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Top Five Text to Speech Add-ons for Firefox

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, bolstering accessibility and convenience has become important. With technology creating an increasingly interconnected world, easy access to digestible digital content for all individuals is vital.

As a result, innovative add-ons and tools are garnering significant attention. One such extension is text to speech for Firefox, a popular web browser developed by Mozilla, which empowers users to convert written content into audio, helping enhance accessibility.

In the realm of web browsing, integrating Mozilla text to speech into your search engine highlights a step toward a universally available and convenient online network. The adaptability of text to speech extensions adds an extra layer of versatility to the browsing experience. Users can now convert webpage text, PDFs, online course materials, and more to speech and listen to them aloud instead of manually reading them.

Mozilla TTS and other web browser extensions also aid users with visual impairments or other learning disabilities by making it easy to consume web content. These add-ons significantly contribute to facilitating a seamless and user-friendly online experience.

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Five Best Text to Speech for Firefox Browser

Several noteworthy text to speech add-ons for Firefox provide users with multiple benefits. Let’s have a look at the top TTS add-ons for Firefox:

Read Aloud

Read Aloud is a robust text to speech add-on for Firefox designed to translate written content into spoken words. Users can pause and adjust the reading speed, with options for changing the size of the text displayed alongside it.

The tool’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to adjust the pitch and volume, with the added flexibility of custom voices. This Firefox add on helps provide a more inclusive browsing experience.


Talkie is a text to speech add-on for Firefox with a clear and natural-sounding speech synthesis output. Alongside the ability to automatically identify your OS’ languages, Talkie’s premium option provides multilingual support for installed voices, allowing users to listen to their digital content in their preferred languages.

The add-on integrates smoothly into the Firefox browser, providing an efficient solution.

Text to Speech 

Text to Speech is a versatile Firefox TTS extension that translates text into natural-sounding audio through HTML5 TTS APIs while catering to users who prioritize ease of use.

With this emphasis on simplicity, TTS offers easy control for adjusting speech attributes and unobtrusively integrates within Firefox. This text to speech Firefox extension is essential for those who value a straightforward experience.


TTS Fox serves as a practical text to speech add-on for Firefox, easily integrating into the browsing experience as a popout extension. Upon highlighting text that requires audio conversion, the extension allows users to fine-tune the speech output.

Despite a relatively limited selection of different voices, TTS Fox’s compatibility with various content types makes it a reliable text to speech extension.

Intelligent Speaker

Intelligent Speaker is a sophisticated text to speech Firefox extension that provides smart features, allowing users to bookmark pages for later so that they can listen at their own pace.

This versatile add-on also enhances the browsing experience by letting users get an auditory gist of the written content.

Must-Have Features for a TTS Add-on

A high-quality and well-rounded text to speech add-on for Firefox should provide a few essential features that ensure a pleasant and user-friendly experience.

Versatile Language Support

A robust Mozilla TTS add-on should support as many languages as possible, allowing users to consume digital content in their preferred language without barriers. This ensures enhanced accessibility on a global scale and proper accommodations for diverse linguistic needs.

Adjustable Reading Speed

Flexibility in controlling the reading speed is a crucial feature within an extensive text to speech technology for Mozilla Firefox. Users should have the option to adjust the pace of the audio so that they can listen at their own pace and have a comfortable reading experience.

Natural-Sounding Voices

Developing natural-sounding voices is essential for an authentic-sounding and engaging TTS experience. A text to speech add-on for Firefox with lifelike voices enhances the overall quality of the content, making it more enjoyable and expressive.

Compatibility with Various Document Formats

A versatile text to speech add-on should seamlessly integrate with various document formats, such as web pages, PDFs, and other common file types. This allows users to enjoy a cohesive TTS experience across the diverse content sources they encounter.

Customizable Voices and Accents

The ability to customize text to speech voices and accents adds a deep layer of personalization to the voiceover experience. Text to speech add-ons for Firefox that let users adjust content to their preferences tends to increase user engagement and satisfaction.

Regular Updates and Developer Support

Regular updates and consistent developer support are imperative for the longevity and reliability of a text to speech Firefox extension.

A responsive developer team can ensure add-on compatibility and respond to user criticisms and expectations, developing a high level of trust and user satisfaction over time.

Why Choose Murf Text to Speech Over Firefox TTS Add-ons?

Despite the fact that Murf Studio does not offer browser extensions like traditional text to speech Mozilla Firefox extensions, its extensive features make it a standout choice for users.

Murf distinguishes itself through its natural-sounding, passionate, and expressive AI voices. Murf’s voice control features allow users to adjust voice attributes such as pitch, speed and pauses for a customized lifelike audio experience.

Murf’s adaptive technology adjusts to various content types, ensuring seamless integration across different documents and web content. Its versatility extends to language support, encompassing over 100 voices in 20+ languages, such as English, Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese, commanding a global reach.

While text to speech Firefox extensions are typically confined to a specific browser environment, Murf’s flexibility transcends these boundaries. It is an online platform that can be used on any device. 

In short, Murf Studio is an all-in-one platform for voice-based projects, offering features such as voice changing, voice cloning, AI translations, and professional-quality voiceovers.

For users who prioritize voice quality and platform independence, Murf text to speech is an incredible alternative over other text to speech add-ons for Firefox. Murf offers a free trial that allows users to try out its premium features without any commitment so you can see how seamlessly it blends into your workflow.


Does Firefox have a screen reader?

Firefox offers a built-in screen reader that allows users to navigate the screen with their voice and click on items with specific gestures.

How do I use Firefox accessibility tools?

Users can access Firefox accessibility tools by navigating to the browser settings window, selecting “Accessibility,” and selecting the preferred features.

How do I turn on text to speech in Firefox?

Enable text to speech in Firefox using built-in browser options or installing third-party text to speech extensions that convert written content into audio experiences.

How do I get Firefox to read my page to me?

You can utilize third-party text to speech add-ons for Firefox or select “Narrate” in the menu to have Firefox’s default TTS read a page aloud.

How do I turn off the screen reader in Firefox?

To disable the screen reader in Firefox, navigate to browser settings, choose “Accessibility,” and deactivate the screen reader toggle.