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Democratize Music Creation with Voicify and Its Alternatives 

Imagine a world where the creation of music covers is no longer restricted to musicians and studio professionals. Today, technology has evolved to the point where this fantasy is a reality. Introducing Voicify AI, a pioneering AI platform that makes it effortless to craft professional-sounding music covers. With the mission to democratize music production, Voicify AI is altering the creative landscape and empowering users to breathe life into their musical aspirations from producing unique tracks using the voices of popular artists to making the joy of music creation accessible to all without the need for musical knowledge or expensive instruments and equipment. It’s not just a tool; it’s a gateway to unlimited creative possibilities.

With Voicify AI, users can create mesmerizing music covers that feature the iconic voices of their favorite artists, including legends like Kanye West, Drake, and Taylor Swift. Voicify AI goes beyond the ordinary by not only generating incredible AI music covers but also extracting acapella. This unique feature means that within mere seconds, you can have an AI cover that showcases the exceptional talents of your preferred artists. 

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Key Features of Voicify AI 

Voicify lets individuals create professional-sounding music covers effortlessly, bringing everything users need in one place. Here are some key features that make Voicify AI truly stand out: 

Wide Range of AI Voice Models 

Voicify supports AI voice models of artists like Freddy Mercury, Ariana Grande, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, and many more. It also has AI voices in categories like anime, gaming, cartoons, and public figures.  

User-Friendly Interface 

Navigating the world of music production has never been easier. Voicify boasts a user-friendly interface that effortlessly guides users through various trending and popular models, making the entire creative process hassle-free to create AI music covers. 

Customizable Output 

Voicify places creative control firmly in the hands of its users. You can tailor your songs by changing the language, expression, and speed to match your unique preferences, ensuring that each composition reflects your artistic vision. 

Wide Appeal 

Whether you’re a seasoned musician, an aspiring songwriter, or simply a fan of music, Voicify caters to all levels of musical interest and talent, fostering a diverse and inclusive community of creators trying to create AI music covers.

How to Create AI Music Covers Using Voicify AI? 

Here is the step-by-step process to create AI covers using Voicify AI: 

Step 1: Sign Up

The user must first sign up for a Voicify AI account on the platform’s website.

Step 2: Choose a Model

The user is next directed to the AI model page on the Voicify AI platform, where there is an extensive array of Voicify AI voice models to choose from. Once the user has identified their preferred voice model, a simple click on the chosen model leads to the generation page. 

Step 3: Upload your File

Users will see the option to upload their music files. This can be either an acapella version or the entire song, as Voicify AI seamlessly handles the extraction of acapella portions from complete songs. 

Step 4: Convert your Song

During the file upload process, users can assign a name to their conversion (optional) and determine whether they wish to share it with the Voicify AI community. 

Step 5: Done!

With all selections made and the settings to their satisfaction, users can conclude the process by clicking the ‘Ready To Convert’ button. 

Top Alternatives to Voicify AI 

While Voicify AI has undoubtedly made its mark in the world of music production, it’s always a wise move to explore alternatives that may better align with your creative needs. Here are some great alternatives to Voicify AI and their key features: 


Boomy emerges as a formidable alternative to Voicify AI, offering a fresh perspective on music creation. With its array of distinctive features, Boomy provides creators with a dynamic platform that allows the crafting of original compositions. Unlike Voicify AI, Boomy excels in enabling users to start from scratch, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to shape their music from the ground up.

Boomy’s extensive sound library enhances the creative palette by offering a broader spectrum of voice models, musical genres, and styles, inviting users to explore an array of sonic possibilities. Modes like electronic dance, rap beats, global groove, and lo-fi are available for users to select from. In addition, users can select from a variety of instruments, mixing, sound effects, and composition options.

Boomy’s user-friendly interface further simplifies the creative process, ensuring accessibility for both novices and seasoned musicians.


AIVA is another compelling alternative to Voicify AI, especially for composers and musicians with a deep appreciation for classical music. It offers a rich suite of features that include advanced composition assistance and realistic orchestration. While AIVA’s advanced composition assistance ensures that composers can effortlessly craft intricate and harmonious pieces, its capacity for realistic orchestration allows it to create music that sounds as if it’s performed by a live orchestra.

AIVA also fosters collaboration among musicians, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer working in a team, transforming classical music into a collaborative and innovative journey. Users can start by creating an account on AIVA and then selecting the 'Create Track’ option. Once the profile is selected, along with signature and duration options, users can create music using AIVA. 


When it comes to music covers, iMyFone offers a comprehensive toolbox that trumps Voicify AI in multiple aspects. Its versatile audio editing capabilities allow you to fine-tune every aspect of your music or recordings.

Whether you need to adjust pitch and tempo, apply effects, or enhance vocals, iMyFone provides the tools to perfect your audio. Additionally, iMyFone specializes in audio restoration, enabling you to clean up and enhance existing recordings, a feature not found in Voicify AI.

What makes iMyFone truly exceptional is its cross-platform compatibility, ensuring accessibility for both Windows and macOS users. If your creative endeavors lean towards refining and perfecting existing audio, iMyFone emerges as an excellent choice, offering a wide array of features to transform your audio into a masterpiece. 


