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Top Five Celebrity AI Voice Generator of 2024

Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Sir David Attenborough are some of this century’s iconic celebrity voices. Their distinctive cadences have become synonymous with truth, authority, and wonder, and their voice can transport listeners to another dimension, evoking strong emotions and leaving lasting impressions.

They have taken storytelling and narration in everything from documentaries to advertisements to new, never-before-seen heights.

While everyone may not agree on the above names, we can all agree that certain voices stand out and grab your attention from the get-go.

Well, thanks to a combination of voice cloning, text to speech technology, and AI, you can now unleash your creative potential with a celebrity voice generator. This blog will tell you all about them. 

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Celebrity Voice Generators: What Are They, and What Can They Do?

A celebrity voice changer app is an AI software that can create natural-sounding celebrity voiceovers using advanced speech synthesis technology. They use deep learning and natural language processing to create realistic voices of famous personalities that can be used for several applications, from simple pranks to adding an element of uniqueness to your official presentation to narrating audiobooks. A punch line with an AI celebrity voice might win a client over.

That said, while plenty of celebrity AI voice generators are on the market, not all of them cut the mustard. If you are looking for a celebrity voice generator that can produce a high-quality voice output with natural-sounding voices, the following are the ones to try out.

Top Celebrity Voice Generators of 2024

After extensive research and in-depth comparison, we have compiled a list of the best AI celebrity voice generator tools of 2024. Let’s have a look.


Speechify is one of the best AI celebrity voice generators available today. It is ranked #1 among its competition on the Apple store and has over 250,000+ 5-star reviews to back up its claim as the best.

It has an impressive voice library with AI celebrity voices such as Morgan Freeman and Gwyneth Paltrow, popular voice actors such as James Earl Jones (the voice behind Darth Vader), and even Scooby-Doo.

Lovo AI

Lovo AI is another popular celebrity voice generator that is feature-packed and fun to use.

The highlight of Lovo is its AI named Genny, which can generate over 150 high-quality voices in over a hundred languages on the fly. Genny can also mimic over 25 emotions for a high-quality voiceover experience. 


FakeYou is a simple AI voice generator that uses deepfake technology to generate celebrity AI voices. While it does have limited support for languages (Eight at the moment), it makes up in the various categories of voices it can generate. 

It can currently generate over 2900 voices that can mimic actors, comedians, cartoons, internet celebrities, and more. FakeYou also offers basic TTS functions, such as altering the generated voices pitch and speed. 


PlayHT is another excellent tool that lets you create natural sounding celebrity voices online. Apart from generating celebrity voices, it also has a fun voice cloning feature to make custom AI voices using your own. 

Its free version gives you a generous 2500-word limit to generate ultra-realistic human-like voice content. 


TopMediai is a tool for creating realistic and natural-sounding voiceovers from text. You can also make bespoke AI voices by copying your own voice or any other voice.

Its celebrity AI voice generator allows users to produce voiceovers with the voices of celebrities such as Obama, Trump, Morgan Freeman, Spongebob, and many more. 

Applications and Benefits of Realistic Celebrity Voices

When it comes to certain celebrities, their voice serves as their brand, instantly capturing people’s attention. Incorporating a celebrity’s voice into your voice projects can instantly add value to your content.

Let’s look at a few applications of this advanced technology across industries. 


For starters, these celebrity voices can be used to create funny parodies, spoofs, or satires of famous personalities just for laughs.

For example, you could create an audio of Donald Trump rapping or Darth Vader giving a motivational speech. The possibilities are endless. 

They can also be used to create fan fiction. Alternative endings to popular movies or series are also possible, which is a trendy niche on YouTube today.

Celebrity voice generation can also be used to create tributes, homages, or memorials of celebrities, such as deceased legends, icons, or heroes. 

Content Creation

Content creation is at its peak now and shows no signs of slowing down. Celebrity voice generation can create voice content for various purposes, such as videos, podcasts, audiobooks, games, eLearning, and more.

This can be a great way to attract and engage your audience and make your content more appealing and memorable. Celebrity voice generators can also create voiceovers for Google Slides presentations.

For example, you can create a voiceover of Bill Gates presenting your business plan or Emma Watson presenting your research project. It could be a neat touch to display creativity, engage your target audience, and impress them. 

That said, while this amazing technology is free to access, care should also be taken not to misuse it to mimic or harm the reputation of anyone involved. 

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Murf AI: A Realistic Voice Generator for Professionals

While celebrity voice generators are fun, when it comes to essential work, you need a voice generator that can create natural and realistic voices.

Enter Murf AI, which provides you with everything you need to create studio-quality, natural-sounding voiceovers for your audio and video projects.

With Murf, you get the following:

Realistic, Natural Sounding Voices

This tool offers over 120+ natural-sounding voices in 20+ languages. The icing on the cake is that some languages also support multiple accents.

All voices undergo rigorous quality checks across numerators to mimic the most realistic sound that is indistinguishable from an actual human voice. 

Unlimited Customizability

Murf goes above and beyond the run-of-the-mill voice generators, offering several advanced options to tweak and elevate the generated voices. 

Want to emphasize a specific word? You can do that. Want to add a pause for that extra effect? It is as simple as moving a slider. If you are not happy with the current pitch of the voice, you can alter that as well.

With Murf, you can get the exact output you are looking for without spending a boatload of money on expensive Studio equipment or hiring professional voice actors

It’s a Breeze to Use

The pièce de résistance of Murf is its simplicity. You can create a powerful voiceover in as easy as three simple steps. Enter your text, choose your AI voice, language, and accent, tweak it to perfection, and you are done. 

Once you are satisfied, you can export the audio file in any format you choose in a matter of seconds. 

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Wrapping It Up

Celebrity voice generation is a technology at the crossroads of art and science. It has the potential to revolutionize the way we create and consume content.

It can be used to create engaging and informative content, add a touch of humor to your projects, or even create new forms of art and expression. That said, it is more than just a fun toy. It is also a powerful tool for education, communication, and social change.

However, it is important to use this technology responsibly and ethically. One way to ensure that you use celebrity voices responsibly is to obtain permission before using their recorded voice in commercial or public-facing projects.

Another way to be ethical is to use celebrity voice generators in a way that is not misleading or deceptive. So what will you do with this new technology? Will you use it to create fun projects? Or teach a lesson or to change the world? The choice is yours.


Can I customize the generated voice to match specific celebrities?

A few feature-rich TTS tools or AI celebrity voice generators offer the ability to alter a few parameters, such as the pitch and the speed of the generated voice.

It is possible to get a close enough match to pass off as the voice of specific celebrities by playing around with various combinations of settings. However, getting an exact match may be challenging. 

Is celebrity voice generation suitable for commercial use?

Unless you have explicit permission, celebrity voice generation for commercial use can be considered an infringement on copyright or intellectual property rights.

Doing so can land you in a lot of trouble, legally and financially. Countries also have different laws on the subject, so it’s best to do your due diligence beforehand. 

How can I ensure the generated voice sounds authentic and not artificial?

Tools like Murf AI provide the ability to modulate an AI voice's pitch and speed to make it sound more authentic and natural. Murf can also change the tone to express emotions or moods. Anger, happiness, calm, inspiration, or a documentary-voice and speaking style narration are just a few examples. 

What other creative applications can I explore with generated celebrity voices?

You can use AI-generated celebrity voices in the field of education. For example, you could use the voice of President Obama to narrate a Civics lesson or mimic the voice of a famous scientist to explain scientific topics.

Another possible use could be in the healthcare industry to use the voices of a patient’s celebrity to provide emotional support or therapy.