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AI Voice Cloning: Craft Custom Voice Clones for Unique Experiences

Tired of hearing machine-like, monotonous-sounding voice clones? Not anymore. With Murf, generate an AI voice clone that mimics real human emotions like anger, happiness, sadness, and more.

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Clone once.
Use Forever.

Transform a single recording into infinite script performances. Customize the AI voice clone to exhibit different emotions depending on the use case be it advertisements, IVR, or character voices in games and animation.

Pitch Perfect Voice Clones

Create a spot-on match of the voice you like with Murf. Customize the voice by adjusting pitch, tone, speed, and more to produce life-like narration for your content.

Edit on the Fly. Optimize your Content.

Make modifications to your script anytime during the creative process and generate the voiceover with the new changes, without re-recording the target voice twice.

Lifelike Voice Clones. As Real As It Gets.

A dedicated account manager will assist you through your user cycle, including voice recording quality assurance, on-boarding, troubleshooting and any other support requirements. Also, our teams work hard to ensure 99.9% uptime SLA on the platform.


Your perfect voice is
5 steps  away

  1. 1

    Brief our team about your exact requirements.

  2. 2

    Sign up with us to build a voice clone for an actor of your choice.

  3. 3

    Get a custom script recorded by the voice actor.

  4. 4

    Relax while we get your custom voice ready for you.

  5. 5

    Unlock round-the-clock access to your custom voice on Murf Studio.

Safe, Secure, and Dependable

Our systems are built to protect your data, ensure security of usage for your clone and provide exclusive access to your team for creating custom voice overs using text to speech.

Exclusive Access

Your team will have exclusive access to the custom voice clone and all access points are authenticated by 2-factor authentication (2FA) with clear role segregation, periodically reviewed for risk assessment.

Data Security

Our AI models and voice data is stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is compliant with PCI-DSS, SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC, FedRAMP, GDPR, HIPAA/HITECH, and more. All data flowing across our servers in the AWS global network is automatically encrypted at the physical layer before it leaves the secured facilities. Service-to-service TLS connections and encrypted data transfer over HTTPS using SHA-2 compliant cipher suites ensure additional security.

Ethical AI

All data flowing across the AWS global network that interconnects our data centers is automatically encrypted at the physical layer before it leaves the secured facilities. Service-to-service TLS connections and encrypted data transfer over HTTPS using SHA-2 compliant cipher suites ensure additional security.

Custom Voices. Designed for you and your teams.

A dedicated account manager will assist you through your user cycle, including voice recording quality assurance, on-boarding, troubleshooting and any other support requirements. Also, our teams work hard to ensure 99.9% uptime SLA on the platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours of voice data would you need to build a custom AI voice?

We would need ~1-2 hrs of recordings for a given style of voice. Murf will have the script prepared and shared to record/read for a specified tonality.

Are there any specifications for recording the voice data?

The recording needs to be noise-free and should have been done in a professional studio environment. Output: WAV file (Sample Rate: 48kHz, Bits per sample:16)

How much time does this take to create a Custom AI voice?

Once all the recording data is shared with us, we would require anywhere between 1-4 weeks time to create an AI Avatar from it.

Can you create different styles for the same voice?

Yes, we can! However, for each such style, a separate script with its corresponding recording data would be required.

Who owns the IP and has the right to use the trained voices based on our data?

The customer will own the rights to the custom voice and can use it for commercial purposes as well.

How do you ensure that Voice cloning is not misused?

We use 3-levels of protection:

1. Exclusive team access with 2-factor authentication
2. Data security through service-to-service TLS connections and encrypted data transfer over HTTPS using SHA-2 compliant cipher suites
3. Murf practices ethical AI

What is voice cloning used for?

Voice cloning can be used in:

• Animations
• Game development
• Digital and commercial advertising
• Podcasting
• Audiobooks
• Elearning
• TV shows and films

Understanding AI Voice Cloning

AI voice cloning, the incredible process where machines mimic human speech with jaw-dropping accuracy, capturing every little nuance and inflection, has completely transformed content creation across sectors for the better.

