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From Voice Actor to AI Persona

The leap from a traditional voice actor to an AI avatar is smooth and streamlined here at Murf.

Work with us to get your narration just right, and then it's audition time!

Once we're on the same page, we'll pen it all down in a contract.

Lights, mic, action! It’s time to give that custom script your voice.

See how we turn your voice into a one-of-a-kind AI creation.

The Murf Advantage

Partner with the innovators leading the synthetic voice revolution.

Enjoy a steady flow of passive income with a people-first approach that recognizes voice artists as valuable partners.

 We are transparent about our AI training processes and milestones.

Rest easy knowing we respect voice rights, never selling your voice to other companies, ensuring each voice clone remains exclusive to its creator.

Fair Play & Fair Pay

At Murf, fairness and timely rewards are the cornerstones of our partnership with you. After each recording, prompt payment is not just a promise - it's our practice. With every customer selection of your voice avatar, you earn royalties. And as your AI Avatar gains popularity, you can sit back and watch as your royalties climb.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

We are looking to partner with voice talents across all languages and accents and welcome voice actors from all experiences and professional journeys.

Who will use your voice?

While our major user base continues to be eLearning content creators, businesses and individuals across industries around the globe use our voice avatars to create powerful and engaging voiceover content.

How does Murf protect the rights of its voice talent partners?

At Murf, we understand and protect the rights of our voice talent partners. We prohibit the use of Murf voices in any content that is profane, unlawful, offensive, or threatening. We have put in measures and take great care in enforcing the rightful use of our platform and continuously monitor its adherence.

How does Murf ensure the privacy of its voice talent partners?

Privacy of voice talent partners is important to us. We take great care to ensure that the identity of our voice talent partners remains undisclosed by using aliases for their AI avatar name and image. Even within Murf the identity of Voice talent is limited to very specific individuals.