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Text to Speech’s Impact on Real Estate Agents

Compelling figures support the escalating trend of video usage in the real estate sector. Research reveals that property listings featuring videos receive 403% more inquiries than those without videos, underscoring the profound influence of engaging multimedia content in capturing potential buyers’ interest. However, the quest to make these videos more captivating and compelling remains.

One innovative solution that is paving the way forward is text to speech. TTS technology can significantly enhance the video creation process for estate agents, adding a layer of engagement and information delivery that can set listings apart in a competitive market.

In this blog, we will explore the crucial role this innovative tool plays for real estate professionals across the globe. From streamlining communication with clients to enhancing property listings, TTS technology is poised to redefine industry standards for efficiency and customer engagement. Discover how to leverage the immense potential of TTS technology in the ever-competitive real estate landscape.

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Benefits of Text to Speech for Real Estate Agents


Text to speech automates the generation of realistic voiceovers for property tour videos, reviews, and promotional ads, significantly reducing the time and effort invested in creating these resources. TTS software can swiftly turn written content into compelling audio, freeing agents to focus on their primary duties, such as client consultations, market analysis, buyer and seller representation, and document preparation. 


By transforming written content about properties into spoken format, TTS makes information accessible to a diverse audience, including auditory learners, individuals who struggle with reading, and those with visual impairments. Such an extensive reach can lead to increased engagement, fueling higher conversion rates.


One of the most compelling benefits of TTS technology is its ability to amplify viewer engagement. Whether it’s a property tour video on YouTube, an ad promoting a new property, or a review of a residential complex, a well-crafted voiceover can hold a potential buyer’s attention, making them more likely to process and respond to the information. By infusing life into static text and transforming it into vibrant narratives, TTS software enhances the overall effectiveness of a real estate agent’s communication strategy.

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Multilingual Advantage

Real estate agents often interact with clients from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Leveraging the multilingual capabilities of TTS technology, agents can seamlessly convert property details and promotional content into various languages. This ensures clear communication with non-native speakers and international buyers, fostering trust and inclusivity. By addressing clients in their native language, realtors can establish a deeper connection, broadening their market reach and increasing potential sales.

Why Should Murf Be Your Text to Speech for Real Estate Content?

In the competitive world of real estate, agents need every tool at their disposal to stand out and engage potential clients. One such tool that has proven incredibly effective is Murf, a leading text to speech software designed to create high-quality voiceover content for any type of video, be it explainer video, training video, or promotional videos.

Murf is not just a voiceover generation software; it’s a comprehensive solution allowing real estate agents to create engaging, professional, personalized voiceovers for their visual content. Its library of 120+ male and female voices in 20+ languages and various accents, such as Australian, American, and Spanish, enables realtors to create content catering to a global audience. With its user-friendly interface, extensive features, and customization options, Murf is ideal for real estate agents looking to enhance their marketing efforts.

Natural Voices

A standout feature of Murf is its natural-sounding AI voices. Unlike other text to speech software that often provides robotic or monotonous voices, Murf’s TTS voices are incredibly realistic and can mimic human intonations and prosody. They add an authentic and relatable element to a real estate video, building trust and credibility with viewers.

A well-spoken and natural-sounding voiceover also lends professionalism to real estate videos, making them more appealing to potential clients and stakeholders.

For example, for property walkthrough videos, Theo’s bold voice can confidently highlight key features of the house. Miles’ commentator voice, on the other hand, is more suitable for a video on a neighborhood tour, while Wayne’s deep voice best fits a video on market updates. Client testimonials can feel more personal with a ‘conversational voice’ like ‘Charles’ or a low-pitched voice like ‘Julia.’

Extensive Collection of Voices in Different Languages and Accents

Photo by: Vladislav Klapin on Unsplash

Murf’s extensive multilingual voices are a huge plus for real estate agents catering to diverse regional and international audiences. They can choose from voices in over 20 languages and multiple accents, such as Australian, British, and American English, Brazilian Portuguese, and more, ensuring that the content resonates with your target audience, regardless of their linguistic background.

Customization Options for Personalized Audio

Murf provides voice customization options, enabling real estate agents to fine-tune their audio content. Among these, the pitch and pause controls stand out. For instance, imagine a real estate video showcasing a historic mansion steeped in history and mystery. A lower-pitched voice can evoke a sense of depth and gravitas. Combined with deliberate pauses, it can create an atmosphere of reverence and awe.

With Murf’s intuitive interface, adjusting the pitch is as simple as dragging the slider to the desired value, ranging from -50% to +50%. Similarly, pauses can be incorporated to let the information sink in and accentuate the mansion’s grandeur. This level of customization ensures that the voiceover complements the video content and elevates the overall viewer experience.

Voice Over Video Integration

With Murf, real estate agents can effortlessly upload an existing property tour or a promotional video and overlay it with a voiceover. By simply inputting a new script into Murf, they can generate a professional-sounding narration, eliminating the need for external recording setups or hiring voice artists. This feature is invaluable for agents aiming to quickly update their content or adapt to a multilingual audience.

Voice Changer

Real estate agents who have previously recorded voiceovers but seek a more polished sound can utilize Murf’s AI voice changer. This tool allows them to replace their original narration with one of Murf’s 120+ natural-sounding AI voices, spanning 20 different languages. This ensures that even home-recorded content can be elevated to a professional standard, resonating more effectively with potential buyers.

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In the ever-evolving world of property marketing, adaptability and innovation are the keys to success. And, no doubt, TTS technology is leading this transformative journey. By harnessing the potential of TTS tools like Murf, real estate agents can generate engaging, accessible, and time and cost-efficient property videos with realistic voiceovers that set them apart in a competitive market.

But the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. And what better way for a real estate agent to taste the pudding than to try it for free? Murf offers a free trial, allowing real estate agents to explore its myriad features without any immediate commitment. This way, you can personally experience the transformative potential of this TTS software before integrating it into your marketing strategy.

To sign up for your free trial, visit Murf. Make the leap today and watch your business reach new heights.


Can TTS software help me create engaging property descriptions?

Absolutely! Text to speech software transforms ordinary property descriptions into engaging narrative voices that hold viewers’ interest. Using different inflections and tones for voices, for example, can highlight important features and evoke emotions that could influence buying decisions.

How does using TTS save time for real estate agents in creating videos?

TTS software streamlines the voiceover process by converting written descriptions into voice. This eliminates the need for scheduling and recording voices, significantly reducing the time spent on audio and video production, including promotional videos, property tours, and more.

Can I try Murf for free before making a purchase? How can I access the free trial?

Yes, you can! Murf offers a free trial for users. Simply visit the Murf website and click the ‘Free Trial’ button. You can then sign up and start exploring the features and benefits Murf offers without spending a penny.