Top 10 Best Text to Speech Software of 2024

We reviewed 30+ Text to Speech software and apps based on quality of text to speech voices, languages, accents & custom voice features. Here's what we found.
10 Best Text to Speech Software (2024 Edition)

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Choosing the Best Text to speech software 

Text to speech plays a pivotal role in enabling small and large businesses to create professional high-quality voiceovers. A well-crafted voice over video has the power to establish trust in the audience, make them feel more connected to the message of the video, and enhance the call to action. And, online Text to speech tools simplify the process of creating compelling and engaging voiceovers. 


Text to speech software eliminates the time-consuming and cost-intensive process of creating voiceovers manually. Businesses often either hire voice actors or end up recording their own narration. What they don't realize is that all the time spent and hard work undertaken to produce a quality video can be ruined with a sub-standard voiceover.

With online Text to speech software, you can easily generate natural-sounding, professional-quality voiceovers for their videos, presentations, and more—all in a matter of minutes. No need to hire voice actors. No need to record your own voice. No need to invest in expensive recording equipment. Or, even spend an enormous amount of time editing the voiceover. 

Today’s ai voiceover space is heavily laden with numerous Text to speech tools that help businesses across industries deliver messages in an engaging manner and form the basis of what will capture the audiences’ attention. While every software has its perks, there are a few features that set each of these Text to speech tools apart.

Without a doubt, the demand for content in different formats is increasing as users seek more convenience and flexibility. As such, if you are a business owner, an educator, a podcaster, or an end-user, turning your text into speech for an audio lesson, a voiceover, or a video is a great way to repurpose text-heavy content for new formats. Enabling Text to speech solutions in your blog, e-learning materials, or corporate training presentations can help your customers listen to them no matter where they are and offer multitasking capabilities. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best Text to speech technology that fits your needs and surpasses your expectations from the list below.

We've looked at the following parameters to arrive at the below list

  1. Quality of text to speech voices
  2. Customization of voices with Pause, Pronunciation, Emphasis
  3. Availability of Free Trial and Pricing Plans
  4. Advanced text to speech capabilities (Voice Cloning, API etc.,)
  5. Ease of use (UI/UX)

Murf AI

If you are looking for a voice generator that will help create convincing and realistic voiceovers that sound like an actual human instead of a computer, look no further than Murf AI. The voice generator tool uses AI-based algorithms to simplify the process of creating life-like voiceovers. Murf offers you access to an extensive range of 130+ AI male and female voices across multiple languages, tonalities, and gender, enabling you to create the voiceover you need, in mere minutes. 

Simply choose the voice of your choice from the Murf Studio, provide the AI with the text/ script, and use the platform’s customization features to include various voice effects. The text-to-voice engine automatically converts your text file to speech to produce flawless, human-like voiceovers at a fraction of the cost it takes to do so manually. Moreover, the feature-rich platform provides you with all the tools needed for voiceover production, including the ability to edit the voiceover as well as sync media such as images, videos, and presentations with voiceover, taking away the need to integrate third-party tools.

Murf key features

Custom pronunciation

Users can customize the pronunciation of specific words in their scripts using Murf’s ‘pronunciation’ feature. You can either spell out the word or use IPA Phonemes in Murf's voice studio to arrive at accurate pronunciations of words. The custom pronunciations are automatically stored in a central repository that you can share with your team members.

Voice customizations

With Murf, you can include varying lengths of pauses in your script, increase and decrease the volume of the voice, control the pitch, add emphasis to certain parts of a sentence, as well as increase or decrease the speed of narration. These features help fine-tune your narration and get the perfect audio output, every single time. 

Team collaboration

Murf offers an Enterprise plan that enables you to bring all your teams’ projects under one place and work in a more consolidated way. Teams can work together on a project, share ideas, and edit the content to generate quality voiceovers for videos, presentations, training modules, and more. It also enables you to create new Workspaces and manage projects within them.

Voice cloning

Unlike other Text to speech software, Murf offers a unique service: voice cloning, which allows users to generate AI voice clones that match all the prosodies of the original voice. Murf’s voice clones deliver life-like diction and the full spectrum of human emotion while conveying all the nuances of human speech. 

Voice changer

Another exclusive feature offered by Murf is the ability to transform voice recordings into a professional quality AI voice with zero disturbance or noise. Murf’s voice changer functionality enables users to achieve studio-quality audio within a matter of minutes without the need for expensive recording equipment, a studio, or a silent room. It also lets you edit out background noise, and other unwanted interruptions before generating the final voice over.

