Best 3 Alternatives to TTS Reader in 2024

Go beyond creating just voiceovers using tts reader. Make your content engaging with Murf's capability to sync voiceovers with background music, images & videos.
Top 3 TTS Reader Alternatives in 2024 | MURF AI

TTS Reader vs Murf - The Bigger Picture

From simplifying voiceover production to enabling teams to manage projects and collaborate smarter, Murf's got your back for everything text to speech.
Free Trial
Multiple Languages
Real-time collaboration
Ability to add media to voiceover
Import text file to studio
Voice cloning
Voice Changer
Chrome extension

What is TTS Reader?

TTS Reader is a read-aloud, text to speech tool that reads out any text document, be it web pages, pdfs, ebooks, or anything you type into it. The online reader translates text to voice quickly and easily and works to change ebooks into audiobooks, web pages into spoken words, online text into audio files, and more. If you're someone who learns better by listening than by reading, you may find that using TTSReader text to speech is an efficient, effective way to work, learn, and communicate.

Key Features of TTS Reader

There are several features of TTS Reader that make it one of the most intuitive text to speech tools, including intuitive user interface design, automatic highlighting of text being read, pronunciation corrections, rich text formatting, ability to skip sentences or paragraphs while reading, and more.

Intuitive TTS user interface

TTS Reader enables users to copy any text into the dialogue box on their website and have it instantly converted text into speech. This serves as a simple and fast way for anyone who needs speech synthesis to get information without downloading files or dealing with complicated apps.

TTS Reader also offers an alternate option for users to enter a website URL into a text box on the site. From there, the tool would take plain text on the website and translate it into high-quality audio. This enables people who are visually impaired or otherwise struggle to read text files to get the information they need more easily.

No fuss. Seamless Experience.

With TTS Reader, there is no need for downloading, login in, or passwords. You can simply drag or copy your text, drop it in the box, and start playing. It is excellent for listening to content in the background, proofreading, and more.

Another notable feature of TTS Reader is its fun option to hear the audio recording of a random interesting article. While TTS Reader is free to use, it offers an alternative option to pay for a premium subscription. Users who pay for the premium subscription can use the program commercially.

Multilingual capabilities

TTSReader facilitates high-quality natural-sounding male and female voices in different accents and languages. Simply choose the voice you like, insert text, click play to generate the synthesized speech, and enjoy listening.

Flexible configurations 

TTS Reader supports all modern browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. That said, the site makes it easy for users to use their iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, or Android device to get the information they need read aloud. 

Customize your voice

A big bonus when it comes to TTSReader is that users can set the reading speed and add in pauses. Additionally, the software saves its progress through a text block. Users can hence close the browser, come back later, and pick up where they left off.

Best TTS Reader Alternatives


Murf is a simple-to-use online text to speech platform that comes with a comprehensive suite of AI tools that make it easy and seamless to create voiceovers for a wide range of use cases, from eLearning to corporate presentations to training videos. With Murf, users get access to over 120 natural-sounding male and female AI voices in 20+ languages and a plethora of functionality options for both professional and personal use. 

Natural Reader

A cloud-based speech synthesis application, Natural Reader allows users to convert written text such as Word and PDF documents, ebooks, and web pages into human-like speech. Currently, the platform provides over 56 natural-sounding voices in nine different languages, including British English, American English, French, Italian,  Spanish, German, Swedish, Portuguese, and Dutch. Users can access it from anywhere and on any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or computer. 


ReadSpeaker is a cloud-based API that converts text into high-quality natural-sounding audio. When integrated into websites and applications, it makes it possible for people with visual impairments to read web content out loud via tts technology. Simply select your preferred language and voice, type your message or paste existing text to ReadSpeaker API's text block and click on 'listen' to hear the text read out loud.

Why use Murf over TTS Reader?

Murf is an feature rich text to speech software available at an affordable price point. It is a multi-media editor that lets users build compelling 'life-like' voiceovers for their videos, product demos, ads, learning modules, and more.

Convey your intended message the way you want to

While both Murf and TTSReader offer voice customization features, the features offered by TTSReader are limited. With TTSReader, a user can only change the speed of narration and added pauses. Whereas Murf's voice generator lets you tweak your wording emphasis, add pauses, change volume, modify pitch, and more to create convincing, realistic voiceovers that sound like an actual human voice as opposed to a robotic voice. Another striking feature of Murf is smart pronunciations. The software can differentiate between the pronunciations of certain words based on the situation used. 

Home recording to studio quality in minutes

A prominent feature of Murf Studio is its voice changer that lets you convert any voice recordings into professional AI voice with zero noise. On the other hand, TTSReader doesn't support the ability to add voice recordings to its API.

A complete voice solution

Murf enables users to upload images, videos, or presentations and sync them perfectly with the voiceover to create the perfect voiceover online. TTS Reader, on the other hand, lets you simply drag or copy your text, drop it in the text box on its website, and start playing.

Create speech that's indistinguishable from the original speaker

Unlike TTS Reader, Murf has a voice cloning service that enables businesses to create AI voice clones for their favorite actor/personality. The team works with your choice of actor to create a custom voice that is deployed in the feature-packed Murf Studio with secure, exclusive access to you and your team.

Real-time team collaboration

Murf’s Enterprise plan allows over 5 users to share, view or edit team projects, create new Workspaces, and manage projects within that. Multiple users can access the same project at the same time, and changes would get updated automatically. However, only one user can edit the project at a time, and others can view the changes. 

Final Verdict

While both Murf and TTS Reader are good options for natural-sounding text to speech, Murf ultimately has the edge here against TTSReader in terms of high-quality speech output and realistic voice options. Murf's free trial also comes with many great features that outshine TTSReader's free version.

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