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Make Presentations that Talk. In Minutes.

Create a pitch or narrate a lesson using Murf's life-like AI voiceovers for presentations. Explore from a range of tonalities and styles.

Natural human-like Voiceovers

Turn your bland presentation into an engaging one with Murf's realistic, human-like AI voiceovers.

Easy-to-use, intuitive interface

Save time, save effort and save yourself the trouble of recording and editing voiceovers.

Languages, Accents & Styles

Tweak the tonality, accent, pronunciation, emphasis, add music and pauses to your slide with Murf's text-to-speech studio.

Start creating voice overs

Nothing sells better than a perfectly told story. Narrate your slide show using our curated 120+ human-like text-to-speech voices. Adjust pitch, tonality, volume and add emphasis on the right word using our text to speech studio. A script is all you need, Murf will handle the rest.

How to Create a Voiceover for Presentations in 5 simple steps

  1. 1
    Upload your presentation in jpg/jpeg/MP4 format on Murf Studio.
  2. 2
    You can also type in your e-learning script or if you have a pre-written version of any learning content, copy-paste it to Murf's text editor.
  3. 3
    Choose the voice you want to use. Murf comes with male and female voices, both young and old. Align the text with visuals in the studio.
  4. 4
    Use customization features such as emphasis, pause, and pronunciation to add more depth to the learning module.
  5. 5
    Click on ‘Build Audio’ to render and preview the final voiceover.
Click on ‘Build Audio’ to render and preview the final voiceover.Use customization features such as emphasis, pause, and pronunciation to add more depth to the learning module.Choose the voice you want to use. Murf comes with male and female voices, both young and old. Align the text with visuals in the studio.You can also type in your e-learning script or if you have a pre-written version of any learning content, copy-paste it to Murf's text editor.Upload your presentation in jpg/jpeg/MP4 format on Murf Studio.

Reliable and Secure. Your Data, Our Promise.

Murf is designed to meet your security and compliance requirements. Our systems are built to protect your data and ensure user security.

Add power of narration to your PowerPoint presentation

You don't see silent movies nowadays, do you? Well, there's a reason for that. People pay less or no attention to a silent visual. In fact, the age of Reels and TikTok has proved how any complex information could be catered to the masses through an audiovisual delight. That applies to your slide show presentation as well. To understand better, let us look at some of the common goals of a presentation:

Persuasion: A presentation can be more effective in persuading your target audience if the information is presented with a narration. 

Form a connection: Your audience is more likely to believe in your presentation if the narration is done using the right gender of voice, correct tone, and by placing the right emphasis.

Simplify key concepts/data: Some information can be hard to express visually alone. A realistic-sounding voiceover can help in explaining it, thus, making it more interesting for the audience.

An act of professionalism: A presentation clubbed with a natural-sounding voiceover will demonstrate your dedication and efforts, thus, showing how professional you are.

Still not convinced? Let us tell you a fact!

A research by the University of Denmark indicates that the average global attention span is dwindling. Due to the increasing amount of information inflow, the audience has a new challenge in the form of the inability to read and retain text in a presentation or a research paper. 

For presenters, this has culminated in a complex situation. Those who want to put across their slideshow meaningfully now need to battle the transient attention of the viewers as well. This can be curbed by supercharging your slide show presentation with a voiceover. We know that adding a narration would go a long way in making things easier for your audience.

Murf can help you help your audience. How?

AI Voice Generator for Presentations

By using Murf's AI voice generator, you can generate the right voiceover presentation in a fraction of the time. You can upload a pre-recorded audio file of your entire presentation and convert it into an AI voice over. Well, that's not all! You also get to save some money along the way.

Unlike in older days, now you don't have to pay a hefty sum of money to hire voiceover artists for your presentation. Nor do you have to wait for days for the final product to emerge. With Murf studio, you can integrate natural-sounding voices with your powerpoint presentation.

