Master Audio Production Using Adobe Audition & Murf Voices

Create, edit & amplify the audio experience by using Murf voices in e-learning content creation.

Adobe Audition

Why use Murf voices for Adobe Audition?

Fine-tune voiceover creation by implementing realistic voices from Murf AI to Adobe Audition. Elevate audio experience to a new level for your audience.

Add Murf Voices to Audition in 4 Steps

Here’s how you can use Murf voices on Audition:

Install Murf Windows Installer here and login to your Murf account

  1. 1

    Choose voices from a range of languages to install.

  2. 2

    Open Adobe Audition, click on 'Effects', then 'Generate' and then 'Speech'.

  3. 3

    Under the 'Voice' option, select your installed voice.

  4. 4

    Add text and click on 'Ok'.

*Note: If you already have Adobe Audition open, you will need to restart this application to use the newly-installed Murf voices. For Pro and Enterprise users only.

Click here to know how to download the Murf Voices Installer.

Download Murf Voices Installer

Better voices for every project. For Pro & Enterprise users only.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Murf Voices on Adobe Audition?

First install the Murf Windows Installer and install your preferred voices. Once done, you will need to restart Adobe Audition and the installed voices will be available for you to use.

Do I need to install Murf Windows app to use on Adobe Audition?

To use any Murf voices you will first need to install the Murf Windows Installer application.

I am a Pro user on Murf. Will I be able to use Murf voices on Adobe Audition?

Yes. You can use Murf voices on Adobe Audition if you are a Pro or an Enterprise user.

I installed a voice, but it is not displaying on Audition. What can I do?

Try restarting Adobe Audition. This will ensure that any newly installed voices are now available.

How can I access the Murf Voices on Adobe Audition?

Once you have installed the voices, open Adobe Audition and select on Effects. Click on Generate and then Speech. Under the Voices option, you will be able to see all the installed Murf voices.

Will my Murf voice selections be saved in Adobe Audition for future projects?

Of course! All the installed voices will be saved to be used on Audition, unless it has been uninstalled through the Murf Windows Installer.

Is it possible to edit Murf voice narrations directly in Adobe Audition?

While you can select and use Murf voices in Adobe Audition , any detailed editing of the voice (like changing the pitch, speed or style) should be done in the Murf Windows app first. Once done, you will need to restart Audition again to use this voice.