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Top Eight Voice Changers for YouTube Videos

Facebook is no longer the ‘go-to’ platform for businesses, marketers, and individual creators to market videos as has long-standing been the case. As per recent data, YouTube has emerged as the most commonly named platform.

You know what this means, right? 

YouTube content creators are facing intense competition and are constantly looking for new ways to improve their videos using technology, trends, and more.

One such method that holds the potential to captivate audiences by infusing creativity into the content is using a voice changer for YouTube. 

If you haven’t tried a voice changer for YouTube videos before, this guide is for you. We will explore why YouTube voice changer software is becoming more commonplace, in addition to understanding how you can use it to create more engaging videos.

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Why is a YouTube Video Voice Changer Becoming Mainstream?

Using a YouTube video voice changer can improve your video’s creativity and entertainment value, sure.

But the buck doesn’t stop there.

A voice changer for YouTubers offers manifold benefits: you can improve audience engagement while targeting a wider base, add a creative touch to your storytelling, and intrigue listeners with a different version of your usual narrative.

Here’s why you should use a voice changer for YouTube videos:

Creativity and Versatility

Want to add an extra layer of creativity to your videos? YouTube video voice changer apps allow you to change your voice into any character or persona of your choice. This includes generic voices such as that of an old man, a young woman, or a child. Or, you can transform into specific personalities such as Joe Biden, Ellen DeGeneres, Donald Trump, and more.

You can experiment with different voices, adding humor, suspense, and even surprise to your videos. It opens up new possibilities for storytelling and character development.


Voice changer apps can significantly enhance the entertainment value of your YouTube videos. For example, you can add funny voices, mimic famous personalities, or create fictional characters with distinct voices.

This element of surprise and novelty will keep viewers entertained (and coming back for more). Remember, viewers always appreciate content that goes beyond the ordinary.

Wider Audience Appeal

The ability to cater to different voices is nothing short of a superpower. You can:

  • Address varying tastes and preferences

  • Connect with audiences who enjoy specific genres and styles (which may not be possible to achieve with your natural voice)

  • Switch between voices and make the content more relatable to different age groups as well as cultural backgrounds

Enhanced Interaction During Live Streaming

Voice changers can also come in handy during live streams. You can interact with your audience in real-time, engage with subscribers via altered voices, and add an element of playfulness to the interaction.

Live streaming with voice changers can create a more dynamic and enjoyable experience for viewers and encourage them to participate actively.

Eight Best Voice Changers for YouTube Videos 

In this section, we will cover the top eight voice changers for YouTube in terms of key features, pros and cons, compatibility, and more so that you can make an informed decision.

Whether you want to add an effect or change the voice, these voice changers are a great addition to any YouTuber’s arsenal of must-have tools.

1. Murf

While primarily a text to voice generator, Murf also offers an AI voice changer feature that you can use to spruce up your YouTube video content be it reviews, educational, tutorials, or more.

With this feature, you can swap the raw recorded voice in your YouTube video with a professional AI voice for the same script and generate a natural-sounding studio-quality voice over for the video in seconds. 

Whether you want a voice for added comedic effect or wish to mask your ‘real voice,’ Murf’s online voice changer delivers on all accounts.

With Murf voice changer, you can:

  • Get rid of noise, interruptions, or errors in the recording so that your YouTube videos are of high quality

  • Convert the recorded audio file into a high-quality AI voice without expensive recording equipment

  • Transcribe and edit the voice recording (read: removing filler words or adding pauses, deleting extraneous words, arranging word sequences, and even updating the script) 

  • Sync voice with video by breaking down the voice over script into small text blocks

  • Customize the pitch, speed, emphasis, or narration of the voiceover 

2. Voxal Voice Changer

You can use Voxal Voice Changer for real-time live voice chats as well as for recorded audio. The Voxal Voice Changer tool is great for customizing any voice you like.

All you need to do is experiment with the voice settings and create voices for games, applications, and so on.

Top Features

  • Provides access to 36+ voices so that your YouTube videos can sound different and unique 

  • Offers a background noise suppressor to remove unwanted noises, ensuring studio-quality voiceovers for your music videos, training videos, and more

  • Compatibility with Windows and Mac devices

Pro: Works on any application with a microphone

3. AV Voice Changer Diamond

AV Voice Changer is a premium voice changer software that can modify key audio characteristics to make you sound younger, older, deeper, more feminine, and so on. 

Top Features

  • Provides 30 voice effects, 70 background effects, 17 non-human voices, 40 plug-in audio effects, and more, which you can use for animation videos, explainer videos, and other YouTube content

  • Voice Morpher includes features such as voice attributes, voice beautification, and more

  • Voice editor automatically edits and adds voice effects to your existing audio files

  • Nickvoices features over 100+ ready-to-use “nickvoices” to use with any online nickname and personality 

  • Compatibility with Windows devices


  • Provides access to celebrity voices such as Adele, Marly Monroe, and more

  • Offers a dedicated online voice panel for varying apps to help you customize your YouTube video based on your audience’ liking, interests, and more

Con: Offers a free trial, but the pricing starts at $99

4. Voice AI 

Voice AI is a free real-time voice changer that offers 1000+ free voices that you can use to create your own kind of voice be it for Zoom, Discord, Minecraft, Valorant, League of Legends, GTA5, Fortnite, Among Us, Skype voice changer, or WhatsApp.

You can also create short audio clips for soundboards with this free tool.

