A Complete Guide to Adobe Podcast AI

Imagine a world where every voice resonates with clarity and impact. Adobe Podcast AI is turning this vision into reality. As a cutting-edge tool, it’s reshaping the podcasting landscape by offering AI-powered audio enhancements that enable creators to produce studio-quality content directly from their browsers. This innovation is particularly timely, considering the podcasting industry’s rapid growth.

The relevance of Adobe Podcast AI becomes even more pronounced in the context of burgeoning podcast listener numbers. As of 2023, there are 464.7 million podcast listeners worldwide, and this number is projected to grow to 504.9 million by 2024. Adobe Podcast AI’s advanced capabilities are not just a technological leap but an essential asset in an era where podcasting’s global reach and engagement are scaling new heights. This tool positions creators at the forefront of this expanding industry, equipped to meet the demands of a rapidly growing and diverse audience.

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What is Adobe Podcast?

Adobe Podcast is a cutting-edge platform designed to enhance the podcasting experience by employing artificial intelligence to optimize audio quality. It serves as a comprehensive audio recording and editing tool that operates directly within a web browser, offering creators a level of convenience and quality typically associated with professional recording studios.

Key features of Adobe Podcast include:

  • Automatic Transcription: Utilizing advanced speech to text technology to automatically transcribe recorded audio with high accuracy, Adobe Podcast significantly reduces the time spent on manual transcription.

  • Enhance Speech: An AI-powered feature that cleans voice recordings by removing noise and echo, delivering a clearer and more professional sound.

  • Mic Check: This pre-recording feature analyzes and optimizes microphone setup, ensuring the best possible audio input quality.

  • Integration with Adobe Premiere Pro: Allows for editing audio using a transcript, streamlining the editing process by enabling the synchronization of edits with spoken words.

  • Remote Recording and Cloud Synchronization: Facilitates the recording of podcasts from any location with an internet connection and automatically synchronizes the recordings across devices.

These features position Adobe Podcast AI as a potent tool for podcasters, voiceover artists, and audio professionals who seek to produce high-quality audio content without the complexity of traditional audio editing software.

Adobe Podcast AI Tools

Adobe Podcast AI is a robust platform equipped with various tools designed to streamline and enhance the podcast creation process. Each tool within the platform offers unique features that cater to different aspects of podcast production from initial recording to final editing.

Enhance Speech

A standout feature of Adobe AI Podcast, Enhance Speech is specifically engineered to elevate the audio quality of podcasts. It utilizes AI algorithms to sift through the AI audio, isolating and removing unwanted background noise and echoes that can detract from the listening experience. This tool is especially beneficial when recording conditions could be better, such as home studios or on-the-go recordings. The result is a cleaner, more professional sounding that can rival recordings made in high-end studios.

Key Benefits

  • Improved clarity and intelligibility of speech in podcasts.

  • Reduction of time and resources spent on post-production audio clean-up.

  • Professional studio output without the need for expensive hardware.

Mic Check

Mic Check serves as a pre-recording feature that assists creators in optimizing their microphone setup. Before the recording begins, Mic Check analyzes the audio input, providing feedback and adjustments to ensure the best possible sound quality is captured from the start. This preemptive approach can be a game-changer for podcasters, significantly reducing the amount of post-recording editing required to correct audio issues.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures optimal audio levels and settings for recording.

  • Minimizes the need for post-recording audio adjustments.

  • Saves time by preventing common recording pitfalls.


Adobe Podcast AI’s ‘Studio’ is at the heart of the content creation process. It offers a comprehensive recording and editing environment directly within the web browser. Users can record their podcasts, edit the audio, and apply enhancements in real time. The Studio tool also provides cloud synchronization, meaning podcast projects are backed up and can be accessed from any device. This ensures that creators can work on their podcasts whenever inspiration strikes.

Key Benefits

  • Streamlined workflow with recording and editing in one place.

  • Accessibility and flexibility with cloud-based project management.