Now when you hear the AI Voices, it can be a major turn-off, given its robotic, bland, and devoid of inflections in the narration. We understand that the problem with most other text to speech programs is that they read everything in one flat, robotic tone. Besides, monotonous pitches can leave your audience unaffected and unmoved. Your content deserves a perfectly tailored voice. Murf is like no other TTS, it's 'As Natural As It Can Get.'

120+ Natural-Sounding Voiceovers for Presentations

So, Murf's TTS studio empowers your PowerPoint presentation or audio file of your voiceoever based on the various options on available Depending upon what you're presenting, the data, and how you want it to be portrayed, choose the most suited voice. It also allows users to change the pitch, tone, and accent of the voice.

Just use Murf to make your slide show reach horizons by using any foreign language VO. With many different languages to choose from, you can reach many untapped areas for your pitches, ideas, data, research, etc. 

Convert raw, pre-recorded audio to a professional voiceover

One of the best features of Murf is that it can transcribe the audio you upload on its interface. In case you have a raw recording of your voice with background noise, all you need to do is upload the audio on Murf Studio, and it'll transcribe it in text format for you to edit. 

You can simply mask the background noise by adding supportive music. Using Murf's simple and intuitive interface, you can sync your audio with your video and make the watching experience flawless. 

How to add voiceover to Google Slides presentation? 

Now you can write, edit, and playback your voiceover scripts while creating Google Slide presentations using Murf's add-on. It makes you in charge of the slides and voiceover.

1. Search Murf in the Google Slides add-on option.

2. Install the Murf add-on to add audio files to your Google Slides presentation

3. Click on the install button on the Murf icon.

4. Follow the set of instructions that appears to install the Murf plug-in.

5. Once installed, go to Murf within Google Slides. Next, on the add-ons menu, click on 'Murf.' 

6. Click on 'Open Murf,' and Murf's studio will appear on the right side of your screen.

7. You can find a consolidated voiceover generating studio within your Google slides, thus, saving the extra process of uploading your slides on Murf.

Apart from this, you can start recording your own voiceover, you can edit the text and sync your script with your slides right on Google Slides. The simplicity and convenience of use cuts down the average turnaround time. So, you can create more informative and engaging slideshows or pitches. 

Why Murf Text to Speech Software?

Adjust tuning, and remove the monotonous tone by playing with various features available on Murf's text to voice Studio. Turn those sleepyheads into enthusiastic listeners. Get lots of awesome features to generate a perfectly-crafted voiceover for your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or a Google Slides presentation.

Speaking rate

Slower speech is best for complex topics, whereas a faster voice is ideal for creating a sense of urgency. Luck for You! Murf lets you slow down your VO or speed it up with just one click!

Pitch personalization

Higher voices are viewed as more cheery and energetic, whereas lower voices convey trust and authority. Murf lets you adjust the pitch for each word to suit your presentation.


You can completely change your voiceover by adding a pause. See for yourself! "Did you change, Dad?" "Did you change Dad?" Murf lets you add all these pauses.

Background music

You need just the right background music to create the right ambiance for your presentation. Murf, your Voiceover superhero, lets you choose from dozens of background music tracks and add them seamlessly "behind" your voiceover.


Imagine if Cersei Lannister's famous dialog "Power is Power" was delivered in a flat monotone. You can't, right? Murf lets you stress specific words to place emphasis where needed.


Loud voices convey confidence, urgency, and anger. In contrast, a softer voice conveys intimacy or warmth. Murf lets you adjust the volume of your voice so your narration is heard clearly and loudly or softly and gently, depending on your slide show.

Application of  AI Voiceovers for Presentation

Small Businesses

Don't burn a hole in your pocket because of a passive, silent call-to-action (CTA). Add voice to it and make it active. Also, create cost-effective, realistic-sounding voiceovers for tutorials, promo videos, and explainers. 


Break the barrier of language and make your knowledge more accessible using the 20+ languages available on Murf. Simplify the complex data for your audience with storytelling.

Non-profit Organizations

Make your powerpoint presentation of fund pitches more appealing, empowered with data and narration. Increase the reach of reports, data, and solutions with the diverse tools available in Murf, like accents and languages.