Top Features

  • You can add a celebrity voice to your live stream or create your own voice as a VTuber

  • Compatibility with Windows

Pro: Provides access to a community of audio and voice enthusiasts who routinely make AI-generated voices so that you can add a layer of diversity to your YouTube videos

5. Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer is a Windows-only app that comes with a music player and a sound player to give you the voice of your dreams.

Top Features

  • Offers multiple voice effects such as alien, female pitch, clone, helium pitch, silence, and more 

  • Provides a voice assistant feature that converts text into speech, and ensures your YouTube videos are relatable and entertaining 

  • Compatibility with Windows

Pro: Sound Player allows you to play various sounds; once the hotkey is pressed, a predefined sound will be played

Con: Doesn’t allow you to record using the voice changer

6. VoiceChanger IO

VoiceChanger IO allows you to create voiceovers for your YouTube video in two ways.

One, by using a pre-recorded audio or two, by using your microphone to record your voice. Then, all you need to do is apply the desired voice effect, and voila, you are done!

Top features:

  • Provides 50+ voice effects such as monsters, aliens, and robots to ensure your YouTube videos have a different audio flavor 

  • Allows you to download the modified audio at one click and churn out multiple YouTube videos

  • Offers a free online text to speech tool


  • Allows you to use generated audio clips for any purpose, including commercial usage; you don’t need to credit the tool

  • Offers an easy-to-use UI with downloadable voice effects


  • In order to use some voices, such as Bane and Dalek, users need to put on the correct “accent” for the transformed voice to work properly

  • Users must also talk relatively slowly if using “echo-ey” voices. Otherwise, the echoes will make it hard to understand

7. FineShare

FineShare, a 100% AI-powered voice cloning tool, allows you to create a modified voice or choose a desired voice effect. 

Once done, you can download it for your YouTube videos. Select from 100+ realistic voices for characters (like Darth Vader) as well as celebrities (like Morgan Freeman, Christiano Ronaldo, Andrew Tate, and David Attenborough). Once you’ve added the voice of choice, experiment with your YouTube video and show off your creativity skills.

Top Features

  • Offers 110 voice effects, including old man, demon, ghost, and more

  • Great for gamers, video content creators, vloggers, and filmmakers.

  • The voice change generator allows you to morph your voice from male to female voice and vice versa, enabling you to alternate between different characters within the same YouTube recordings.

  • Can only be used online

Pro: Easy to use and navigate

Con: You need to register to make audio and use its downloadable audio functionality

8. iMyFone

iMyFone is a free voice changer that allows you to hide your voice. You can add interesting voice filters and use MagicMic to change your voice in one click.

Whether you want to sound funny within your live stream or create a unique voice for your YouTube videos, this platform can help. The tool offers AI voices of Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, and more.

Top Features

  • Offers 225+ voice filters for chats, games, and live-streaming, which you can easily use to elevate the appeal of your YouTube channel with voice as the superpower

  • Provides 600+ voice effects and 200+ memes, helping you to create a variety of infotainment YouTube videos

  • Provides Voice Modulator Change Voice feature on Discord, Fortnite, Valorant, and Zoom

  • Supports Voice Recording and Audio File Voice Change features, making it useful for vlogs, reaction videos, educational videos, and more

  • Compatibility with Windows and Mac devices

Con: Only a free trial is available; otherwise, you need to purchase the tool to use it

Is There a ‘Best’ Voice Changer for YouTube Videos?

Just like your vlogging voice cannot be integrated into one mold, your YouTube videos may need a variety of voices to add different perspectives, delivery styles, and interests. As such, there is no one tool that can be the best.

Considering there are multiple options available today, it’s important to do your homework to understand which voice changer fits the bill and invest in the tool accordingly. 

Evaluate factors such as voice effects, ease of use, voice options, and device compatibility. Whether you want to convert your original voice into that of a female or want to use a funny voice for your script, a voice changer can deliver on all accounts.

Conduct your research, access a free trial, and get started today!


How do voice changers enhance YouTube videos?

YouTube voice changers allow YouTubers to change their voice and replace it with funny voices or voices of specific characters and dramatic personalities to make your video more engaging and entertaining.

Can I use Murf for live streaming on YouTube?

No, you cannot use Murf for live streaming on YouTube.

Are there free voice changers that are good enough for professional YouTube content?

Yes, there are many free voice changers that you can use to build professional-level audio files for your YouTube content.

How to integrate voice changers with YouTube video editing software?

To integrate voice changers with your YouTube video and audio editing software, you will need to use audio manipulation tools. These tools will allow you to change the pitch, speed, tone, and other aspects of your voice as desired. 

Can I modify my voice in real-time while recording for YouTube with these tools?

Yes, you can modify your voice in real-time while recording for YouTube if you have access to the right tool. For example, you can use it for mimicry or synchronize your voice with the theme of the video.

Are these voice changers compatible with both Windows and Mac?

There are many voice changers, such as AV Voice Changer, that are compatible with both Mac and Windows.

How does voice changer software maintain audio quality?

Voice changer software does not alter the existing audio file quality. Instead, it assists users in modifying the pitch and tone of the voice to achieve the desired end results.

Can I create custom voice effects for my YouTube characters?

Yes, most voice changing apps allow you to create custom voice effects for your YouTube characters. You can also choose from a ready repository of voice effects to improve your storytelling.

What are the legal considerations when using voice changers for YouTube?

Using voice changers for YouTube is legal in most cases. However, using a voice changer for any sort of crime or harmful activity is not legal. So, exercise caution when using a voice changer for your YouTube channel, and pay special attention to whether the respective tool allows for YouTube monetization.