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Top Eight Recommended Voice Over Apps of 2024

Imagine having Morgan Freeman narrate your eLearning course or Scarlett Johansson voicing your next YouTube video all from your smartphone! Welcome to 2024, where artificial intelligence (AI) voiceover apps are your personalized sound booths.

These apps are becoming the new sonic architects, offering unparalleled voice quality, a cornucopia of tonal options, and unwavering consistency. With them, the tedious process of auditioning, hiring, and directing different human voice actors to record voice overs is condensed into a few simple clicks. But as the number of such apps multiplies, how do you zero in on the ones that are the gold standard?

That's precisely what this article is all about. We have curated a list of the eight best voiceover apps of 2024. Let's uncover the AI voice technologies that are setting the stage for the future of audio.

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Things to Look for in An AI Voice Over App

When exploring the best voiceover apps, several critical elements should be on your radar. These factors not only ensure a seamless user experience but also significantly impact the quality of your output.

Realistic Natural Voice Overs

A top-tier voiceover app should provide voices that sound natural and lifelike. The capacity to convincingly mimic human speech patterns, tones, and inflections is paramount. Look for an app that provides a wide range of voice options, from deep and masculine to high-pitched and robotic, allowing you to explore various voice effects. These features contribute to a more engaging and believable audio experience for listeners, thus, enhancing the overall impact of the content.

Language and Accent Options

Equally important is the availability of a broad spectrum of languages and accents. These options extend a creator's reach, enabling them to cater to a diverse global audience. Therefore, an app's ability to provide multiple language and accent options should be high on the list of considerations.

Compatibility with Existing Systems

The user must consider whether the app is compatible with their existing systems and content creation tools. Seamless integration with powerful editing tools ensures a smooth workflow, reducing potential technical glitches and saving valuable time.

Customization Options

Lastly, customization options are a critical component in a voice generation app. Good quality software should allow users to manipulate factors like speed, pitch, and volume, tailoring the output to their specific needs and audience preferences.

Ensuring these key features are present can help individuals identify a voiceover app that not only fulfills their needs but offers the potential to elevate their content to new heights.

Best Voiceover App in 2024

Discover the leading AI voiceover apps of 2024 that are taking the industry by storm!


As a free, open-source software, Audacity caters to both Mac and Windows users, making it a versatile choice for individuals seeking to dabble in the voiceover realm. Noteworthy is its unique capacity to support high sample rates and varied audio formats, ensuring pristine audio capture. For example, Audacity supports WAV, AIFF, MP3, AU, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis file formats.

The software allows for flexible setup with either a USB mic or an audio interface, catering to a wide range of user requirements. Serving as a voice recording app, Audacity enables users to record live audio through a microphone or mixer or digitize recordings from other media. Users can also explore sound alterations or add reverb through its basic effects.

However, Audacity's learning curve may be steep for some, with its complex interface and challenging multi-tracking. The tool's advanced editing feature could also be a consideration for users. Despite these hurdles, Audacity defies the norm, affirming that premium voiceover tools need not always carry a premium price tag.


Carving a distinct niche among voiceover apps, GarageBand proves its mettle by offering a comprehensive digital audio workstation. The app provides remarkable voice changing capabilities, primarily focusing on enabling users to create complete audio projects.

GarageBand is impressive for its ability to harmonize several tracks and produce a seamless final product. Thanks to its wide range of audio functions, it can handle recording songs and voices with multiple instruments or adding beats with ease.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition, a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, is a prominent voiceover app. Compatible with a range of operating systems, it provides a robust platform for individuals to create, restore, mix, and edit audio recordings with sound effects.

Adobe Audition caters to a wide range of users. Podcasters can leverage its features to record audio, edit, and enhance their episodes, all within one powerful program. Voice actors find it helpful to record professional-quality materials aided by voice changers and perform essential sound-mixing tasks for freelance voiceover work.

However, its high cost may deter users seeking more affordable options. Additionally, its lack of MIDI support, an essential feature for many music producers, may limit its appeal.

Studio One

Studio One by PreSonus stands out in the lineup of top voiceover apps in 2024. Studio One is particularly praised for its audio compression capabilities and support for various audio files and effects. It is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and macOS. This makes it an excellent choice for musicians and music production professionals. However, its focus on music production can be limiting for users looking for a versatile voiceover tool.

