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How to Use Text to Speech Feature on Wattpad? 

Since early civilization, humans have communicated through narratives, tales, and stories. Many of these narratives or stories are documented in the form of cave paintings, written manuscripts, books, and digital media content.

In this digital age, the art of narration has reached a new level. Using internet-connected devices, people can access any kind of reading material from different digital platforms, such as podcasts, blogs, social media, and Wattpad.

Wattpad, for example, offers a text to speech beta feature for numerous stories composed on its platform in English. 

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In this blog, we’ll briefly discuss text to speech on Wattpad and its benefits. 

But, before that...

What is Wattpad?

Wattpad is an online storytelling platform where writers can upload their own stories, and readers can find several free books. The platform has over 90 million users (writers and readers) and does not charge any fees.

Aspiring writers can leverage this platform to promote their fan base. Accomplished writers can try new ideas and characters and identify various trends to follow in their new projects.

Using TTS on Wattpad makes reading easy. The platform uses assistive AI text to speech software like iMyFone Voxbox, Speechify, AnimakerVoice, and others to seamlessly convert written content into audio. The software allows you to personalize the voices and customize the language for the final output. 

Book lovers can now listen to their favorite stories instead of reading through every line. This platform is ideal for those who like audiobooks but are too busy to read, are visually impaired, or have reading disabilities.

Key Features of Wattpad

The Wattpad platform is integrated with numerous innovative tools that can enrich and enhance the writing journey of authors. Let’s check out some of the unique features below:

Inline Commenting 

Inline comments on Wattpad offer audiences an ideal ground where they can easily connect with storytellers. It helps the audience convey their feedback to the authors about any particular book or piece of writing.

This feature enables audiences to spotlight inspiring passages, provide writers with valuable feedback to improve their stories and interact with other Wattpad readers by sharing reactions.


Wattpad uses embedded multimedia to help writers design their books with several enhancement features. Storytellers can use attractive images, exciting GIFs, and captivating videos to make their stories more engaging.

Broadcast Messaging

To make a story hit or popular on Wattpad, audience engagement is vital. In other words, the success of a book depends on the number of readers. 

With the broadcast messaging feature, writers can instantly engage with readers and fans worldwide. They can share updates, host competitive events, and, above all, connect with those who are obsessed with their books.

Quote Art

The Quote Art features allow readers to add an artistic expression to a set of words or lines that echo with them. It can be done in three simple steps: highlighting the preferred text, clicking share, and selecting a background image for the quotes. Users can share them with friends on social media platforms.


For several Wattpad Star writers, fan voting is very important, so their stories remain popular. Votes are similar to virtual high-fives or support Wattpad users provide to the writers. 

This helps the writer know that the audience has liked and appreciated their work. Votes offer more readability to a particular book or story. However, they do not impact the story’s ranking.

Curated Recommendations

Voting greatly influences Wattpad algorithms. The more users engage on Wattpad, the better suggestions they get. 

The platform tries to decode users’ reading preferences through votes, comments, and reading lists. These parameters suggest stories and other reading content.

Offline Reading

The offline reading feature enables readers to read their favorite stories without their devices being connected to the Internet. Readers can add their preferred books or stories to the offline reading list online. Later, they can conveniently read these stories even by staying offline.

Writer Analysis

Writers are always concerned about their stories' performance. With Wattpad’s writer analytics dashboard feature, writers can get a quick synopsis of key information related to their written content. Based on such analytics, they can change their stories and attract a larger audience.

Wattpad Futures

Through Wattpad, future writers can make money with their writing. Short ads in the middle of chapters can help writers earn more money.

Key Features to Explore in Wattpad Text to Speech

Let’s check out some of the unique features that can help transform the reading experience for the audience:

Choosing the Perfect TTS Software

The choice of TTS software greatly influences the voice quality of audiobooks. An ideal TTS software provides lifelike voices and offers multi-language and accent compatibility. 

Using premium quality TTS Wattpad software facilitates users with modifiable speech rates and tone based on personal preferences. Thus, choosing a high-grade text to speech that flawlessly merges with the Wattpad online platform is vital to enhancing the storytelling experience on the platform.

