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Murf delivers high-quality natural-sounding AI voices that can be further modified using customization options such as pitch, speed, volume, emphasis, and pronunciation to build more realistic audio. In fact, Murf's voice creation platform can mimic the natural prosody and pronunciation of human speech, making it nearly indistinguishable from human voices. 
Best Alternatives of Lovo AI of 2024 | Murf AI

The Lovo vs. Murf Face-Off

Although Lovo and Murf are designed to give creators an unparalleled voiceover production experience, there are several factors that give one an edge over the other. Here's a deeper look at each tool to help you make your choice.
Total Number of Voices
Pitch Adjustments
Chrome Extension
Free Plan Features
10 minutes of voice generation and transcription, access to all 120+ voices, for a single user, no downloads
3 downloads per month, unlimited conversions, 3-day access to premium voices
Commercial Usage Rights
Voice Changer
Google Slide Add-on
Voice Cloning
Team Collaboration

What is Lovo AI?

In essence, Lovo AI is a text to speech technology for reading text out loud. It provides a user interface that is easy to understand and navigate. As soon as you open the app or website, you can start converting written text to speech almost instantly. With over 400 natural voices that can deliver 30+ types of emotions, creators can use Lovo to generate expressive speech for games, advertisements, films, streaming services, e-learning, and much more. 


  • Lovo AI provides a dedicated Voice Lab module that offers over 32 choices in emotion for AI-based lifelike voices. It also allows you to create a dialogue exchange using multiple characters.
  • The Lovo Studio allows users to quickly put together highly effective and accurate voiceovers. All you need to do is enter your text and playback the audio in your target voice. You can also edit and finetune the results to your liking.
  • The platform also offers AI-based human like voices through an API.
  • It supports over 33 languages, and the generated audio is downloadable in all the major file formats.
  • Lovo API is free to use on a trial basis. You can convert unlimited scripts with the free plan but download only three. Paid monthly plans start at $30 for two hours of natural sounding voice generation time.

If this is still not what you're looking for, take a look at the following Lovo AI alternatives.

Top Lovo Studio Alternatives of 2024

The market today presents countless alternatives to Lovo AI. The top five contenders are detailed below to help you make an informed decision:

Murf AI

With its holistic features and versatility, Murf is one of the best alternatives to Lovo AI. Murf is a full-suite studio of voice synthesis tools that cover almost every aspect of AI voice generation using advanced deep learning technologies. It offers over 12 AI voices in 20+ languages across different languages.

Key Features

  • Text to Speech
  • Voice over Videos
  • Own Voice cloning
  • Voice editing
  • Voice changer
  • API


  • Murf provides tools to turn the AI voices into custom voices by adjusting the pitch, speed, emphasis, intonation, and even emotion of the output.

Natural Reader

Natural Reader is a dedicated text to speech software you can leverage for personal, commercial, or educational use. The audio produced on Lovo is licensed to be redistributed or for any other public use, which is an excellent flexibility.


  • The platform lets you work with over 20 text-based file formats for speech conversion.
  • It also offers cross-platform compatibility for all its interfaces.
  • There is no upfront package fee model: it's pay-as-you-go.


  • Natural Readers has excellent optical character recognition, giving it robust conversion capabilities.
  • The pay-as-you-go model helps with cost optimization.


  • You need internet connectivity to use Natural Reader, if you're an Apple user.
  • The translation module isn't accurate enough to be impressive.

Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly TTS is one of the most feature-competitive text to speech software on the market. It leverages deep learning technology to produce lifelike speech from text. You get the trust and dependability of the Amazon name with Polly.


  • It offers the functionality to use SSML tags and lexicons to customize speech.
  • You can store the output or redistribute it in standard audio formats.


  • The platform has extremely low latency.
  • It offers a large portfolio of languages and AI voices, making it a great choice for building speech enabled applications.


  • The price is a bit steep for TTS software.
  • Some users have faced problems with the pronunciations of words that aren't spelled the way they're said.

Google Text to Speech

Google Text to Speech offers cloud-based TTS conversion capability backed by its ground-breaking technologies and AI. The platform offers over 220 voices across 40+ languages and variants. The voices are of two types: Standard and WaveNet. Standard voices use parametric speech to text technology, which typically generates audio data by passing outputs through signal processing algorithms known as vocoders. WaveNet voices, on the other hand, generate speech that sounds more natural than other text to speech systems. 