  • Real-time editing and enhancement capabilities.

Adobe Podcast AI for Audio Recording and Editing

Using Adobe AI Podcast for voiceover and podcast creation is a straightforward process that leverages the platform’s advanced tools to produce professional-quality audio. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to utilize Adobe Podcast AI effectively:

Step 1: Setup and Mic Check

Create an account on Adobe Podcast to access the platform. Before recording, use the ‘Mic Check’ tool to analyze your microphone’s audio quality. This feature will guide you through any necessary adjustments to ensure your microphone is calibrated for optimal recording, helping to prevent common audio issues.

Step 2: Recording with Studio

Once your microphone is set up, navigate to the ‘Studio’ tool to record your podcast or voiceover directly in your web browser. The Studio environment is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to focus on your content while the software handles the technical aspects of recording.

Step 3: Enhance Speech

After recording, it’s time to refine your audio. Utilize the ‘Enhance Speech’ feature to remove background noise automatically and echo from your recordings, significantly improving the clarity of your audio. This AI-powered tool works with just one click, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced podcasters.

Step 4: Edit and Finalize

Adobe Podcast AI provides editing capabilities that integrate seamlessly with Adobe Premiere Pro. You can easily edit audio using the automatically generated transcript, which allows for precision editing down to the individual word. This streamlines the editing process, ensuring your podcast is crystal clear and professionally polished.

Step 5: Export and Share

Once your podcast or voiceover is edited to your satisfaction, export the final version from Adobe Podcast AI. The platform allows you to save your project in various audio formats, ready to be shared with your audience on platforms such as Spotify, Podbean, YouTube, or social media channels.

Exploring Alternative AI-Powered Podcasting Tools

While Adobe Podcast offers robust capabilities for podcasters, the market is rich with alternative tools that bring their unique strengths to the table. These platforms provide diverse features that cater to various aspects of podcast production, from voiceovers to editing, each aiming to simplify and enhance the podcasting process.

Murf AI

Topping the list is Murf AI, a versatile tool in podcasting, offering over 120 AI voices in more than 20 languages. This diversity enables podcast creators to narrate their stories with voices that resonate with their audience and the content’s tone and emotion. Particularly beneficial for those who face challenges in recording their voices, Murf provides a solution with its rich library of hyper-realistic AI voices. Users can effortlessly upload their scripts or existing recordings and transform them into professional-sounding narrations, enhancing their podcasts with varied and dynamic audio experiences.

Further, Murf offers voice customization features like pronunciation adjustments, emphasis on specific words, sound effects, pitch control for setting the right tone, and strategic pauses to enrich the narrative. The platform also offers an extensive library of royalty-free music and the flexibility to use multiple AI voices in a single podcast, catering to diverse storytelling needs.

Emphasizing security, Murf AI protects user data, making it a reliable choice for podcasters looking to create high-quality professional sounding podcasts without the complexity of traditional recording setups.


Podcastle.ai is an all-encompassing platform for podcast creation, offering high-quality sound recording, an integrated editor, and a suite of AI-powered tools to make podcasting accessible to all. As an AI-driven, collaborative audio creation platform, it simplifies the podcasting process, focusing on making production-quality podcasts available to everyone, regardless of their experience level.

The platform boasts a remote interviewing feature that allows recording online sessions with up to 10 participants, each with a separate high-quality track, overcoming distance limitations and ensuring superior audio quality. This is complemented by the availability of both web and iOS applications, ensuring that users can record great content from any device, anywhere, and at any time. Podcastle’s mission to democratize broadcast storytelling is underpinned by offering free unlimited hours of studio-quality audio recording, with additional features available through a paid upgrade.


Resound.fm is an AI-driven podcast editor designed to streamline the post-production process for creators, allowing them to focus on their content rather than the editing process. Its core features include ‘Filler Sound Detection’ to identify and remove common speech disfluencies and ‘Silence Detection,’ which automatically finds and trims long pauses, improving the overall pace of the podcast and retaining listener engagement​​.