Logic Pro

Logic Pro is another essential player. Renowned as a fully-featured digital audio workstation, Logic Pro offers users an impressive array of capabilities, from audio effects, voice filters, and quick sampling to step sequencing and remote music-making.

One of Logic Pro's distinctive features is its focus on user-friendliness without compromising professional-grade quality. This balance between approachability and high-level functionality allows individuals to dive into everything from beat-making to vocals confidently and easily.

Moreover, Logic Pro fosters creativity across a broad spectrum of music genres. The seamless integration with various virtual instruments via MIDI amplifies its strength, enabling users to create unique audio experiences, particularly in the dance/electronica domain. Compatibility-wise, Logic Pro is designed for macOS users, limiting its user base. That said, the tool is exclusive to music producers, further limiting the user base.


In the pantheon of voiceover apps, Speechify secures a coveted spot, making a strong statement with its versatile text to speech capabilities. As an app that's accessible on both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, Speechify prides itself on an impressive roster of about 200+ built-in voices covering 30+ languages. This celebrity voiceover generator includes the voices of Snoop Dogg and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Uniquely, Speechify allows individuals to transform text from images into spoken words, a feature that resonates particularly with users who frequently interact with graphic content. Moreover, it allows users to upload documents or articles from diverse sources like Dropbox, Google Cloud, emails, text messages, ePub files, and HTML files for a seamless text to speech conversion. Remarkably, Speechify's processing power allows it to read up to 900 words per minute.

Natural Reader

Among the roster of best voice over apps, Natural Reader makes a strong impression with its unique focus on delivering a natural reading style. The free voiceover app is a perfect choice for those desiring a realistic narration experience, as it offers a diverse array of voices that read the text in an incredibly lifelike way.

One of the most distinguishing features of Natural Readers is its compatibility with numerous document formats. This enables individuals to listen to text files, eBooks, PDFs, and webpages, making the act of consuming content as simple as importing and listening.

Moreover, it allows users to alter reading settings and change the speed according to their preferences. Notably, it can also convert text to MP3, delivering a personalized audio experience.

Among the unique features, Natural Reader has a dyslexia font, a boon for dyslexic readers that offers an improved reading experience. In addition, a pronunciation editor is provided to refine and perfect the audio output, alongside the convenience of bookmarking webpages for continuous reading at a later time.

Murf AI

While Murf AI does not offer an app, it provides a Studio with a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to download the generated voice overs in different formats and easily upload them to other systems or devices using a third-party app. This flexibility, combined with an extensive range of 120+ natural-sounding AI voices in over 20 languages, makes Murf AI a reliable text to speech tool for those looking to add unique flavor and personality to their voiceover narration.

Murf AI leverages the power of AI algorithms and deep learning to produce lifelike and convincing voiceovers that sound as if spoken by an actual person rather than a computer-generated voice. Additionally, the tool's simple AI voice changer feature allows users to transform any existing voiceover or audio file, switching between male to female voices or vice versa. The platform offers powerful editing features, allowing users to modify their scripts and generate audio in real time without any background noise.

Furthermore, Murf AI allows users to add background music to a voiceover by choosing a clip from its royalty-free music library. This enhances the auditory experience and further personalizes the audio content. That said, Murf offers users the benefit of trying their platform for free before signing up for a paid plan. Users gain full access to all the features and functionalities of the platform in the free version, allowing them to explore its capabilities and assess its suitability for their specific needs.

Summing Up

As we embrace the audio revolution, the importance of voiceover applications is evident more than ever. Each tool is meticulously crafted to address specific requirements, paving the way for new experiences in audio content creation. However, the power to create and refine voiceovers isn't merely about enhancing audio quality. It's also about adding a personalized touch, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary.

The digital stage is set for you to voice your story, and it's high time your narrative took the spotlight.


Is there an app to do voiceover?

Several apps are available for creating voiceovers, such as Audacity, Speechify, Natural Reader, and more.

 What is the free voiceover app for videos?

Speechify and NaturalReaders are voiceover apps that offer free versions of their technology and provide the essential functionality for basic voiceover tasks.

What app can I use to edit my voice?

Popular audio editing app include Audacity, GarageBand, and Adobe Audition. Choose the one that fits your needs and is compatible with your device.