Take the entertainment industry, for instance. AI voice cloning has revolutionized dubbing, allowing for seamless voice replication of iconic characters and preserving legacies in the industry. Creators love it, too it’s turbocharging content creation with a lightning-fast solution.

And it’s not just about movies and shows. Think about accessibility. People who have lost their voice now have a way to create a clone that closely resembles their natural speech patterns, making communication a lot smoother and more personalized. 

Customer service is getting a facelift, too. AI voice cloning makes interactions more personal, which is a win for everyone involved. 

In short, voice cloning technology is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, making our voices not just heard but celebrated in incredible ways.

How Does AI Voice Cloning Work?

You must be wondering: how does AI pull off such convincing voice cloning feats? It’s a blend of technological prowess and data-driven finesse that powers this remarkable capability.

At the heart of AI voice cloning lies a substantial reservoir of voice data recordings that capture the essence of an individual’s voice. These recordings serve as the foundation, allowing the AI model to dissect and comprehend the intricacies of speech, from unique tones to subtle nuances that define a voice.

This technology leans heavily on sophisticated algorithms, particularly deep neural networks. These algorithms break down the voice recordings into smaller components, analyzing patterns and features crucial for replication. Through ‘generative models,’ the AI system learns to generate new speech segments by predicting sequences based on these learned patterns, honing its ability to produce remarkably authentic speech.

What’s truly impressive is the progress in real-time voice cloning. Now, the AI can create a voice clone that closely mimics a specific voice instantly without extensive preprocessing. This advancement opens doors to live applications from voice conversion in real time to instant speech synthesis for various purposes.

And here’s the kicker while some AI voice cloning services come at a cost, several platforms offer AI voice cloning free. These leverage open-source frameworks and models, ensuring accessibility to this remarkable technology without financial barriers.

In essence, AI voice cloning is a blend of cutting-edge algorithms, vast datasets, and continuous learning, resulting in the ability to replicate voices with incredible precision, unlocking a multitude of applications across diverse fields.

Key Applications of AI Voice Cloning

AI voice cloning apps are transforming numerous domains, and their applications are truly game-changing. Here’s a look at some of the major applications of voice cloning technology:

Voice Assistants

The ability to craft personalized voice models elevates the level of interaction, making voice assistants more intuitive and engaging. Custom voice cloning bridges the gap between technology and personal preference, offering a sense of ownership over one’s digital interactions.

Content Creation

For creators, AI voice cloning technology is a boon. Content producers can whip up top-notch voiceovers in their own or favorite celebrity’s voice in minutes. These tools not only expedite the content creation process but also ensure a consistent tone and style across various mediums. It’s a game-changer for podcasters, authors, and filmmakers, enabling them to produce studio-quality content faster without compromising quality.

Dubbing and Localization

Imagine a streamlined and automated dubbing process that is both swift and cost-effective while also reducing the need for extensive actor engagement.

That is precisely what voice cloning helps achieve. You can also seamlessly adapt the content to multiple languages. That means breaking linguistic barriers and fostering global connections. Furthermore, the ability to tailor accents enables precise localization, ensuring that content resonates authentically with diverse audiences.

Thanks to accessible voice cloning apps and online platforms, it has become easier to clone voice with AI. These user-friendly interfaces and tools make exploring and leveraging AI voice cloning’s potential a smoother journey for everyone.

In essence, AI voice cloning is reshaping voice assistants, content creation, and the world of dubbing and localization. Its impact on efficiency, personalization, and global reach is nothing short of remarkable.

What Can You Do With Murf Voice Cloning Software?

With Murf’s AI voice cloning technology, you can now clone the voice of voice actors of your choice anytime from anywhere (provided you have the legal rights to do so). 

Voice cloning for E-learning

The global e-learning market was expected to reach a staggering total market value of $325 billion by 2025 before the pandemic. And then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, and e-learning became one of the primary sources of education worldwide. While e-learning makes it possible to reach a large audience in one go, it becomes difficult for educators to take classes online. Asynchronous education can be a solution where the educator can make videos and make them online. So basically, educators now have to become content creators -they are not trained to become podcasters or YouTubers and read long scripts from the course material. 