Additionally, ReSound offers ‘Trim Audio’ for easy editing with a simple click-and-drag interface and an ‘Enhance’ feature to mix and master podcasts, ensuring the audio is polished and meets optimal loudness standards. ReSound’s platform empowers creators by automating mundane tasks with its machine-learning technology, allowing podcasters to upload their raw audio files, detect areas needing edits, review changes, and export the finished product in various formats.


Descript offers a comprehensive, AI-powered podcast and audio and video editing solution that streamlines the entire creation process. With Descript, removing filler words is easy, potentially shortening podcasts by up to 10%. It supports both audio and video, allowing creators to record, edit, and publish their work from a single platform. The editor is known for its simplicity and power, providing instant transcription with over 95% accuracy and a multi-track timeline for detailed edits​​​.

The tool also helps create custom social media content, including animated captions and audiograms. Once content creation is complete, Descript simplifies sharing with embeddable players and interactive transcripts and offers one-click publishing to a variety of podcast hosting platforms. For podcasters looking to explore its capabilities, Descript provides a free plan with the option to upgrade for more advanced features​​​​​​​​​​.


Listener.fm streamlines the post-production process of podcasting by employing AI to generate captivating titles and descriptions and show notes quickly and efficiently. This AI-powered solution is designed to save time while improving the quality of podcast metadata, which is crucial for audience engagement and SEO​.

The platform operates straightforwardly: users upload their audio to the dashboard, and Listener.fm takes over, crafting tailored metadata for each episode. Once the AI has worked its magic, podcasters can easily publish their episodes, complete with engaging titles and descriptions primed to capture the audience’s attention and help grow their fan followings. Listener.fm offers a pricing model that caters to a range of podcasters from hobbyists to professionals with a promise of integrity and simplicity in its pricing structure.


Podcast.co provides an all-in-one podcast production service that encompasses the full life cycle of a podcast from initial planning and production to distribution and promotion. Their team of experts assist with crafting a podcast that tells a brand’s story by focusing on resonant themes and topics, ensuring the content aligns with the brand’s identity.

The service extends from the recording phase, with professional producers and remote recording capabilities, to post-production tasks such as editing, audio/visual mastering, and artwork. Podcast.co also manages the hosting and distribution, ensuring that high-quality podcasts are available on all major platforms. In the final stages, they support marketing efforts through social media assets and press releases and facilitate monetization by helping to broker suitable sponsorships and partnerships.


Wrapping up our journey through the realm of AI podcasting tools, we’ve seen how Adobe Podcast AI and various innovative alternatives like Murf, Podcastle, Resound, Descript, Listener.fm, and Podcast.co are revolutionizing content creation. Each tool brings unique strengths to the table when creating something, whether it’s enhancing speech, simplifying the editing process, or expanding distribution and reach. For podcasters seeking to elevate their craft, these AI tools offer an exciting glimpse into the potential for high-quality, efficient podcast production, setting the stage for the next wave of audio storytelling.


Is Adobe Podcast free?

While Adobe Podcast is currently not available, the Adobe Podcast beta version is live. Adobe typically provides professional tools as part of its ‘Creative Cloud’ subscription services, which include various pricing plans.

How do I use Adobe Podcast?

To use Adobe for podcasts, you typically need to sign in with an Adobe account, access the platform, and utilize its features like ‘Enhance Speech’ and ‘Mic Check’ to record and edit audio for your podcast directly within your web browser.

What does Adobe Podcast do?

Adobe Podcast is a comprehensive podcasting tool that allows creators to record, edit, and enhance audio recordings with AI-powered features, streamlining the production process to produce professional-quality podcasts.

Are there similar tools as Adobe Podcast?

Yes, there are several tools similar to Adobe Podcast, such as Murf, Podcastle, Resound, Descript, Listener.fm, and Podcast.co, each with unique features that support different aspects of podcast creation and production.