Installing Text to Speech on Wattpad

Installing TTS software on Wattpad involves following a few simple steps. It starts with enabling the TTS application in the account settings. 

Once the application is enabled, users must select the story they want to listen to and click the TTS option. Several online videos would demonstrate the TTS installation steps to ensure effortless configuration of the software.

Guidelines for TTS Narration

An ideal TTS software should be well-formatted and free of typographical errors. It should also use consistent naming conventions and minimize the use of complex language to boost TTS output. 

Besides, composing a script meant for TTS incorporates spontaneous pauses and voice intonation to offer an overall engaging and coherent experience.

Benefits of Adding TTS to Wattpad Stories

Adding text to speech features to several Wattpad stories has contributed to a lot of benefits for the audience. Let’s explore a few of the benefits:

Easy Accessibility

TTS on Wattpad provides more accessibility to written content for people with special needs. Those who are visually impaired or have reading difficulties can easily access the stories enabled with the TTS feature. 

Moreover, those who prefer listening over reading can easily access the TTS-enabled stories on Wattpad and enjoy an immersive reading experience.

Multitasking Saves Time

On Wattpad, the text to speech feature allows users to enjoy stories even when busy doing other tasks. Users can access the TTS-enabled stories on Wattpad to fulfill their reading quest anytime while cooking, driving, or taking a stroll in the park. 

Thus, content consumption becomes convenient for those struggling with tight schedules. It saves a lot of time without compromising on the reading schedule.

Enhanced Engagement

Different people have different choices for content consumption. Some are hooked on reading online books, while others choose audiobooks to listen to their favorite stories. For the latter group of audiences, Wattpad TTS benefits by converting written text into auditory narrations. It is a feature-loaded piece of software and offers natural-sounding voices for storytelling. 

Thus, readers who earlier avoided reading on the platform would be hooked on the Wattpad read-aloud feature. 

Though the TTS feature is not added to every story on Wattpad, many stories offer this feature. So, for the ones who like their stories to be read aloud, this feature is perfect.

Prevents Eye Strain

Online reading strains the readers’ eyes and causes reading fatigue. Prolonged reading on devices might lead to eyesight issues and the need for power glasses. 

Wattpad stories incorporated with the TTS feature provide a source of respite from the powerful screen glares. 

Readers can enjoy their stories in an auditory format and protect their eyes from the harmful effects of prolonged screen time. The feature also prevents the development of reading fatigue due to extended hours of reading on the platform.


Text to speech on Wattpad is surely worth a try. Through this text to audio converter online, aspiring writers can gain the perfect momentum for writing their masterpieces. With a huge reader base, writers can gain valuable feedback and enhance their writing styles to attract an audience and fame.


How do I make Wattpad read aloud?

Text to speech can be easily enabled on Wattpad. Users have to look for the #texttospeech tag. This tag allows you to find stories with the TTS feature. You can use the VoxBox TTS voice generator for a better listening experience. It helps to include emotions and enhance other specifications. 

Does Wattpad have a text to speech feature?

Wattpad uses a text to speech beta feature that is included in numerous English stories. The platform analyzes and identifies TTS’ effectiveness in enhancing the Wattpad reading experience. Currently, not everyone is eligible to use it, as it is reserved for the stories for which the platform has enabled the feature.

How to enable text to speech on Wattpad?

To find all the stories with the TTS feature, users must look for the #texttospeech tag. However, the TTS feature is in the beta phase, and the platform doesnt include this feature in other stories.

Can I use Wattpad text to speech on all stories?

The Wattpad text to speech feature can be used for stories tagged with #texttospeech. However, this feature may be available only for some stories or books on Wattpad.

Is Wattpad text to speech available on mobile devices?

Yes, Wattpad text to speech is available on mobile devices. You can download the Wattpad app for Android phones from the Google Play Store and iOS phones from the Apple Store. Writers who wish to write their stories on their smartphones can publish them directly from their smart devices.

How does Wattpad text to speech enhance my reading experience?

Wattpad text to speech audiobooks make reading simple. Readers can listen to their favorite stories instead of reading through every line. For those who like audiobooks, are too busy to take time to read, are visually impaired, or have reading disabilities, this feature is ideal.