An in-depth Guide on How to Use Text to Speech on Discord

Discord is the 'go-to' app for most gamers, streamers, and people that like to talk in big groups. Since its launch, this instant-messaging social media platform has provided its services to millions. People use Discord to enhance their streaming, gaming, and chat experiences. They opt for its service because not only is it free to download but is available across different devices and platforms, and most importantly, offers different accessibility options, with the text to speech feature being one of them.

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Say Hello to Text to Speech

Text to speech is a type of assistive technology that reads text aloud. It could be words on any screen. Text to speech messages help people communicate effectively with each other.

Discord has a text to speech feature built into its application. Gamers can opt for it whilst in a session, or streamers can use it to interact with their viewers while on a live stream. Moreover, text to speech messages come in handy for removing any language barriers or for people who experience difficulties reading.

However, Discord's TTS only works for Windows and Mac users. The application is currently available on desktops only and cannot be accessed on mobile devices.

Using the text to speech function on Discord can help streamers engage with their audience in new and fun ways. For example, users can communicate more creatively using Discord's voice bot, which converts various texts into sound. In other words, Discord TTS provides a lot of fun and quirky ways to communicate with friends, whether it’s media sharing, screen sharing, or just voice chat.

How to enable Discord text to speech?

Using TTS on Discord is a fairly simple process.

Step 1: Find the Discord user settings menu.

Step 2: Search for 'Text & Images' under 'App Settings.'

Step 3: Click on 'Allow playback and Usage of TTS command' to enable it.

The app is now ready for TTS messages and will process any text into an audio message automatically.

To test the feature, type a forward slash command followed by 'tts' and your message on your private server. Now you should be able to listen to the text entered as a voice message. Note that if it is working fine, it must be perfectly in sync. You should be able to read and hear the message at the same time.

How to Activate Text to Speech Notifications on Discord?

Apart from using the Discord TTS for speaking to friends or chatting in different groups, one can also use it for notifications. Setting up TTS notifications helps read messages aloud. To enable this function, go to the user settings menu (the gear icon) on the Discord app, and under 'App Settings', find 'Notifications.' Look for the 'Text to Speech Notifications' in the settings. There you should find the three following buttons:

  1. For All Channels

    This button enables the app to read out all the notifications. The messages a user receives on different channels are processed as voice messages. Note that, once this feature is enabled, a voice will read out every notification as a text to speech message, irrespective of whether the messages have a 'tts' tag or not. This is especially useful when the user is in the middle of something important. You don't have to click notifications all the time; your messages will be read aloud.

  2. For the Currently Selected Channel

    This button enables the TTS notification function for the current channel a user is on. It's for users chatting on different channels but want to stay focused on the selected channel.

  3. Never

    This is the default setting. Keep this button clicked in the notification settings if you don't want a voice reading out your message. Keeping this button ticked prevents Discord from delivering notifications as a voice message, irrespective of whether the message has a '/tts' tag or not.

Since the TTS function is not enabled by default, users can simply click the button to turn on the setting.

Using Text to Speech While Chatting on Discord

To enable text to speech while chatting on Discord, a user must enter the text by typing the tag '/tts' followed by their message. Once the message is entered, other members of the channel will be able to hear see and hear the chat. An AI voice will read out the words that have been typed along with the username to the other users. You can also change the TTS voices from male to female and vice-versa on Discord using a third-party voice changer online software.

Muting All Text to Speech Messages on Discord

If you are someone that doesn't want text to speech messages on Discord, simply disable the feature by going to the 'Settings' page on the app and searching for 'Text & Images' under 'App Settings.' Scroll down to find the 'Text to Speech' option and de-select the 'Allow playback and Usage of TTS command' switch. In addition, Discord allows users to customize their individual user experience by giving them the ability to mute the text to speech function even if the particular user isn't an admin of a specific channel.

So there you go. That's everything in between how to enable and disable text to speech on Discord.

That said, users can also add their dash of creativity using the different Discord bots on the internet.

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Top 5 Tools That Can Be Used to Generate Text to Speech Voice for Discord

Murf ai

Murf ai is an advanced text to speech (TTS) software which offers natural-sounding voices by leveraging artificial intelligence. With a user-friendly interface, it offers multi-language support in various voices. Murf’s TTS functionality can be integrated with Discord, which can be used to convert text-message to speech.


  • Natural-Sounding Voices: Utilizes AI to produce high-quality, lifelike speech.

  • Multi-Language Support: Offers voices in multiple languages to cater to a global audience.