Google Slides Add-on

Murf also comes with an optional Google Slides add-on feature, which helps you instantly add stunning voiceovers to your presentations. With Murf voice over Google Slides, you won't need to record or spend hours editing voiceovers and aligning them with your presentations. Murf will do it for you. 

Murf pricing: 

Murf offers four main pricing plans:

Free plan (to get started) 

  • 200+ Voices and 20+ Languages
  • 10 mins of Voice generation time
  • Sharing & Collaboration
  • No Commercial Rights & No Downloads.

Creator plan Lite: $29 per user per month*, Plus: $49 per user per month*

  • Get started with essentials
  • All 200+ Voices
  • Styles & Tonalities
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Canva Integration
  • Commercial Rights

Business plan Lite: $99 per user per month* , Plus: $199 per user per month*

  • Everything in Creator
  • Sharing & Collaboration
  • AI Voice Changer
  • Google Slides Integration
  • Commercial usage rights
  • Murf voices for windows apps

Enterprise plan : Custom Pricing*

  • Everything in Business, Plus
  • Master Service Agreement (MSA)
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Multi-Level Access Control
  • Account Manager
  • PO & Invoicing
  • Security Assessment
  • AI Translation (Add-on)

*Check pricing page for the updated pricing information and more details.

What sets the feature-laden Murf platform a cut above the rest is that it provides you with all the tools needed for quick voiceover production, including the ability to sync your video, images, and presentations with the voiceover, talking away the need to integrate any third-party tool. 

So, if you want to create lifelike, flawless voices in just minutes, look no further than Murf Studio!


LOVO AI is a DIY Text to speech software designed for animation voiceovers, elearning voiceovers, audio ads, spotify ads, audiobooks, gaming, and more. LOVO creates artificial voices using AI technology and caters to businesses seeking ways to use voice AI for marketing purposes, customer service, and more. LOVO’s technology enables uses to create customized voices that can read out any script and work as a branding tool. 

LOVO offers two significant modules: LOVO Studio and LOVO API. Individuals and businesses can use LOVO Studio to pick the voice they need from a wide range of options, then produce and publish their human sounding voiceover material. Developers can utilize the LOVO API to convert texts into speech in real-time using their voice library with 180+ hyper-realistic AI voices in 33 languages. This enables them to overcome language barriers of any sorts.

Each voiceover created on LOVO has a character limit of 15000. With LOVO, users get unlimited conversion, listening, and sharing for audio files, and hence can take the time to get the voiceover just right.

LOVO Pricing

LOVO has three basic pricing plans:


  • Unlimited conversion, listening, and sharing
  • 3 downloads/month
  • 3-day access to premium voices
  • For personal use only

Personal at $24.99/month

  • Unlimited conversion, listening, and sharing
  • Unlimited access to all voices
  • Convert up to 15,000 characters per download
  • Commercial Rights
  • Up to 30 downloads/month
  • Ability to add BGM

Freelancer at $74.99/month

  • Everything included in the ‘Personal’ plan
  • Up to 100 downloads/month
  • Commercial Rights

Resemble AI

Resemble AI is a voice cloning software that uses AI for real-time voice cloning as well as generating synthetic voice from Text to speech generators. The AI voice generator tool allows purpose-specific options for advertisement and dialogue audio, brand voices for assistants, and IVR agents. Users can create their own custom brand voices for Alexa and Google Assistant. Besides, it also provides instant dubbing in any language. Call centers can use the tool to clone the voices of their agents and personalize them accordingly.

Some of the key features of Resemble AI include four synthetic voice-generating options, a huge library of voice actors, language dubbing, and one-click text generation for ads. With Resemble, users can create AI voice in one of four ways: recording on their website, uploading a raw file, creating audio via APIs, or choosing from the company’s “market of voice actors.”  

