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What are we looking for?

We are procuring voice data in multiple languages and accents to train our base models. Our focus is on conversational-style data for applications/use cases such as podcasts, audiobook narrations, YouTube voiceovers, and other high-quality audio content. We also welcome submissions of animated character voices.

  • Please do not provide any personal data such as call recordings or any audio of non-consenting speakers.
  • Individual contributors as well as licensed vendors can submit data for validation.

What are our minimum audio requirements?

Minimum 44.1kHz sampling frequency
Minimal background noise
Minimum 20 minutes of recording
No overlapping voices
Any language or accent

What's the data for?

  • We'll use your voice data to refine accents, enhance pronunciation, and understand language nuances of the synthesis outputs.
  • We promise not to create any voice clones or share your data with third parties. Your privacy is our priority.

What would the payout look like?

  • Your compensation depends on the dataset's language, quality, and length.
  • After voice verification and finalisation of the contract, we'll process payment directly to your bank account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the data validated?

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Voice biometrics will be employed to ensure the authenticity of the data. We will share a script with you to record and validate the original dataset.

Do you need to provide a transcript?

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A transcript would add value to your audio data but is not a requirement.

What does the process look like?

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Following is the step-by-step vetting and procurement process:

1.Share the sample for vetting.
2.Finalize commercials.
3.Execute the contract.
4.Record and share the voice fingerprinting script shared by us.
5.Share the dataset and get paid.

Will my data be shared with anyone else?

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No, the data will only be used by Murf to train its base models.