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Have a script? That’s all you need to add a voice over to your video content. No recording necessary, no background noise. Choose from 120+ curated natural sounding text to speech voices. Our voices support customization options like pitch, speed variation, and emphasis addition.

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Have a script? That’s all you need to add a voice over to your video content. No recording necessary, no background noise.

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Convert Your Text into Romanian Accent with Murf

Are you looking to convert your text into lifelike natural Romanian speech? Murf's voice generator seamlessly turns your Word documents into audio files in minutes.

Using Murf's high-quality Romanian voices, you can transform articles into engaging podcasts, develop language lessons in Romanian, or produce text to speech Romanian videos. You can also modify pre-recorded voiceovers to adjust their tone, pitch, emotion, and speed or change the gender of the voiceover.

With Murf, there's no need to hire a professional Romanian voiceover artist. Instead, you can choose from various Romanian natural sounding voices available. Simply copy-paste your script into the text engine, and let Murf create a clear, natural, and fluent Romanian accented voiceover for you.

But that's not all! Murf also eliminates all background noises, echoes, and other irregularities to provide a superior-quality voiceover. Embrace the power of AI text to speech to create native-sounding Romanian voiceovers at less than half the cost of hiring professional voiceover artists.

Create Content Curated for the Romanian Language Audiences

Murf's flawless Romanian text to speech software can be used for various applications, as mentioned below:

YouTube Videos

Adding voiceovers to YouTube videos establishes an instant emotional connection with viewers, leading to higher engagement and longer viewing times. Murf's Romanian natural sounding voices can elevate your YouTube videos and enable you to reach your Romanian audience more easily with the right tone, emphasis, and accurate pronunciation of words.


For an audiobook to be a hit, the narration must be clear, natural, and engaging, bringing the story to life. With Murf, you can access human-like Romanian male and female voices, ensuring the right fit for your audiobook. Murf also lets you add different high quality voices to different characters and create an immersive listening experience for your audience.


Unlike videos and written content, podcasts need to be far more gripping for the listeners to stay tuned in. You need a professional voice that sounds authoritative and credible but also human and relatable.

Murf's hyper-realistic Romanian AI voice overs perfectly fit this bill. You can confidently tell your story in Romanian and connect with 30 million Romanian speakers worldwide. If you want to create an English narration with a Romanian accent, that too can be created using Murf Studio.


It's essential for advertisers to discover the right voice to deliver their brand's message and maintain consistency across channels. With Murf, you will have no problem finding the Romanian voice that resonates with your customers. From an authoritative male voice to a warm female voice, Murf's Romanian AI voices cover all advertising use cases. You can even modulate the voice to cater to different target groups.

eLearning Videos

With Murf's Romanian voice, you can ensure that Romanian learners receive information and education in their native Romanian language. This native language delivery of eLearning courses enhances understanding and retention of the content for better learning outcomes. You can use customization features like pitch, emphasis, and pause to make the content more engaging.

Convert Romanian Text to Speech with Realistic Male And Female Voices

Murf's Romanian voice generator offers two native-sounding text to speech voices—a male voice, Adrian, and a female voice, Cristina—that are at par with the Romanian voiceover industry. Depending on your use case and target audience, you can choose from these premium voices.

Romanian Male Accent Generator

Murf's Romanian male voice is rich and masculine and captures the nuances of Romanian pronunciation, intonation, and cadence. Since a male voice is typically perceived as authoritative and confident, it is ideal for instructional videos, podcasts, or audiobooks that require strong and persuasive delivery.

Romanian Female Accent Generator

Murf's Romanian female voice is warm and melodic, with perfect intonation and rhythm. You can use the clear and soothing voice for story-telling, documentaries, meditation apps, or any other content that requires a calm and pleasant tone. It may also be used in customer interactions, where a friendly and empathetic voice is essential.

Choose Murf Studio For A Professional Romanian Voiceover

When creating Romanian voiceovers, Murf is a perfect choice. With its incredibly realistic voice options and user-friendly platform, Murf offers an unparalleled experience for voiceover creation. You can create studio-quality voiceovers from your home without needing advanced video editing skills.       Further, the customization options at Murf are incredible. You can play with the pitch, punctuation, and emphasis to convey your message exactly how you want. Murf Romanian voice generator is a quick, hassle-free, and affordable alternative to manual voiceover creation.

Here are other features of Murf software that help you create natural and realistic-sounding voiceovers in the Romanian language:

Voice Changer

With Murf's voice changer feature, you can effortlessly switch between different voices, tailoring each voiceover to specific use cases or characters within a project.

Voice Cloning

Using Murf's voice cloning, you can clone a voice and use it multiple times in the voiceover. It ensures that your content is consistent and coherent.

Edit Options

Murf's editing options allow you to add to emphasize certain words or phrases, control pitch and intonation, and even add music and soundtracks to create a truly immersive audio experience.


Murf also offers an API for seamless integration with other systems and applications. It opens up opportunities to create large-scale speech synthesis for apps, websites, and other services.

Convert Text into Romanian Speech in Five Easy Steps

Transforming text into Romanian speech is a breeze with Murf. You can now create high-quality voiceovers from the comfort of your home in just five easy steps:

  1. Enter the script into Murf's text editor or directly upload your text file to the Studio.
  2. Choose a Romanian AI voice from Murf's extensive library of voices for your voiceover. 
  3. Utilize Murf's customization features to refine the voiceover. You can change the speed of the narration, adjust the pitch, add pauses at certain intervals, and emphasize certain words or phrases.
  4. Enhance your narration with optional background music from Murf's royalty-free library, or import your music for a unique touch.
  5. The final audio is generated automatically, and you can easily preview it by clicking the play button.

Your professional-grade Romanian speech is now ready. Download the audio file with a simple click of the export button.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Romanian text to speech work?
Murf uses AI and machine learning to generate natural-sounding Romanian Text to speech voices with a native accent.
Can you do text to speech in Romanian?
Yes, with Murf's intuitive studio, you can create text to speech in Romanian by just typing your text or uploading a pre-written script to the text block in the studio.
Is text to speech available in Romanian accents?
Yes, Murf's TTS lets you create audios with Romanian accents, not just using Romanian text but also English text.