An AI music generator, Soundful is known for its exceptional quality and customizable musical compositions. This software crafts distinctive AI-generated music that can be tailored to meet precise requirements.

Soundful allows users the creative freedom to experiment with and customize the composition’s outcome. The most appealing facet is that these compositions are entirely royalty-free, originating solely from an algorithmic process.

Soundful caters to the unique needs of remix artists and DJs. The tool’s exceptional features are designed to enhance the art of music remixing.

The inclusion of a live performance mode is a testament to Soundful’s commitment to providing tools for on-the-fly music creation, making it an invaluable asset for DJs during live electronic music performances.

Soundful also fosters collaboration by allowing users to work together on remixes and live sets, creating an environment that’s conducive to collaborative artistry. If a user’s creative focus revolves around electronic music and live sets, Soundful positions itself as the preferred choice, offering a feature set that ensures an immersive and electrifying experience.


Soundraw is particularly geared towards music students, teachers, and those who prefer working with music notation. Its comprehensive set of features includes robust support for music notation, ensuring that those who rely on sheet music have the tools they need to bring their compositions to life. You can create music across genres like hip-hop, rap, rock, and pop, among others.

Soundraw’s commitment to musical education shines through its extensive educational resources, making it an invaluable companion for students and teachers alike. But Soundraw doesn’t stop there; it offers a diverse range of instrument options, catering to a wide spectrum of musical interests and styles.

Whether it is an aspiring musician, a seasoned teacher, or someone deeply entrenched in the world of sheet music, Soundraw is the ideal choice for taking musical endeavors to the next level.

Beyond AI Music Cover: Murf for High-Quality AI Voiceovers 

While Voicify excels in unique AI music cover creation, there’s a world of applications beyond music that require high-quality text to speech conversions. If you’re in search of a platform that can produce realistic, natural-sounding voiceovers for your videos, YouTube content, podcasts, and more, then it’s time to explore Murf. 

Why Murf for TTS?

Realistic Natural Voices: Murf stands out for its remarkable ability to generate voiceovers that sound incredibly realistic and natural. Whether you’re narrating a video or creating a voice for your podcast, Murf’s 120+ voices can make your content come to life with authenticity. For instance, imagine narrating a documentary on wildlife. Murf’s voice can emulate the authentic tones of a seasoned naturalist, making the narration engaging and believable, enhancing the viewer’s connection with the content.

Multilingual Capabilities: Murf doesn’t limit you to a single language. With its multilingual capabilities, you can produce voiceovers in 20+ languages, expanding your reach and catering to a global audience. For instance, you can create a travel vlog in which you discuss different destinations in their native languages, enhancing the relatability and appeal of your content to diverse audiences.

Customization Features: Tailor your voiceovers to suit your unique needs. Murf offers customization options, allowing you to adjust tone, pitch, and pace and ensuring that the voice perfectly matches the mood and message of your content. Let’s say you’re producing an audiobook, and you want the narrator’s voice to match the emotional depth of the story. With Murf’s customization options, you can customize the tone, pitch, and pace of the voiceover to suit the content. For a suspenseful moment, you can deepen the tone and slow down the pace, creating an immersive experience for your listeners.

Experience the power of Murf for yourself by trying it out for free. Unlock the potential of high-quality voiceovers for your videos, podcasts, and more with this user-friendly and versatile tool. 

Summing up 

Voicify AI has undeniably carved a niche for itself in music cover creation, offering a unique avenue for artists and enthusiasts to explore their musical inclinations. However, as we’ve seen, the world of AI-powered creativity extends beyond music. 

The key lies in understanding your unique needs and artistic aspirations. Whether it’s music, composition, audio editing, or voiceovers, the options are abundant, and the journey of exploration is just beginning. Embrace the tools that align with your creative vision, and let AI be the conduit that elevates your artistry to new heights. The world of digital creativity is yours to conquer, one innovative tool at a time! 


Is Voicify AI free to use?

Voicify AI is not free. The paid plans start from $7.99/month for the Credits plan, $24.99/month for the creator plan, and $89.99/month for the Power User plan. The Credits plan provides 25 credits, while the Creator and Power User plans have unlimited generation credits,  

How does Voicify AI text to speech work?

Voicify AI’s text to speech functionality utilizes advanced algorithms and pre-recorded data from various artists to synthesize speech. Users input text, and the AI generates spoken content with natural intonation and style. 

How can I get started with Voicify AI text to speech for my projects?

To begin using Voicify AI for your projects, sign up for an account on Voicify, choose your desired plan, and access the TTS tools. Then, input your text, select preferences, and generate your desired voiceover or spoken content. 

Can I create a song cover using Voicify AI text to speech?

Yes, you can create a song cover using Voicify AI text to speech. It is a platform enabling users to effortlessly produce AI-generated song covers featuring their beloved artists. The platform continues to add new voice models that have further streamlined the process, making it a breeze to generate top-notch AI covers within seconds.

What is the difference between Voicify AI free and premium?

Voicify AI exclusively offers paid plans; the key distinction between various subscription tiers lies in the range of features and capabilities they provide. All the paid plans generally grant users access to advanced customization options, a broader selection of voices, and enhanced functionality, setting them apart from any notion of a free plan.