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Upgrade Your Presentations with These SlidesAI Alternatives

In today’s fast-paced world, catching and holding people’s attention is tougher than ever. Traditional slideshows, with their boring layouts, just don’t cut it anymore. As attention spans dwindle and visual communication becomes increasingly dominant, presentations need to up their game and actively engage the audience.

Enter SlidesAI, the text to presentation tool that is changing the game for your slideshows. With just a simple text prompt, SlidesAI whisks away the drudgery of manual slide creation, replacing it with sleek, professional, and engaging slides. 

SlidesAI has diverse applications across industries. You can use it to create impactful business presentations, appealing educational slideshows, or eye-catching marketing materials. 

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Key Features of SlidesAI

SlidesAI offers several key features that significantly enhance the quality and effectiveness of presentations:

Instant Presentation Creation

SlidesAI revolutionizes slide creation by automating the process. With AI at its core, the tool swiftly generates professional slides from any text input within seconds, eliminating the need for tedious manual work or spending hours designing presentations.

Multilingual Support

SlidesAI caters to a diverse user base by supporting over 100 languages. Whether users prefer English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, or any other language, SlidesAI ensures accessibility and usability on a global scale.

Customizable Themes

Users can personalize their presentations effortlessly with SlidesAI’s customizable themes. Choose from pre-designed color and font presets or create custom themes to match branding or personal preferences, adding a unique touch to every presentation.

AI-Powered Content Enhancement

SlidesAI goes beyond basic slide creation with advanced features like sentence paraphrasing and image searching. These AI-powered tools help improve presentation clarity and visual appeal effortlessly, making it easier to convey ideas effectively.

User-Friendly Interface

SlidesAI boasts a user-friendly interface that makes presentation creation a breeze. With no setup time required, users can quickly install SlidesAI for Google Slides and start creating presentations immediately, even without prior design skills or technical expertise.

Benefits of Using SlidesAI to Create Visually Appealing Presentations

From time efficiency and enhanced visual appeal to personalized content generation, SlidesAI offers myriad benefits to users:

Time Savings

With SlidesAI, creating presentations is a breeze. Within seconds, users can produce polished slides from basic text prompts, tailor the design to their preferences, and watch their presentations spring to life. This rapid process allows users to focus on crafting compelling content, ensuring impactful presentations every time.

Improved Presentation Quality

SlidesAI's customizable themes and AI-powered content enhancement tools help improve the overall quality of presentations. By providing visually appealing design templates and enhancing content clarity, SlidesAI helps users create more engaging and stunning presentations.

Collaboration Enhancement

SlidesAI integrates wonderfully with Google Slides, and you can even get personalized assistance through video calls from their support team.

Enhanced Efficiency

SlidesAI streamlines the presentation creation workflow, enabling users to generate professional slides quickly and easily. This efficiency boost allows users to create more presentations in less time, increasing productivity.

Consistency in Design

SlidesAI’s customizable themes ensure consistency in design across all slides within a presentation. This consistency enhances the overall professional appearance of the presentation and helps maintain the audience’s focus.

Top Eight Alternatives to SlidesAI

While SlidesAI is a fantastic presentation tool, it may not provide all the features or suit everyone’s preferences or budget. In such cases, exploring other presentation software becomes essential. These alternatives can bring out the flavor that best suits your presentation style and needs.

Here are the eight best SlidesAI alternatives for creating visually appealing presentations:

1. Slidesgo

Slidesgo, a free AI presentation tool, effortlessly translates your ideas into compelling slideshows. As a superior alternative to SlidesAI, it enhances your presentations with its swift, free, and customizable slides. Users can select from diverse tones and access a range of resources to create unlimited presentations. The final output is easily downloadable in PDF format.

Key Features

  • Easy online customization

  • Diverse design styles and tones to choose from

  • Access to Freepik and Flaticon resources

  • Free and simple download options

2. stands out with its amazing simplicity and stunning design capabilities. Its smart templates provide a blueprint for creating modern, professional presentations. The AI-powered software adapts in real-time, saving you late-night resizing struggles.

Key Features

  • Modern, customer-friendly presentation templates.

  • The 'Team' plan facilitates stunning team presentations remotely.

  • Create presentation slides once for unlimited company-wide use.

  • Universal updates instantly push new content to multiple decks.

  • Millions of modern images and icons reflective of your brand guidelines.

3. Prezo

Prezo, powered by AI, is a game-changer in the world of presentations. It enables users to craft professional-grade slide decks ten times faster than traditional methods. Harnessing the prowess of natural language processing, Prezo swiftly translates user input into visually appealing and dynamic slides.

Key Features

  • Swift layout generation

  • Transform stories into engaging presentations

  • Intuitive user experience

  • Customize templates’ color, font, and layout as per the user’s brand or preference

  • Free trial 

4. Presentation.AI

Creating presentations is a sheer joy with the stunning decks provided by Presentation. AI. Its personalized design, robust templates, and easy sharing capabilities allow users to concentrate on storytelling while the AI manages intricate design elements.

