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Explore Romanian text to speech voices to make realistic voiceovers for your e-learning videos, product demos & presentations.

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Start creating voice overs

Have a script? That’s all you need to add a voice over to your video content. No recording necessary, no background noise. Choose from 120+ curated natural sounding text to speech voices. Our voices support customization options like pitch, speed variation, and emphasis addition.

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Have a script? That’s all you need to add a voice over to your video content. No recording necessary, no background noise.

Create Romanian text to speech voices that are a class apart

Create audio versions of your text with multiple AI-driven high-quality Romanian voices. Start growing your audience with the power of audio today!

Using Murf's AI text to speech, you can turn articles into podcasts, create language lessons in Romanian, and make Romanian text to speech videos. With our voice generator, you can convert a word document into an mp3 audio file in a matter of minutes.

Murf offers two native-sounding premium AI voices with a Romanian accent—a male voice, Adrian, and a female voice, Cristina—that are at par with the Romanian voiceover industry. You can use them to create voiceovers for your videos, presentations, or narration for your audiobooks, and podcasts. Murf is a more cost-effective and time-saving approach to creating voiceovers than hiring voice talent.

Murf Studio for a professional Romanian voiceover

With the help of Murf's computer-generated algorithms in the studio, you can change the voice of a raw pre-recorded voiceover and create new Romanian text to speech voices by adjusting tone and emotion according to the type of audio content, the target audience, and other instructions. 

Clear, natural, and fluent Romanian accent-based diction is essential for a good voiceover. With Murf, you don't need a professional artist who is a native Romanian speaker, you can simply pick from the variety of Romanian TTS voices available at Murf.

Select from the AI Romanian male and female voice offered by Murf, type the required text, or copy-paste your script into the text engine to create the perfect Romanian voiceover for your project.

It is imperative to achieve high-quality sound without echoes, crackles, or any other irregularities, regardless of the language and type of content being dubbed. And, Murf helps you create voiceovers of superior quality with no background noise or echoes, or other abnormalities, seamlessly in a few steps.

Reach the right target audience with the right voice

Despite its relative isolation from other Romance languages, Romanian phonology and grammar have developed differently than most other Romance languages, thanks to its close contact with the Slavic languages, as well as Hungarian, Turkish, and Albanian. There are more than 30 million Romanian speakers worldwide. To achieve accuracy in the accent while speaking Romanian Language, one is required to actively practice it. To reach the Romanian market, you'll need native Romanian voice actors or accurate translations.

Get the most suitable Romanian audio at reasonable rates

Earlier, if you wanted a high-quality voiceover for your video or presentation, you had to hire a professional Romanian voiceover artist, rent a studio to get the voiceover recorded, as well as outsource the final audio to an audio engineer to modify the recorded voice and make it professional sounding. Not only is this entire process too expensive, but also time-consuming.

With Murf, you can get natural-sounding voices made in minutes. From YouTube videos to podcasts to audiobooks and more, Murf's flawless Romanian text to speech voices can be used for various applications.

Factors to consider while generating a Romanian voiceover

Every voice is different and conveys a specific message and emotion. The voiceover needs to be adapted to the target audience, and type of media (corporate videos, advertisements, podcasts, audio guides, courses, training modules, and audiobooks).

For example, a warm, feminine voice might be ideal for dubbing a business message; a convincing, dynamic voice might be suitable for a promotional video; and a soft, soothing tone might be perfect for informative content.

The voice and tone of voice should reflect your company's values and culture to ensure consistency in your brand image.

Murf helps you choose a Romanian voice by providing voices that don't sound robotic but are very natural and native. This will allow you to achieve the voiceover that best suits your needs.

With Murf, you can create a custom Voiceover for a range of different projects, from ads to corporate narration to character voices and more.

Murf also has its own AI voice bank where you can get the best AI voiceovers for narrations, commercials, training materials, e-learning, corporate, or IVR, among other use cases

Potential applications of Romanian voiceover

You can use our Romanian Text to Speech voices to create:

  • YouTube videos in Romanian
  • Storytelling on social media using Romanian AI voices
  • Travel guides to Romania with text to speech technology
  • Romanian announcements via text
  • Romanian text to speech translations
  • Romanian TTS voice messages
  • Audio versions of blogs
  • E-learning videos in Romanian language

Romanian accent generator for English text

You can also use Murf's TTS to create an English narration with a Romanian accent. Upload your script, select either the Romanian male or female voices from the Studio, and generate the voiceover. It's as simple as that.

Frequently asked questions

How does Romanian text to speech work?

Murf uses AI and machine learning to generate natural-sounding Romanian Text to speech voices with a native accent.

Can you do text to speech in Romanian?

Yes, with Murf's intuitive studio, you can create text to speech in Romanian by just typing your text or uploading a pre-written script to the text block in the studio.

Is text to speech available in Romanian accents?

Yes, Murf's TTS lets you create audios with Romanian accents, not just using Romanian text but also English text.