Resemble AI Pricing

Resemble AI has two pricing plans:

Basic pay-as-you-go for custom voices

Built on the platform at $0.006 per second

  • Web-recorded custom voices
  • Up to 10 voices
  • English only
  • 50+ marketplace voices
  • Unlimited audio downloads
  • Pay as you go

Pro for custom data, massive scale, and custom deployment needs

  • Upload custom data
  • Speech to speech
  • Enhanced emotion control
  • Low latency APIs
  • Cross-lingual support in 24+ Languages
  • Voice creation API

A web-based voice generator, facilitates high-quality Text to speech generation. The platform comes with a text box on its home page, wherein a user can type their text, select the language, gender, voice style of their choice, and set conversion speed to get the job done. offers about 570 unique AI voices that support over 60 languages and can be used for both commercial and personal purposes. Some of the note-worthy features of the text-to-voice software include voice inflections to fine-tune speech tone and the ability to customize speech pronunciations. also supports a Podcast Hosting feature that lets users publish their new podcast to all the major platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Moreover, comes with a WordPress plugin, enabling users to convert their WordPress blog posts into audio files right from their blog. Pricing comes with both free and premium versions. The free version restricts the voice styles one can choose from. 

Personal at $14.25 USD/month

  • For personal use such as learning, proofreading, and school projects.
  • 240,000 words
  • Standard voices
  • Unlimited previews
  • Unlimited downloads

Professional at $29.25 USD/month

  • For content creators, bloggers, and freelancers with commercial intent
  • 600,000 words
  • Premium voices
  • Commercial rights
  • Customizable audio players
  • Podcast hosting
  • Unlimited previews
  • Unlimited downloads

Growth at $74.25 USD/month

  • For teams and small companies looking to grow with audio
  • 2,400,000 words
  • Everything in Professional
  • Team access
  • Automated audio creation
  • Pronunciations library
  • White-labeled audio players

Business at $149.25 USD/ month

  • For companies and agencies looking to create audio at scale
  • 6,000,000 words
  • Everything in Growth
  • Bulk audio creation
  • Multiple teams/websites
  • Multiple podcast hosting
  • Re-brand and Re-sell
  • Priority technical support

WellSaid Labs

WellSaid Labs is a popular Murf competitor that enables users to create realistic Text to speech with an AI voiceover tool. Creators, product developers, and brands alike can power up their stories and digital experiences with the wide variety of voice styles, accents, and languages offered by the software—at scale. WellSaid Labs provides an extensive list of male and female realistic voices that are designed to make content and digital experiences more engaging. 

Users can also customize the voice avatars, create their own unique tones, and connect the WellSaidLabs API to their in-house services. What’s more? With WellSaid Studios, customers can create their own AI voice avatars to spec, capturing the speaking style of a branded voice. 

WellSaid Labs Pricing

WellSaid Labs offers five primary pricing plans with multiple benefits:

Free trial

  • 1 week free
  • 50 audio clips
  • 1 project
  • 4 voice avatars

Maker at $49/month

  • 5 projects
  • 4 voice avatars
  • 1,000 chars/clip
  • Unlimited retakes
  • Commercial use

Creative at $99/month

  • 50 projects
  • 49 voice avatars
  • 1,000 chars/clip
  • Unlimited retakes
  • Live chat support
  • Commercial use

Producer at $199/month

  • Unlimited projects
  • 49 voice avatars
  • 1,000 chars/clip
  • Unlimited retakes
  • Multiple audio formats
  • Live chat support
  • Commercial use

Team Plan

  • Team members
  • Team projects
  • Unlimited retakes
  • Volume licensing
  • Live chat support
  • Creative training kickoff
  • Account manager
  • Commercial use
  • Multiple audio formats


Sonantic AI voice generator easily converts text in your scripts into AI-powered audio content. Sonantic’s voices’ lifelike performances make them perfect for gaming and films. Sonantic’s high fidelity AI speech synthesis ensures a range of compelling emotions (anger, fear, sadness, and more) that can be further adjusted for intensity (high, medium, and low). Users can also set the pitching and pacing of the voiceover and run them against the creatives of their choice.

With the Sonantic AI voice generator, users have full control over shaping the scene. After creating the voice, you can quickly and easily export the ‘.wav’ uncompressed files. Some of the main applications for Sonantic include voiceovers for animations, films, and games.

Sonantic Pricing

Sonantic offers users a custom pricing plan. 

Natural Reader

A free Text to speech voice generator, Natural Readers converts any written material you feed it into natural-sounding AI voices. The platform comes integrated with OCR technology which makes capturing text from images and scanned PDFs extremely easy and simple. NaturalReader also features a convenient Chrome extension to make the user experience more compelling. Some interesting features of Natural readers include an online editor, a document-to-voice generator, chrome extension, human-like voices, and multi-language support.