Custom voices here come as a natural solution. Educators have to create recorded speech in their voice, and then Murf’s AI technology can clone the voice at the backend and create cloned voice Avatars of the educators. With such intuitive services available, educators now easily create several online course materials in no time and educate the world. 

Custom Voices for Audiobook narration

Audiobook narration takes much more than just reading a script. There need to be the right pitch, tone, emphasis, and emotions to connect with the audience. And that’s why you need to record audiobooks with professionals in a studio setup. The process is expensive and time-consuming. But with Murf’s offering, you can create a recorded speech of the target voice actor in the desired tone, clone the voice to create a voice Avatar, and you are all set to make the entire audiobook! Upload the script and use the cloned voice tone. Use additional Murf features like background music, emphasis, pitch, and speed control, to make the audiobook more appealing.

Custom Voices for Podcasts

Murf’s AI voice cloning software lets you create professional-quality podcasts for your brand. No need to invest in an expensive studio setup or spend time on retakes. Share the audio sample of your voice talent in the desired tone, and clone the voice using Murf’s voice cloning offering. Upload the script and create the podcast in minutes. The additional Murf features can let you control the speed or add a pause to give a pleasurable listening experience to your audience. 

Custom Voices for advertising

With Murf’s voice cloning service, you can share the audio sample of your brand ambassadors and voice clone them to an audio avatar. Use it to create unlimited advertisement pieces in the same voice (as long as you have the contract with your brand ambassador). What more?  With Murf’s AI voice clone online, you can record the original voice once and keep creating new advertisement audio by leveraging the voice cloning software. 

Voice cloning for videos

Whether you want to create a voice-over for e-learning, a product video, or a voice-over for YouTube content, you can use Murf’s voice cloning offering and create professional quality voiceovers in minutes. 

Voice cloning for presentation

If you are someone who needs to create a lot of video or PPT presentations, it can be tiring to record your voice for every presentation. Instead, use voice cloning to clone your voice in a tone desired, save it as a voice Avatar and keep using it for life! Clone your voice and use it every time you need to prepare a presentation. Just upload the text on Murf studio and choose your cloned voice or Murf’s AI-generated voices, and you convert text to speech in minutes.

How to Clone Your Voice with Murf AI?

Murf makes professional voice cloning easy for both beginners and experts. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create voice clones with Murf AI:

Step 1: Define Your Requirements

Brief our team about your exact needs and preferences. Whether it’s replicating a specific actor’s voice or creating a personalized voice model, share your specifications for a tailored experience.

Step 2: Choose and Sign Up

Select your desired actor for voice cloning and sign up with Murf AI to initiate the process.

Step 3: Script Recording

Get a custom script recorded by the selected voice actor. This crucial step ensures that the cloned voice captures the nuances and subtleties essential for an accurate replication.

Step 4: Relax and Await

While our team works diligently behind the scenes, sit back and relax. We’ll prepare your custom voice, ensuring attention to detail and precision in every aspect of the cloning process.

Step 5: Access Your Custom Voice

Unlock round-the-clock access to your personalized voice on Murf Studio. You can now use the exclusive cloned voice for various creative or professional endeavors.

Note: Murf’s voice cloning is currently limited to Enterprises only.

Why Choose AI Voice Cloner from Murf?

Murf is a reliable online voice cloner that lets you easily clone your favorite actor's voice. Murf ensures your cloned voices are safe and your team has exclusive access. But that’s not just all! Murf offers a complete voice solution.  Murf offers advanced voice synthesis, editing, and visual timing features to help you create high-quality audio cloning in minutes. 

Once you sign up with Murf, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will guide you in every step of your deep voice cloning efforts. Your account manager will be your point of touch, from taking you through the user cycle to troubleshooting and support requirements. 

With 24 x 7 instant access to your cloned voices, you are better poised to scale your content generation with ease. When you sign up to Murf for voice cloning services, you get access to the entire Murf studio. Use features like the soundtrack to add background music for your Audiobook or control pitch, speed, pause, and pronunciation to make your narration more relatable for your voice-over PPT. Simply upload your script and change it to audio using your custom voice clone. The possibilities are endless.