Engage and Delight Callers with AI-Generated On Hold Messages 

On hold messages the audio message that customers hear when they reach out to a company's inbound call center via phone and are placed on hold have become an integral part of the customer experience in today's business landscape. These messages are designed to entertain, inform, and engage the callers while they wait for assistance.

A professional voice message or on-hold music can turn what might otherwise be a frustrating or mundane wait time into a valuable opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers. By effectively utilizing on-hold messages, companies can convey their brand personality, share important information, promote products or services, and even strengthen customer relationships.

Instead of repetitive background music or pre-recorded robotic-sounding announcements, businesses now use AI-powered voice synthesis to create personalized and engaging messages. AI has made tremendous advancements in recent years, and today, it is beneficial in creating realistic, dynamic, and professional-sounding voiceovers for on-hold messages without the need for professional voice talent. AI voiceover technology utilizes deep learning algorithms and natural language processing to generate high-quality professional voice overs that mimic human speech patterns and intonations to transform the messages that callers hear and keep customers engaged.

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Benefits of Using AI Voiceover for On-Hold Message

By leveraging ai text to speech to create voiceovers, businesses can enhance their messages' quality, flexibility, and efficiency, resulting in a more engaging and effective customer service experience. Here are some of the benefits of using AI voiceover for on-hold messages. 

Consistent Audio Quality

With traditional voice recordings, variations in voice tone, pronunciation, and recording conditions can occur, leading to an inconsistent experience for callers. However, AI voiceover tools provide an effective solution to this challenge. By leveraging AI-powered voices, businesses can ensure a consistent voice and tone across all their messages. This consistency enhances the overall customer experience and reinforces brand identity, ultimately leaving a positive impression on callers. 


Businesses can choose from various voices, accents, and languages to match their brand identity and target audience. They can select voices that resonate with their customers and create a personalized experience. Furthermore, AI voiceover tools allow for easy editing and updation. 

Time and Cost Savings

With just a few clicks, businesses can generate high-quality professional voice recordings, eliminating the need for hiring professional voiceover artists, renting a recording studio, conducting complex recording sessions, and reducing production timelines. Furthermore, what used to take weeks to record and create now only takes minutes.


As businesses grow or expand their operations, they can quickly scale their on-hold message production without incurring substantial costs or logistical challenges. Voiceover tools ensure every customer receives the same high-quality experience, regardless of the call volume or time of day.

Murf for Professional On-Hold Messages

Leveraging AI algorithms, Murf offers businesses the ability to generate high-quality voice recordings that captivate and engage customers. It is a straight-forward service with an extensive library of 120+ AI voices in 20+ languages that can be used to provide a consistent experience. With its comprehensive range of features and a free demo, Murf empowers businesses to create and deliver personalized and impactful messages that enhance the customer experience. Here are some key features of Murf:

Natural Accents and Voices 

Murf recognizes the importance of personalization in on-hold messages. It offers clients an impressive array of natural accents and voices that closely resemble human speech, ensuring that businesses can select the most suitable audio option to match their target audience. The naturalness of Murf's AI voices in on-hold messages creates an engaging and relatable experience for callers. 

Voice Changer to Match the Brand's Tone and Style 

Maintaining a consistent brand identity is crucial across all customer touchpoints. Murf's voice changer feature allows businesses to match the brand's tone and style seamlessly. Whether a company aims to convey a casual and playful vibe or a sophisticated and formal image, the voice changer tool enables businesses to adapt the voiceover accordingly. Murf can help you change a home recording to a studio-quality experience in just a few clicks. This customization allows businesses to fine-tune the voice to align with their brand's personality and voice guidelines. 

Customizable Speed, Pitch, and Pauses for Optimal Message Delivery 

Murf offers customizable options for speed, pitch, and pauses to optimize message delivery and engage callers effectively. Businesses can adjust the speed of the voiceover to ensure clarity and comprehension, accommodating various language preferences and caller demographics. The pitch control feature allows for fine-tuning the voice to evoke desired emotions, adding a layer of expression to the messages. Additionally, Murf enables businesses to place pauses strategically, emphasizing important information or creating a natural conversational flow.

How to Create On-hold Messages using Murf?

Creating and customizing an AI voiceover for on-hold messages using the Murf platform is a straightforward and intuitive process. By following a few simple steps, businesses can craft engaging and personalized voiceovers that enhance the customer experience on the phone system. Here's a guide on how to get started: 

Choose Voiceover Preferences 

Log in to Murf Studio and select an AI voice in the preferred language, style, and accent that aligns with your brand and target audience on the inbound call center. Murf offers a wide variety of options to choose from, ensuring a voice that resonates with your customers. 

Enter Text and Customize 

Enter the script of your on-hold message. Murf's platform also allows you to customize the speed, pitch and pauses for optimal message delivery. Adjust these settings to match your desired tone and style to achieve studio-quality voiceovers. 

Preview and Edit 

Murf provides a preview feature that allows you to listen to the generated voiceovers. Take this opportunity to review the message and make any necessary edits or adjustments. To ensure the desired outcome, you can refine the text, pacing, or any other element. 

Download or Integrate 

Once you are satisfied with the generated voiceover, you can download the audio files. Murf also offers integration options in your existing telephone system, allowing you to incorporate the voiceover into your current IVR system seamlessly. And that is it! 

Murf's intuitive interface and advanced customization options make it a valuable tool for businesses looking to elevate their customer experience.

Summing Up

Providing a positive caller experience on the phone system is paramount in today's competitive business landscape. These messages play a crucial role in shaping that experience, turning potential frustrations into valuable interactions. By leveraging the power of AI voiceover technology, businesses can optimize their on-hold messaging and enhance the overall customer contact experience.

In this context, Murf's easy-to-use software provides businesses with high-quality telephone messages. With its customizable voice options, user-friendly interface, and voice changer feature, among other aspects, Murf enables businesses to craft personalized and captivating voiceovers that resonate with their customers. By leveraging this innovative tool, businesses can strengthen their brand image, communicate effectively, and foster positive customer interactions at a very reasonable price.

Embrace the power of Murf and create compelling messages that engage and provide an excellent service experience.

Visit the Murf website and sign up for their free trial. The free on-hold demo and trial allow users to explore the platform and experience its features first-hand.