What makes the tool truly stand out is the fact that it's free to use and serves a wide variety of applications like broadcasting, IVR, and creating narration for YouTube videos. Natural Readers offers a commercial and a non-commercial version. The commercial version allows you to use its software and voices for commercial or public use. This includes, but is not limited, to YouTube videos, public announcements, broadcasts, and e-Learning. The non-commercial versions (Personal, Professional, and Ultimate) are for personal use only. These versions and their voices cannot be used for any public or commercial purposes. However, there is a limitation on the text that can be converted. That said, all paid subscriptions include a limit of one million characters per day to convert. If you are on a Team License, it is one million per day per user.

Natural Readers Pricing

Natural Readers provides three commercial subscription plans:

  • Free plan
  • Single plan at $49/month
  • Team plan at $79/month

ReadSpeaker AI

ReadSpeaker’s conversational AI systems are designed to breathe life into businesses in a voice-first world. Using advanced machine learning technology and input from in-house voice actors, ReadSpeaker allows creators to generate an AI voice that matches the overall identity of a brand. Users can leverage the company’s proprietary DNN TTS models to create natural-sounding synthesized voices, making it invaluable in industries such as healthcare, educational institutions, non-profits, government, and even automotive.

ReadSpeaker’s library consists of over 110 Text to speech voices in 35+ languages. Its AI model based on proprietary deep neural networks enables voice creation that is remarkably precise and lifelike. ReadeSpeaker also offers a voice cloning software that can source your input voice and create an exact copy. The ReadSpeaker Text to speech plug-in can be quickly, easily, and cost-efficiently integrated into any type of content, reading text out loud in dozens of languages.

ReadSpeaker Pricing

ReadSpeaker supports different pricing models and can customize its pricing to meet your business needs.

Amazon Polly Text to Speech

Amazon Polly Text to speech software leverages deep learning and AI to create unbelievably natural voices from the text. The platform provides an effective way of converting text into human-like speech, allowing users to create apps that can talk. 

Amazon Polly also offers an API service that integrates speech synthesis into the application so that you can begin streaming the audio stream or store the file in a standard file format like MP3, raw PCM, and Vorbis. Polly’s API also offers neural Text to speech (NTTS) to deliver the best quality speech. It can generate a custom voice where you need to work with the Polly team to create a unique voice for your organization. 

Some of the benefits of using Amazon Polly include the ability to redistribute and store speech, real-time streaming, control, customizing speech output, and low cost. The platform supports two main speaking styles: a conversational speaking style and a newscaster reading style.

Amazon Polly Pricing

  • Free 5 million characters per month for 12 months
  • $4 per 1 million characters for speech or Speech Marks requests after the free tier is consumed

Google Text to Speech

Google Text to speech service allows users to convert Text to speech using the API powered by Google’s AI technologies. It helps in improving customer interactions through lifelike and intelligent responses. With Google Cloud’s Text to speech, users can engage with a voice-based user interface in their applications and devices. Users also have the option of choosing their preferred language and voice. Users can train the custom voice model using recordings to generate a more natural and unique sounding voice. 

The Google Cloud API delivers speech through DeepMind’s speech synthesis expertise; it supports 220+ voices in 40+ languages. The platform also offers additional features like custom voice, WaveNet voices, voice tuning, SSML, and text support.

Google Cloud Pricing

  • Free 90 days trial with usage limit
  • Standard after free quota: $4/1 million characters (0 to 4 million characters)
  • WaveNet after free quota: $16/1 million (0 to 1 million characters)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is voice quality the same in every Text to speech tool?

No, the quality of voice varies across different Text to speech applications. While some tools offer life-like natural-sounding voices, some still generate monotonous and robotic voice. Murf, for example, is one of the superior TTS software that offers emotion-rich, human-like AI voices.

How can I use Text to speech software?

TTS software can be used to generate voice overs for various purposes across different industries. In the eLearning industry, it can be used as an assistive technology to help disabled students hear their lessons out loud. Alongside, it helps educators explain complex topics in an easier way through AI voices and effects.

On the other hand, in the advertising world, Text to speech software can be used to create engaging and compelling ads and commercials with different AI voices. This helps your message resonate with the audience on a deeper, more intimate level.

How does Text to speech work?

Speech synthesizers—also known as Text to speech or TTS software—take written words and turn them into spoken language by leveraging AI-powered deep learning algorithms. The generated speech or sound is synonymous with natural sounds and reacts to pitch, pronunciation, frequency, and more.

What is the most realistic Text to speech voice?

Among all the existing TTS software solutions, Murf Studio has the most realistic, natural-sounding AI voices that can replicate all the nuances and emotions of human voice.

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