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Murf helps you engage your audience worldwide by creating engrossing content in multiple languages and accents while leveraging its cross-functional text to speech features.
Top 3 Notevibes Alternatives for 2024 | Murf

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Murf has every feature Notevibes offers but goes a step further to provide more value-adding functionalities that simplify voiceover production. 
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Custom lexicons
Voice customizations
Voice cloning
Voice changer
Free Downloads
Commercial usage rights
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Available in commercial and corporate plans only
Character limit
Varies from plan to plan
Discount on yearly plans

What is Notevibes?

Notevibes is an AI voice generator that enables users to convert text to audio files that can be downloaded and saved as either a .wav or .mp3 file. The software supports up to 10,000 characters per video and features a wide variety of male and female AI voices that one can use to make human-like voiceovers. Notevibes has 225+ unique voices in over 25 different languages, including English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Polish, and more. 

However, where Notevibes really shines through is with its advanced voice editor. Notevibes' advanced voice editor enables users to create a custom voice by editing a voice's speed, pitch, and emphasis, as well as adding manual pauses to audio files to further fine-tune how it sounds. 

Notevibes offers four pricing options: a free plan and three paid plans — personal, commercial, and corporate. The personal pack is priced at $8/month with access to AI voices in 21 languages. Notevibes' commercial plan has everything the personal pack offers and, in addition, provides access to voices in all 25 languages, an advanced voice editor, a team license for up to 4 users, SSML tags support, and commercial usage rights. It's priced at $90/month.

The corporate pack, on the other hand, costs $4000 and is billed annually. Users get access to all the powerful interactive features in the commercial pack along with other aspects like a master account for management (admin account), team license for up to 10 users, and priority email support.

The Best Notevibes Alternatives


Murf AI is an intuitive text to speech tool that can convert your text to realistic-sounding speech in a matter of minutes. The software has a wide range of voices for all kinds of purposes. Whether you want a friendly, chatty female voice or an authoritative, confident male voice, Murf has them all. Murf offers over 120 high quality AI voices in 20+ languages, including English, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. 

Murf's user interface is designed with simplicity; users don't need special training or documentation to help them use the software. When it comes down to what makes Murf AI so great, it's the software's voice customization features and pricing. The text to speech software is affordably priced with no annual contracts required! Other critical differentiators of Murf include the ability for users to make edits to the script, change the volume of the audio file, add emphasis to specific words, modify the pronunciation of words/phrases, include pauses where necessary, and more. 


Speechify is an AI-powered text to speech software that can take text in any form (document, PDF, or email) and read it aloud with the help of realistic voices. Speechify is a suggested software as it has excellent accessibility with chrome extensions and mobile interactivity in android, and iOS applications, which enables users to add a 'play button to all sorts of content on web pages and apps on mobile devices. The player fits seamlessly into any site or publication's existing design and converts text to speech online.

But what sets the tool apart from other TTS software is that it uses optical character recognition, which turns physical books into audiobooks. Moreover, Speechify has a premium plan that provides various customization features to adjust the speed, make notes, and highlight text using voice control. Users can also scan printed documents to convert written text into speech. The software supports about 20 AI voices. 

Natural Reader 

Natural Reader is among the best text to speech platforms that converts written text into spoken words. The software gives users the option to simply drag and drop text files into the editor, and with a single click, is ready to read the text out loud. Natural Reader features a Chrome extension that enables users to integrate the application onto the page/document that's on screen and have the content read out loud. Some key features of Natural Reader include an online editor, a document-to-voice generator, chrome extension, human-like voices, and multi-language support. The tool is designed as a reading aid to help dyslexic readers and others with learning disabilities.

Natural Readers offers three main paid versions. Its free trial provides unlimited use with free voices, 20 minutes of voice generation per day with premium voices, chrome extension with 100+ premium and plus voices, access to pronunciation editor, and more. Natural Reader's 'Premium' plan, which is priced at $9.99/ month, includes everything in the free trial, in addition to advanced features like access to OCR to read aloud from images and scanned PDFs, mp3 conversion (1 million characters/month), and chrome extension with unlimited premium voices. On the other hand, the text to speech company's 'Plus' plan, which costs $19/month, provides access to unlimited premium male and female voices and plus voices (500,000 characters/day), chrome extension with 100+ premium & plus voices, in addition to everything in the 'Premium' plan.

Why choose Murf instead of Notevibes?

Create your own voice avatars with natural sounding voices

Unlike Notevibes, Murf offers a voice cloning feature that enables users to create a voice clone of their favorite celebrity or actor and use it in their voiceover projects without recording the voiceover manually. It is a great alternative to paying a professional voice actor large sums of money every time they record for you. 

The best part? The clone created is secure, with exclusive access to you and your team. 

Enhance the quality of your recorded audio in minutes.

Instantly transform your home recording to a studio-quality voiceover and eliminate distracting sounds and other unwanted noises from your audio, video, or screen recordings using Murf's voice changer feature. You can swap the recorded voice with an AI voice from Murf's growing library of 20 different languages and 120+ human-sounding voices across accents, ages, and gender, to suit any requirement. 

Get access to more flexible pricing plans 

Murf offers far more flexible plans compared to Notevibes. Users can choose from a free trial and four paid plans. Part of Murf's paid plans is a one-time pack, priced at $29*, that offers 30 min voice generation time and access to 60 Basic voices that users can try and use for as long as they like until they are ready for a subscription. Unlike Notevibes, none of Murf's plans have character limitations and constrictions on the commercial usage of the voiceover generated. 

*Check pricing page for the updated pricing information.

Additional functionalities to make your content better

Some of the additional features that Murf's AI voice generator provides to assist you in creating compelling voiceover content include the ability to add and sync voice overs with an image, video, or even presentations. Murf also enables users to adjust the speaking rate/pitch of audio files. In other words, Murf removes the need to spend money on third-party content creation software. However, Notevibes is a simple text to speech converter that simply translates the text feed you feed it to voice. 

A better support service

Unlike Notevibes, Murf provides chat and email support for all its users. Each user has a dedicated account manager who serves as their single point of contact and communicates on behalf of Murf.

While both Notevibes and Murf primarily do the same thing: convert text to high-quality, lifelike voices, Murf wins with a slight edge because it serves as an all-in-one voiceover production tool that provides everything one needs to create a complete voice over video or voiceover presentation with an engaging voiceover. Overall, Murf is a more robust software. 

See it for yourself and try Murf Studio today!

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