Additionally, Presentations.AI ensures brand consistency with personalized brand kits and offers the convenience of multi-device compatibility. With live collaboration and analytics tracking, Presentations.AI is your instant, enjoyable presentation partner.

Key Features

  • Effortless collaboration and sharing.

  • Gain performance insights with comprehensive analytics.

  • Responsive design on any device.

  • Convenient access and editing across various devices.

5. MagicSlides

MagicSlides is your shortcut to polished presentations without starting from scratch. You can effortlessly create presentations from text, YouTube, or PDF sources with just a few clicks.

The software seamlessly integrates with Google Slides, PowerPoint, Figma, and ChatGPT and makes your presentations stand out with diverse themes, fonts, colors, and layouts.

Key Features

  • Create presentations effortlessly from text, YouTube, or PDF sources.

  • AI-powered integration with Google Slides, PowerPoint, Figma, and ChatGPT.

  • Dynamic themes and layout.

  • Diverse customization options.

  • Instant slide generation.

6. Decktopus AI

Decktopus AI redefines presentation creation, offering one-click design, auto-created decks, and auto-adjusted layouts.

This powerful tool also includes an image and icon finder, slide notes maker, content wizard, and various built-in AI tools for streamlined multimedia integration. 

Key Features

  • One-click design for easy customization.

  • Auto-created decks for instant presentations.

  • Auto-adjusted layouts for hassle-free design.

  • Image and icon finder for visual enhancements.

  • Slide notes maker for tailored presentations.

  • Built-in tools like Forms, Voice Recorder, and Custom Domain for added functionality.

7. SlideMake

SlideMake enables users to create and download slides in seconds. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, SlideMake offers a streamlined process for crafting impactful presentations.

Users can enter a short topic, specify the number of slides needed, and choose the language preference. Additionally, SlideMake allows users to add placeholder images and include references if available, enhancing the visual appeal and credibility of the presentations.

Key Features

  • Create professional presentations rapidly.

  • Customize presentations by selecting preferred languages for multilingual audiences.

  • Easily add placeholder images for engagement.

  • Exclusive perks and increased resources with free sign-up.

8. AutoSlide

AutoSlide transforms ideas into captivating presentations within seconds using advanced AI algorithms powered by GPT-3. Users can easily create professional presentations with its stunning, fast, and easily customizable templates.

The AI tool also provides seamless export options to Google Slides, PowerPoint, and PDF formats.

Key Features

  • Fast and simple presentation generation.

  • Design customization for personal touch.

  • Effortless export to Google Slides, PowerPoint, and PDF.

  • User-friendly interface for quick navigation

Elevate Your Presentations with Murf’s Voiceover

In a world where attention spans are fleeting, a silent slideshow might not cut it anymore. You need a presentation that not only captures the eyes but also engages the ears.

Murf is the game-changer that transforms your ordinary presentations into captivating experiences. It seamlessly integrates lifelike AI voiceovers, providing an extra layer of engagement and professionalism to your content.

Here’s why Murf text to speech stands out as a top choice for enhancing your presentations:

  • Voice Variety: Explore and select from over 120+ AI voices in 20+ languages and multiple accents.

  • Automated Time Sync: Murf seamlessly synchronizes voiceovers with slides in Google Slides, ensuring precise timing alignment during presentations.

  • Enhanced Editing: Perfect your presentation’s voiceover with Murf Studio’s customization features adjust the pitch, speed, emphasis, pauses, and pronunciation.

  • Cost Inclusion: The Murf Google Slide Add-on is free for all subscribers, ensuring a smooth transition from Google Slides to Murf Studio with automatic updates.

  • Background Music/Score: Elevate your presentations further by easily including background music or scores. Choose from a library of tracks and synchronize them seamlessly with your content.

Final Words

As modern audiences demand more engaging presentations, it’s crucial to enhance your slides with innovative tools. While SlidesAI has been a popular choice, exploring alternatives offers diverse features to meet varying needs. With Murf’s lifelike voiceovers and background music integration, you can further elevate your presentations, ensuring they captivate both visually and audibly.


Is there an AI that can make slides?

Several AI apps like SlidesAI can generate slides automatically from text prompts. Some of these tools also offer a free version for trial.

Is there an alternative to SlidesAI?

Yes, there are various alternatives to SlidesAI, like Slidesgo,, Prezo, Presentations.AI, MagicSlides, Decktopus AI, SlideMake, and AutoSlide. Each alternative offers unique features.

Is SlidesAI safe to use?

SlidesAI follows security protocols, but it’s advised to review privacy policies before use.

How can SlidesAI be installed?

SlidesAI is easily downloadable from the Google Workspace Marketplace without any charges. There’s no need for a separate account creation; simply run the application directly from your Google Slide Presentation.

Is SlidesAI Free?

While SlidesAI offers a free Basic plan, it also provides Pro and Premium plans at ₹998.49/month and ₹1,996.97/month, respectively. Each plan varies in terms of presentations allowed, character input, AI credits, and additional features like video export and document upload.