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AI Voiceovers for BigCommerce Video Success

Did you know 87% of marketers credit video marketing for boosting sales? Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a successful video campaign can be worth a fortune.

In fact, according to an annual State of Video Marketing survey, customers prefer to watch a product video to gain a better understanding before making the final decision. Product videos with AI voiceovers serve as an effective marketing tool that benefits both the brand and its customers, as 89% of people are convinced to buy a product after seeing a video.

This highlights the significant impact of a well-executed video strategy, especially when it comes to driving sales. If you want to go one step further and supercharge your BigCommerce videos with product features to drive more conversions, it’s time to harness the potential of AI voiceovers.

Creating voiceovers for your product videos enables you to establish a consistent brand identity. With voiceovers, it is possible to remodel your ad content for cross-channel and cross-device use by enabling an audio script to run in sync with the video.

Let’s explore how to create BigCommerce voice over videos into your marketing strategy. 

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How Does Voiceover for BigCommerce Product Videos Benefit Businesses?

Incorporating a voiceover for BigCommerce video on the product page can potentially improve sales for a business. How? People spend significant time online on social media, entertainment, or purchasing a product or service. When presented with a product video with a targeted voiceover, it can help drive that traffic to your landing page.

Several other benefits of voiceover for BigCommerce videos include:


AI-based voiceovers save considerable time for businesses leveraging product videos to attract customers. For one, they eliminate the number of takes needed to record the script correctly.

AI voiceovers can be edited easily by changing the script and customizing the voice according to the brand persona. This, in turn, also helps reduce the time it takes to successfully produce voiceovers for a product video.

While the traditional methods would involve bringing in the voice actors with all their paraphernalia, AI-based voiceovers only need the script.

Flexibility and Customizations

Often, it becomes necessary to perform a few takes of a voiceover recording before the best one can be selected to incorporate into social media or testimonial videos. The traditional voiceover method makes the entire process of customization and modification drawn out and limiting.

For example, if, after one recording, you realize that a male voice would work better to draw in your target audience rather than the recorded female voice, you would need to start again from the top.

On the other hand, with AI-based voiceovers, you can simply choose a male voice and customize various aspects such as pitch, style, intonation, emotion, emphasis, and so much more.

Furthermore, you can apply various sound effects and background music to your social media video without added production costs.

Wide Range of Voice Selections

Voiceover generation tools consist of an entire library of AI voices that are high-quality and humanlike. Ranging from energetic child voices to elderly, heavy, and grainy ones, you can apply any voice to your product video voiceover without worrying about having to hire a voice actor. A great example is you can leverage child AI voices for product videos that advertise toys. 

Global Reach

The most significant benefit yet of voiceovers for product videos is that they have a global reach. Text to speech platforms have multilingual capabilities that help you convert your script into multiple languages.

These scripts are then used with the same customized voice you have designed to create voiceovers and high-quality footage for your product videos in different languages.

Customers can then switch to their preferred language to view the videos, enhancing potential customers’ engagement. You can also increase conversions and customer retention.

Murf Text to Speech for BigCommerce Videos 

In 2016, only 61% of businesses were using video as a means of marketing products and services; since then, this number has reached 91% in 2023. There is an obvious increase in competition which is why Murf offers so much more with its AI voiceovers and text to speech for BigCommerce product videos as compared to other popular tools in the market today:

Extensive Voice Library

Murf provides businesses and individuals with a voice library of over 120 natural-sounding voices. Every single one of these voices is customizable, adjustable, and available in over 20 different languages.

Murf’s AI voices are indistinguishably humanlike, helping you create big commerce video voiceovers that sound genuine and convincing.

You can also access sound effects, background music, and other voice effects.

Unparalleled Voice Customizations for Video Strategy

Murf has a dedicated suite that lets you customize your selected AI voice any way you want. You can:

  • Adjust the pitch of the voice

  • Modify the intonation and pronunciation of words

  • Change the accents of UK English, Australian English, and American English.

  • Deliver emotion through voiceover, like joy, sorrow, anger, and excitement.

  • Introduce pauses between words and emphasize certain words or sentences to create a better impact

  • Control the speed of narration to achieve the right pace

Media Capabilities

Murf Studio provides users with the tools to add several types of media to a particular product video to go that extra mile in attracting more traffic:

  • Images to make the product videos and voiceover more descriptive.

  • Background music sets the tone for the video and establishes the desired vibe or style.

The best part is that you can sync all these media with the voiceover to achieve a cohesive output.

Create Big Commerce Video Voiceovers with Murf

Murf Studio can set up a voiceover for your BigCommerce product videos in five easy steps:

  1. First, you need a script for the voiceover of your BigCommerce product video. Once the script is ready, log in to Murf Studio (or sign up if you need to) and upload this script to the AI voiceover tool.

  2. In the second step, select a voice from the 120+ AI voices in Murf’s library. 

  3. You can also adjust the selected voice to make it more brand-identical to suit the marketing purposes of your video by adjusting the pitch, tonality, emotion, emphasis, pauses, pronunciation, and other vocal attributes.

  4. Upload your product video and sync the voiceover with the video. If needed, you can also add images and background music or import videos from YouTube, where necessary.

  5. Finally, generate the output by clicking the play button and letting Murf handle the rest.

Once your voiceover product video is ready, upload it to your BigCommerce website and place it in the product descriptions.

A Simple, Swift, Seamless Approach to Voiceovers

Product videos aren’t the only type of dynamic content for your target audience. An explainer or testimonial video can be integral to a successful marketing campaign. The three leading forms of video created in 2022 were social media, explainer, and presentation product videos.

Text to speech can augment the user's experience of such product videos with branded voices. With tools like Murf, your business can produce studio-quality video voiceovers for any BigCommerce video at a fraction of the cost and resources deployed.

Furthermore, the tool’s versatility allows you to use it for voice changing and voice cloning. The best part is that Murf provides a free version that gives users access to all the 120+ high-quality, natural-sounding AI voices to try before you subscribe.


Can I add AI voiceovers to my existing BigCommerce product videos?

Yes, you can add voiceovers to your BigCommerce product videos with the help of AI voiceover generators.

How does using AI voiceover improve the quality of my product videos?

Adding AI-based voiceovers to BigCommerce product videos helps make them more inclusive and considerate of potential customers with visual impairments. Additionally, it helps personify your brand for a more humanized touch to the entire video campaign—drastically improving engagement and footfall.

Does adding AI voiceovers to my BigCommerce product videos require any technical expertise?

No, when you use voice over tools, anyone can add voiceovers to their BigCommerce product videos. All you need is a script uploaded to the tool. You can then select an AI voice that best suits your brand and generate the voiceover.