you to create audio content at scale. On Murf's workspaces, you can invite team members, create, share, and edit projects, and organize them into folders.
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Murf vs. Filki: A Detailed Stackup

Both Murf and Fliki are loaded with highly advanced features that make AI voiceover generation simpler and easier for all users. However, if you have to pick one, how will you decide? Here is a detailed comparison of the two tools to help you find the answer.
Free Trial
Voice Technology
Custom AI
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Ability To Add Media To Voiceover
Voice Cloning
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As a content creator or business owner, are you struggling to create top-notch audio content because, let's face it, recording takes forever, and coming up with different voices is a real struggle? Worry not. Fliki text to speech software (TTS) is here to save the day! It is a popular tool that leverages artificial intelligence to create realistic voiceovers that can be used in podcasts, videos, and more!

What is Fliki?

Fliki TTS helps with efficient content creation. It boasts advanced AI technology, enabling users to generate natural-sounding voices with a wide range of languages and accents. The tool offers customizable voice settings, allowing users to adjust tone, speed, and emphasis, and supports multiple audio formats.

Fliki's TTS capabilities make it easy to use for beginners. Users can even customize the speed, pitch, pause, emphasis, and pronunciation of the speech in minutes without the need for any additional tool. Further, it offers a wide range of 900+ AI voices in 75+ languages and 100+ dialects. Users can add music in the background to the audio or video clips seamlessly, import text files from external sources, add images, and export the content, all using Fliki. 

Fliki offers a free trial, while the Basic plan starts at $6/month (billed yearly), Standard at $21/month (billed yearly), and Premium at $66/month (billed yearly).

What is Fliki Used for?

Fliki is mainly used to create audio and video content from blog articles. It can also be used across applications, such as creating digital marketing videos, podcasts, audiobooks, YouTube videos, and automated customer service responses in IVRs. Fliki also provides access to people with visual impairments by making content available in audio and video clips. It is an effective tool for those looking to make their content engaging and accessible.

Some of the key applications of Fliki are mentioned below: 

eLearning and Explainer Videos

With Fliki's lifelike text to speech technology, educators can create high-quality audio content for their online courses, enabling students to learn on the go without having to read through lengthy text materials. Fliki's vast library of voices allows for customization, so educators can choose a voice that best suits the tone and style of their course or eLearning or explainer videos.

Social Media and YouTube Videos

Fliki also enables content creators to quickly and easily create videos with voiceovers without having to spend time and capital on hiring a voice actor. Fliki's customization options also allow content creators to match the tone and style of their video with the voice used in the voiceover, making the final product more polished and professional. The tool also serves as a video converter where users can generate YouTube videos from text using Fliki's AI.

Marketing and Advertising Videos 

The tool is best suited for creating marketing and advertising videos. Marketers can use the tool to generate high-quality voiceovers for their videos quickly and easily without hiring a voice actor. Additionally, Fliki's customization options allow marketers to choose a voice that best suits their brand's tone and style. This makes the final product more engaging and memorable for potential customers, increasing the chances of converting viewers into customers.

Audiobooks and Podcast 

Fliki is also an excellent tool for creating audiobooks and podcasts. It allows authors and podcasters to generate high-quality audio content for their audience without the need to record their voice or hire a voiceover artist. With 100+ dialects, Fliki's customization options also allow authors and podcasters to choose a voice that best suits the tone and style of their content. Additionally, Fliki's TTS technology can produce audio content in different languages, making it a great tool for reaching a wider audience.

Features such as voice selection and intonation control are a boon for people looking to create professional-sounding podcasts in a few clicks.

Top Alternatives to Fliki Text to Speech 

Despite Fliki's popularity, several other TTS solutions offer similar or better voice generation capabilities. These options are worth exploring for a more effective TTS solution. Here are some of the best Fliki alternatives and how they compare in pricing, features, and user experience. Whether you're a content creator or business owner, kick back and let us guide you to the best TTS software for your needs!

Murf AI

Given its feature-rich platform and the benefits it brings to the table, Murf is quickly becoming a must-have tool for large businesses and content creators that are looking to convert text to audio. With access to over 120 AI voices and support for more than 20 languages and multiple accents, users can find the perfect voice for the task at hand. Users can take advantage of Murf's customization options, including voice selection, noise reduction, and pitch and speed adjustment, among others, to create voiceovers that match their needs.

Additionally, Murf allows users to add images, background music, and other elements to enhance their voiceovers. One of the most impressive features of Murf is its ability to transform poor home recordings into professional-sounding voiceovers with ease. 

Furthermore, Murf enables team collaboration, making it an excellent tool for large-scale organizations.

Pricing Plans

  • Free trial
  • Basic: $19/month, billed yearly
  • Pro: $26/month, billed yearly
  • Enterprise: $75/month, billed yearly

*Check pricing page for the updated pricing information.