  • Custom Voice (beta)
  • Selection of AI voice and language
  • WaveNet voices
  • Support for text and SSML
  • Tuning for pitch and speech rate
  • Major audio formats supported


  • The platform is powered by Google technologies, giving it high reliability.
  • Access to WaveNet voices that are extremely lifelike.


  • There's no free plan available—billing details must be filled in, and you'll be charged for all the extra characters you converted over the free limit each month.


A TTS tool, Speechify lets you convert anything that you read into speech. This platform is extremely helpful for people who find reading difficult. The software can read aloud any Google Doc, PDF, webpage, email, or ebook with natural-sounding voices in over 30 languages. Some of the standout features of Speechify include instant translation, text highlighting, precise video playback (such as the ability to skip charts or graphs), and the ability to adjust the reading speed. 


  • Online text to speech conversion
  • Chrome extension
  • Voiceover generator


  • You get human-like AI voices in over 30 languages.
  • There are notetaking and highlighting tools as well for students and learners.


  • The tool doesn't skip through in-text citations, introducing too many pauses and making the speech sound unnatural.
  • It isn't always accurate.

Why is Murf the Best Alternative to Lovo AI?

While Lovo AI is a tough competitor for Murf, certain features make Murf better than Lovo, such as voice cloning, voice changer, and voice editing, and the fact that Murf makes voice generation and synthesis less complicated and more impactful.

Voice Cloning

Voice cloning is often associated with countless iterations and recordings to have it mimic the right emotion and intonation. Not with Murf—the voice cloning feature lets you synthesize a single voice clone to generate an infinite number of voiceovers, all with different emotions and characteristics.

The platform makes it easier to work with voice clones by providing editing features that do not require any re-recording. Just change the script, and you're good to go. The quality of cloning is second to none, offering an almost exact likeness of the original in the output.

Voice Over Video

Voice over videos may sometimes be a complex process requiring transcriptions and timestamping. With Murf, you can save a significant amount of time in creating perfectly timed videos by adding high quality voices to your visual media.

If you have a script ready, Murf can help append voiceovers to your videos within minutes. The library of AI voices features over 120 variants you can choose from. Furthermore, the platform allows you to work with the pitch, pronunciation, speed, intonation, emphasis, and more to truly customize your voiceover.

Voice Changer

Achieving a studio-quality voice has never been easier. With Murf's voice changer module, you can record your voice from anywhere in the world and modify it to become studio-quality within minutes. Murf's complex algorithms blot out the ambient noise and deliver the purest filtered voice output. The feature also lets you transcribe and edit the voice you have recorded to custom-fit it to your needs.

Voice Editing

The most powerful and robust feature that Murf offers is its voice editing capability. You can:

  • Select any voice from a library of 120 distinct AI voices
  • Choose any language from the 20 that Murf offers
  • Adjust the speed and pitch of the voice
  • Emphasize certain words for better impact
  • Introduce strategic pauses in the voice while reading
  • Introduce emotion into the voice for better impact

All of this, and the voice is indistinguishable from human speech.

Wrapping Up

Lovo AI isn't your only choice for synthetic voices. If you're searching for an AI voice that fits your voiceover needs like a glove, use this blog as a starting point to explore the options you have today. You can get access to tools that cost less, offer more fitting features, and can be better assimilated into your business. Lovo AI is an excellent tool, but software like Murf is more comprehensive and competitively priced. Consider the options listed above, with Murf at the top of the list, for the best Lovo AI alternatives of 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Lovo AI do?

The main function of Lovo AI is to convert text to audio using artificial intelligence and deep learning. This feature works with a variety of file types giving the user good flexibility for conversions.

How many languages does Lovo AI support?

Lovo AI currently supports 33 languages, including the major ones like US, UK, Indian, and Australian English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Russian, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Is Lovo voice over free?

Yes, Lovo AI does have a free plan that offers unlimited conversions, listening, and sharing. However, it is limited to three downloads per month and is only available for personal use through this plan.

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