  • Voice Cloning Feature: Unique ability to create personalized voices, which is useful for branding or individual use.


  • High-Quality Output: Produces very natural and clear speech, suitable for professional use.

  • Wide Range of Voices: Offers a diverse selection of voices and languages, enhancing accessibility.

  • Voice Customization: Allows users to adjust pitch, speed, and tone for more personalized speech output.


  • Cost: Premium features and extensive usage may require a subscription, which could be costly for some users.

  • Technical Integration: Requires some technical knowledge to integrate with platforms like Discord via API.

  • Learning Curve: Some features, such as voice cloning, might have a steeper learning curve for new users.


TTS Bot offers direct conversion of text messages to speech in Discord channels. The bot offers voice settings which can be customized with multiple language support. The users with disabilities can read text-based messages in a simple and effective way.

Top Features:

  • Customizable voice settings

  • Support for multiple languages

  • Ability to read text from Discord channels


  • Easy to set up and use

  • Works directly within Discord

  • Provides decent voice quality


  • Limited customization options

  • May not support all languages or dialects


Speechify offers text to speech solutions to make content more accessible for the users. Though it is not specifically designed for discord; its capabilities can be used to convert text from discord messages to speech. They offer text to speech across various platforms including  iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and as a Chrome extension.


  • Text to speech conversion: Speechify can convert written text from various sources such as ebooks, articles, documents, and websites into spoken audio.

  • Multi-platform support: Speechify is available on mobile devices, desktop computers, and as a browser extension, allowing users to access their content across different devices seamlessly.

  • Customization options: Users can adjust the speed, voice, and other settings of the speech output to suit their preferences.


  • Accessibility: Speechify enables users with visual impairments, learning disabilities, or busy schedules to listen to written content effortlessly.

  • User-friendly interface: The app and software have intuitive interfaces, making it easy for users to navigate and customize their reading experience.

  • Sync across devices: The ability to sync content across different devices ensures that users can seamlessly continue listening to their content regardless of the device they're using.


  • Cost: While Speechify offers a free version with limited features, the full range of functionalities may require a subscription, which could be a barrier for some users.

  • Internet dependency: The app relies on an internet connection for some features, such as syncing with cloud services and accessing online content, which may be inconvenient in offline situations.

  • Accuracy: While Speechify's AI-powered text to speech technology is advanced, occasional pronunciation errors or misinterpretations of complex text can still occur.

Google cloud text to speech

Google Cloud Text to Speech is one of the most trusted high-quality speech synthesis services. It offers natural-sounding voices with support for multiple languages. Though it does not offer a direct text to speech plugin, it integrates with Discord via API.


  • High-quality speech synthesis

  • Support for multiple languages and voices

  • Integration with Discord via API


  • Natural-sounding voices

  • Reliable performance

  • Extensive documentation and support from Google


  • May incur costs for API usage

  • Requires coding for integration

  • Limited customization compared to some other tools

Amazon polly

Amazon Polly can be integrated to Discord through an API, it is one of the high quality text to speech services with integration options. Similar to other text to speech tools, it offers natural-sounding voices, customizable settings, and scalability for large-scale applications, which makes it a reliable solution for speech synthesis requirements.


  • High-quality text to speech service

  • Integration with Discord through API

  • Support for multiple languages and voices


  • Natural-sounding voices

  • Customizable settings for voice speed and pitch

  • Scalable for large-scale applications


  • Requires coding for integration

  • May have costs associated with API usage

  • Less straightforward compared to some other options

In Conclusion

If you are a gamer looking for an apt TTS tool in discord or a third party TTS tool which can be integrated with discord, to convert the text-message to speech, we hope this list will help you choose the one that best fits your needs. Choose your AI tool and start creating natural-sounding voice overs!

Murf offers than 130 authentic, natural-sounding AI voices in 20+ languages and dialects are available to our users. Our AI voices also span a wide range of accents, both in male and female voices, across age, gender, and race allowing users to choose a voice that best suits their content. Murf enables users to create human-like voiceovers at a fraction of the cost it takes to do so manually. 


How to use Discord text to speech?

To use the text to speech on Discord, enter the tag '/tts' followed by the message. An AI voice will read out the words that have been typed along with the username to the other users. party application.

How do I get text to speech on Discord mobile?

Open Discord, type /tts, followed by 'space' and the message you want to convey to your audience.

How do I turn off TTS on Discord?

Go to the 'Settings' page on Discord desktop app and search for 'Text & Images' under 'App Settings.' Scroll down to the 'Text to Speech' option and disable the 'Allow playback and Usage of TTS command' switch.