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How to Dictate Text on Android Devices 

Picture this: A busy commuter weaving through the crowded streets, trying to juggle a hot cup of coffee, a briefcase, and the inevitable Android smartphone. As the seconds tick away, an urgent need arises to respond to a critical email that just landed in the inbox. The bustling cityscape, however, offers little reprieve for typing out a coherent response. 

Enter Android speech to text, a functionality that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Amid the urban chaos, our protagonist takes a deep breath, opens a messaging app, and utters the words that need to be conveyed. Like a digital scribe, the Android device captures the spoken words and transcribes them into crisp, written text. 

This scenario is just a glimpse into the countless real-world applications and benefits of Android speech to text technology. Beyond the immediate convenience of responding to emails on the go, the power of dictation on Android devices extends far and wide. From hands-free navigation, while driving to the inclusivity it brings for those with physical challenges, the impact of speech to text is profound.

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Enabling Speech to Text Android 

Android’s STT feature offers a dynamic solution, transforming spoken words into written text with remarkable accuracy and ease. Here is the step-by-step guide for enabling voice to text on your Android: 

Talk to Write

1. Install Gboard: Begin by installing Gboard, Google’s keyboard app, from the Play Store if you haven’t already.

2. Open an App: Launch any app where you can input text, such as Gmail or Keep.

3. Access the Microphone: Tap on the text input area and hold down the microphone icon at the top of your keyboard.

4. Speak Your Message: As “Speak now” appears on the screen, articulate your thoughts and witness your spoken words magically transformed into written text. 

Add Punctuation

Enhance your spoken text with punctuation using simple phrases like “Period,” “Comma,” “Exclamation point,” or “Question mark.” Android’s speech to text also supports commands for “New line” and “New paragraph.” 

Replace a Word

If you need to replace a word in your text:

1. Open the document or message on your device.

2. Touch and hold the word.

3. Tap the microphone icon at the top of your keyboard.

4. Speak the new word when prompted. 

Use Google Assistant to Type

Harness the power of Google Assistant for hands-free typing. For:

  • Automatic Punctuation: Speak naturally, and punctuation is added automatically.

  • Language Detection: Seamlessly switch between languages, with automatic detection on Pixel 8+ devices.

  • Voice Commands: From deleting words to sending messages, use voice commands to navigate efficiently. 

Correct Errors

Correct errors in your text with the “Fix It” feature:

  1. Open the app where you’ll input text.

  2. Tap the microphone icon.

  3. Speak the text, and when errors are detected, say “Fix it” or tap the suggested correction.

Use Multiple Languages

Switch between languages seamlessly with Assistant voice typing:

1. Turn on Assistant voice typing.

2. Tap the globe icon on your keyboard to switch languages.

3. Speak or type in the desired language. 

Use Cases of Android Voice to Text

The versatility of STT technology on Android devices goes beyond convenience, extending its transformative power across various aspects of our digital lives. Here are the various use cases of speech to text in Android devices: 

Messaging Apps

Whether you’re responding to urgent messages or crafting lengthy texts, the ability to dictate effortlessly enhances the speed and accuracy of your responses. Android users can now engage seamlessly with popular messaging apps, such as WhatsApp or Telegram, experiencing a hands-free and dynamic communication style that adapts to the moment’s demands. 

Notes and Documents 

Android’s speech to text functionality allows users to transcribe their thoughts into text effortlessly. This is particularly beneficial for students in lecture halls, professionals in meetings, or anyone seeking a more fluid and efficient method of capturing ideas without the constraints of manual typing. 

Composing Emails 

Speech to text on Android devices allows users to articulate their messages naturally, overcoming the limitations of small touchscreens. By simply speaking into the device, users can quickly draft professional emails, enhancing productivity and ensuring effective communication even in the busiest of schedules. 

Voice Assistant 

Users can interact with their devices using natural language, commanding tasks, setting reminders, or asking questions without manual input. The seamless interaction with voice assistants like Google Assistant creates a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, transforming Android devices into personalized virtual assistants

Web Browsing 

Android users can search the web, enter URLs, and interact with online content simply by speaking commands. This feature not only enhances accessibility but also ensures a safer browsing experience while driving or when physical touch is not feasible. 

Disabling Voice Dictation on Android 

While STT offers remarkable convenience, there may be instances where users prefer to disable this feature on their Android devices. Here’s a straightforward guide to turning off voice dictation: 

1. Access Settings: Open the Settings app on your Android device. 

2. Navigate to Language & Input: Scroll down and select “System” or “System & Updates,” then tap on “Language & input.” 

3. Choose Virtual Keyboard: Under “Keyboard & input methods,” select “Virtual keyboard.” 

4. Select Gboard: Locate and tap on “Gboard,” the default keyboard for many Android devices. 

5. Preferences: Tap on “Voice typing” or “Voice input” to access voice dictation preferences. 

6. Toggle Off Voice Typing: Toggle off the switch next to “Voice typing” to disable the speech to text feature. 


The convenience of effortlessly composing messages on messaging apps, the fluidity of note-taking and document creation, and the efficiency of composing emails on the go are just glimpses into the diverse applications of speech to text on Android devices. The synergy between voice commands and virtual assistants enhances user experience, turning Android devices into intuitive companions that respond to natural language. 

Moreover, the hands-free navigation of the web and the option to disable voice dictation when needed demonstrate the adaptability and customization that Android users can enjoy. Embrace the future where your voice shapes the conversation with your Android device, forging a path towards a more accessible and personalized digital experience. 


Is Android speech to text free?

Yes, Android’s built-in speech to text feature is typically available for free on most Android devices. Users can access this functionality without the need for additional purchases or subscriptions. 

Is there an app that turns speech into text?

Yes, several apps on the Google Play Store specialize in turning speech into text. However, many Android phone devices come pre-equipped with a speech to text feature, eliminating the need for additional apps in most cases. 

How do I turn on voice to text on Android?

To activate voice to text on an Android phone, install Gboard (Google’s keyboard app), open an app that supports typing, tap the text input area, and hold down the microphone icon on the keyboard. Speak to Android voice to text when prompted, and your spoken words will be converted into text. 

Is speech to text available on all Android devices?

While speech to text is a common feature on Android phones, its availability may vary across manufacturers and models. However, most modern Android devices come equipped with offline speech recognition functionality. 

Can I use speech to text in multiple languages?

Yes, many Android devices support speech to text in multiple languages. Users can switch between languages seamlessly, making it a versatile tool for those who communicate in different languages. It is also possible in text-to-speech recognition.

Are there third-party speech to text apps available for Android?

Yes, the Google Play Store offers a variety of third-party speech to text Android apps that users can explore as alternatives to the built-in functionality. These apps may provide additional features and customization options based on individual preferences.