Speechify is a popular choice among content creators thanks to its advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology. With support for over 100 synthetic voices in 20+ languages, users can easily customize the voice and accent of the speech to suit their needs. Speechify also offers users the ability to adjust the speed and pitch of the audio for added flexibility. One of the key advantages of Speechify is its high-quality services, making it a reliable option for those needing an innovative text to speech solution.

Pricing Plans

  • Free trial
  • Speechify Premium: $139 billed yearly
  • Speechify Audiobooks: $199 billed yearly

Natural Reader 

Natural Reader is a top-rated TTS software that is highly sought after by businesses. One of its key features is the ability to convert a variety of text formats, such as documents, scripts, emails, and Word files, into audio files. The software allows users to customize the speed and voice of the generated audio. 

Additionally, users can also adjust the quality and volume of the audio output to suit their needs. Natural Readers has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, and users can generate audio without the hassle of copying and pasting text. With just a click of a button, users can select any text and generate high-quality audio. It also has a Chrome extension that can be used to hear any text on the internet with a natural-sounding voice. 

Pricing Plans

  • Free trial
  • Premium: $9.9/month billed yearly
  • Plus: $19/month billed yearly

Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is a highly advanced AI TTS software that uses machine learning algorithms to generate realistic voices. It is highly popular among content creators, given its 47 lifelike AI voices in 24+ languages. 

Amazon Polly is ideal for speech-enabled applications and offers fast responses and a conversational user experience. It also supports SSML tags that enable users to adjust the loudness and intonation of the generated audio. 

Pricing Plans

  • Free trial
  • Standard voices: $4 per one million characters for speech or Speech Marks requests
  • Neural voices: $16.00 per one million characters for speech or Speech Marks requested


LOVO AI is a highly demanded TTS software by businesses and YouTubers alike. It offers a wide range of 60+ AI voices and supports over 100 languages. It also provides an API integration, making it easier for businesses to seamlessly integrate the tool with different products. 

One of the unique features of LOVO AI is its ability to clone voices and create custom voices for specific content. Additionally, it saves time by quickly generating and saving audio files. It also has a pronunciation editor that ensures proper pronunciation of words, providing accurate and high-quality audio output.

Pricing Plans

  • Free trial
  • Basic: $19/month billed yearly
  • Pro: $36/month billed yearly
  • Pro+: $99/month billed yearly

Why is Murf AI the Best Alternative to Fliki?

When it comes to text to speech platforms, Murf AI and Fliki are two popular options. While both platforms offer high-quality voices, there are significant differences in terms of features and capabilities. In this comparative analysis, let us take a closer look at these differences and explore why Murf AI is the best alternative to Fliki.

High-Quality Voices

A critical aspect of any text to speech platform is the quality of its voices. Both Murf AI and Fliki offer high-quality voices that sound natural and lifelike. However, there are some subtle differences between the two platforms. Murf AI offers custom voice avatars that are a little more natural sounding. At the same time, Murf provides high-quality voices to every need, including commercials, eLearning videos, demo videos, and more.

Custom Pronunciations

One area where Murf AI stands out from Fliki is its custom pronunciation feature. It is beneficial for words or phrases that are not commonly used or pronounced differently in different regions or dialects. While both Fliki and Murf offer custom pronunciation options, the solution from Murf is more refined and easy to use.

Effective Team Collaboration

Another area where Murf AI offers a unique advantage over Fliki is its team collaboration feature. Murf AI allows users to invite team members to collaborate on a project, assign specific tasks, and manage workflows. This is particularly useful for larger projects that require multiple people to work on different aspects of the project simultaneously. 

Commercial Usage Rights

Murf AI also offers commercial usage rights, making it ideal for businesses and commercial projects. This means that users can use the TTS voices for any commercial application without fear of copyright infringement. Fliki's terms of service offer commercial rights to its paid users.

Closing Remarks

Finding the right text to speech software can be a game-changer. While Fliki may have been a popular choice in the past, many alternatives now offer improved features and functionality. Murf AI stands out among the best alternatives to Fliki, offering advanced customization options, natural-sounding voices, and a simple user interface in addition to capabilities like voice changing, voice cloning, and team collaboration.

By incorporating Murf AI into your workflow, you can take your audio production to the next level and bring your content to life like never before. Try Murf out today and experience the difference for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fliki free to use?

Fliki is a robust TTS tool designed to save time and money for businesses by streamlining their operations. It is free for beginners. However, there are paid plans for professionals and businesses.

What is Fliki AI used for?

Fliki is a TTS solution that enables users to convert text into natural-sounding speech. This technology is used in various web and mobile applications, video games, virtual assistants, and more. It can be used to create audiobooks, podcasts, voiceovers for videos, and other audio content.

What is the best alternative to Fliki?

The best alternative to Fliki is Murf AI because it provides multiple features such as team collaboration and adjusting speech, pitch, and audio tone. It often provides additional features, including voice cloning, voiceover video, and voice changer.

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