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Empowering Corporate Trainers with Text to Speech

John, a passionate and dedicated corporate trainer, relied on presentations, written and printed materials, and in-person sessions to impart knowledge to employees for years. Despite putting in endless hours of effort to create the training content, John couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing.

Launching Murf Voice Over Google Slides 

Wondering how to add voice overs to Google Slides? Check out Murf’s new Google Slides Voice Add-on Install Google Slide Voice Addon Create voice overs for your slides instantly How to add voice over to Google Slides? - Instantly! With a simple add-on, you can…

Corporate Training

Learning, Development and the (post-)pandemic employee

In an earlier article we wrote about the growing importance of upskilling and of staying updated. Particularly for working professionals, the pandemic has necessitated a rapid turnaround into remote work, redefined productivity and ignited discussions about work-life balance. Now, a new, hybrid working model is…