Murf Sub-Processors

Last Updated: 25/01/2024

Subprocessors are Murf vendors that process your users personal data in order to help Murf provide the service to you. All Murf subprocessors are bound by terms to protect the personal data with adequate safeguards.

Murf affiliate companies may be sub-processors because employees of those affiliates may need to provide engineering and customer support services.

As our business grows and evolves, the Sub-processors we engage may also change. If you wish to receive email notifications of updates to our Sub-processor List, please subscribe here.

Purpose / Description of processing
Entity country
Amazon Web ServicesProduction services and cloud servicesUSA
AtlassianProject/program tracking tool, process management and customer supportUSA
GoogleStorage, analytics, workspace/productivity and cloud servicesUSA
MicrosoftCloud services, analytics and AI translationUSA
MixpanelData warehouse, product analytics and data pipelinesUSA
HubspotCustomer support, sales, customer lifecycle managementUSA
StripePayment and card processingUSA